Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Zodianz Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer

Negative sign meets negative sign, but in an awesome way. Virgo is an earth sign and Cancer is a water sign, the blending of the two adds up to either a waterfall of love or a horrific flood. If the Cancer can penetrate the walls of Virgo, they will find that there is actual tenderness hiding behind their poker face.

As with all couples, they will have their ups and downs. Cancers are very emotional, whereas Virgos believe in self-control and perfection. Sure, they can have emotional breakdowns when really stressed and experience violent anxiety when they’re alone, but will save face if their reputation is on the line. Cancers don’t care much for that and don’t feel the need to hide their emotions. To them, emotions are a part of life and shouldn’t be ignored. Virgos are much more logical and when they have to be emotional it will almost always be for good reason.

I once dated a Cancer (I’m a Sagittarius), and there was one night we were kickn’ it and out of nowhere he asked me to tell him how I felt – years ago. And when I talk about years, I mean YEARS AGO. At the time I wasn’t sure why he would even ask, but as strange as it was it made sense – Cancers need emotional reassurance. Who they get it from doesn’t matter too much, they just want their feelings heard and tended to. Needless to say, I never told him how I felt because I’m a Sagittarius – we don’t like that shit lol.

Fortunately, Virgos are much more compassionate than a Sagittarius. It may take them time to warm up and share their vulnerability, but once they get started it’s very difficult to put out. However, Virgos are a mutable sign and like every other mutable sign (Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces) they will go back and forth with their feelings – unsure if commitment is something they can actual do. There will be a series of questions and a thorough review of every word spoken and every action taken before they can admit that they’re in love.

Cancers are almost sure that it is love and will never say that they are in love unless they are sure. They will be very romantic and sweet as they court their lover, but only if the person is someone they can picture a life together – emotionally. If they don’t see a future, they are most definitely open to dating them without commitment but will often times tell the other person ahead of time. If they don’t, then they are in a really shitty time of their life and if they’ve been hurt will take it out on others – a feeling for a feeling (instead of eye for an eye lol). In their worse state, they can be serial heartbreakers. But let’s be clear, Cancers are always ready for love – even if with the wrong person. They date to marry. If they find out the person is the wrong person, they will go out of their way to cut off all emotions but may continue any physical pursuits.

Over time these lovers may find that there is a true connection between their elements once Virgo lets down his/her guard and allows themselves to trust and love the Cancer. Also Cancers will find Virgos a challenge that they will want. Who better to be more patient with a Cancer? Earth and water will always go together. Virgos will strengthen Cancers, and Cancers will soften Virgos. It’s just the way love goes for them.

What is your experience with a Virgo and/or Cancer? If you have a story, I’d love to share it on our blog.

Stay tuned.

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