Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

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Aquarius and Cancer

Water (Cancer) meets air (Aquarius).  This can create a tornado of dreams or tsunami of broken hearts.  Let’s be clear – every and any sign can make it work, it just depends on the remaining signs in their chart influencing their sun sign (we call this a birth chart).  In terms of this pair, this will be quite a challenge as one is more understanding than the other.

Aquarius likes to make decisions based on logic and perspective, whereas Cancer likes to make decisions based on emotion and passion.  Both signs tend to be very creative in their own areas.  Aquarius tends to take part in activities that help other people on a mass scale.  Cancer likes to do the same, but will do so on an emotional level.  What that means is that they would rather help people they love first and work outwards.  Aquarius doesn’t care who it is, their belief is that everyone can change and become better people.  Together they can heal the world – mentally and emotionally.  If only they get past the hurdles of their own relationship…

Both are also mysterious in their own way.  Aquarius seems distant and this tends to make them very alluring, whereas Cancer seems dreamy and soulful.  There is most likely an instant attraction as these two work in trying to figure one another out, but this can also mean disaster.

If Cancer isn’t ready for a relationship, they can lead Aquarius on and down.  Meaning, if the Cancer is at a time of their life where they are not emotionally stable, they will take it out on the Aquarius who is too generous and too gullible to notice. Aquarius tends to do more for others than they do for themselves, and they do this for everyone because they see everyone as a friend.  A Cancer will see this as opportunity, and though they might not mean to, can be very selfish when it comes to their own emotions.

Cancer is also very emotional and very moody.  This can drive Aquarius crazy because they want to understand so much and will always ask why, and want to talk it out.  If Cancer is in a bad mood, they don’t usually want to talk about anything.  They would rather climb into a hole and stay in their dark mood, and when ready they will come out.  This isn’t to say that Cancer can’t be irritated by Aquarius.

When Aquarius is in their playful mood, this can annoy Cancer because they might not understand why Aquarius is always so positive.  Don’t they understand the realities of the world?  That it’s a dark and shady place?  That not everything is always bright and sunny and revolves around their (Aquarius) humanlike dreams?  The answer is yes. Aquarius knows what can happen in the world and understand it, they just don’t let it get to them.  They’re good at distancing themselves from things that can hurt them mentally.  Cancer doesn’t believe in that, they prefer to allow feelings take over because they believe that emotions shouldn’t be ignored they should be accepted and felt.

Overall, both signs can learn from one another.  Long-term it will be challenging, but if other signs in their birth chart influence a mix of positive and negative then perhaps it will last.  Aquarius can learn from Cancer how to feel, and Cancer can learn how to be more positive and see the world from a different and brighter perspective.

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