Leo and Taurus Compatibility

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Leo and Taurus

What a deadly combination this is.  Leo is a fire sign and Taurus is an earth sign.  Together they can create a lava of love or volcano of heated eruption.  The double-edged sword is that both signs are fixed signs, meaning they understand one another when it comes to decisions but butt heads when either one of them gets stubborn – really stubborn lol.

Taurus is someone who is patient, straightforward, and loves the comforts of life.  Leo is the same way, minus the patience.  Leo doesn’t like to wait – for anything or anybody.  They live and breathe fire and passion, and may find it a challenge to break a Taurus into submission.  To them it may come one day, but to Taurus it will never happen.  Both signs like to be dominant.  The difference in these two is even dramatic: Taurus doesn’t believe in dramatic displays of emotion whereas Leo lives for drama.

Both signs are very loyal, and leaving one another may be one of the hardest things to do. Both love hard, but in so many different ways.  Leo loves to love and will show their love romantically and over the top.  They show, tell, and possess.  This is a good thing for Taurus because they will appreciate all of these efforts – no matter how crazy.  Taurus, on the other hand, just wants to be appreciated.  Leo may have a hard time doing this because they tend to be selfish. But thank goodness Taurus is one, if not, the most patient signs of the zodiac.  This helps tremendously because everyone needs to be patient when dealing with a Leo.

Even the gentlest and shy Leos need a patient partner who dotes on them and compliments them – a lot.  Taurus will work hard to show that they love someone, but rather than telling they would rather prove it through actions. They believe words do not prove if someone loves you or not – they are much more realistic than Leo. However, Leo will wonder why you’re not tripping and falling all over them. Leo, listen up… they will never bow down to anybody – they’re too stubborn and not the type of people who love to conform.  They will hold onto their beliefs and stick to what works for them – not for anybody else.

Over time, Leo will come to understand and accept this part of Taurus and will even grow to love it – if they can find the patience.  A lot of times the power of a Taurus is to ground people.  I’ve met a lot of people who date and have dated a Taurus, and they have all made comments related to a Taurus’ earthy energy.  It’s always calm and chill.  And you have to respect it or they will make sure to put you in your place.When a Taurus doesn’t like someone, you will know and they aren’t afraid to bully you into submission.  Leos are somewhat the same way, but will fight back – get ready for the claws.

Overall, both signs can learn from one another – especially if they have other signs in their birth charts that compliment one another.  Leo will learn patience and Taurus will learn passion. Taurus loves family and Leo wants to build a large family.  Their home will be loving and full of surprises if they can make it past each other’s differences.

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Stay tuned.

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