Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

zodianz scorpio and taurus compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

One of the most possessive relationships ever. Taurus is a possessive earth sign, whereas Scorpio is a possessive water sign. This is either a match made in heaven or a circle of bitter jealousy. It will depend on both signs as they are both fixed – meaning they’re stubborn af. But it can also mean that they will both understand one another when it comes to how they feel and how they make decisions. Actually, it might not even take too much to even get along, but it will take time for feelings to set in.

Scorpio likes to hide their feelings, while Taurus likes to take their time. Trust is important to both of them, same with loyalty and privacy. The real difference between the two is their own definitions of love. Scorpio longs for a deep connection, one that is unbreakable even through death. They are possessive as in they want you to only have eyes for them and to love ONLY them for the rest of your life. I mean who doesn’t want that? But with a Scorpio it can be so intense that it can make their partner feel as though they are always in the danger zone. Scorpio is more emotional this way (even if they don’t show it), the other not so much.

Taurus wants a deep connection, but one where the physical shows more than the emotional. What this means is that Taurus is known to possess objects and even people. They want you around, to control and to polish you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you like to be a “kept” woman – again, nothing wrong with that either. It’s just that Tauruses are a dominant sign and want to make sure you’re happy being with them, and that you don’t stray too far away from the herd … and the walls they’ve built around the herd – meaning you can’t roam too far or they’ll never welcome you back. If you leave, kiss your chances goodbye forever. So if you’re with a Taurus, make sure you’re in it for good. This is good for a Scorpio, except… they’re polar opposites.

This means that they have enough in common to either get annoyed with one another or have a true connection – depends on the other signs in their chart.

The great thing is that Scorpio wants their emotional fill, but not as often as soul siblings Cancer and Pisces. If they feel emotionally starved, they have enough will power to make the other person feel the same way. This is the power of a Scorpio – they draw and lure people to them. They are magnetic and it’s almost effortless. This can make any sign bow down to their will, but may find a Taurus a true challenge as they bow down for nobody. But find a Taurus completely in love, you will find a partner that is willing to work hard for your love and to make sure that you’ll have everything you need… in the house, where you belong (lol).

If Scorpio is willing to be a kept woman and prioritize his/her Taurus before anything else, then they will find a partner who is loyal and true to their needs and feelings. And if Taurus can put aside their controlling ways, they will find a soulmate with Scorpio who is full of depth and dark passion (but in a good way). However, if both signs become too possessive, too controlling, or too secretive – then this relationship will fail.  Let the battle of the possessive signs begin.

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  1. Anuja on April 7, 2016 at 9:29 am

    This is exactly true because my partner is a Taurus.Again, he is stubborn so am I.We may always fight but at the end of the day we love intensely.So it is like we r both possessive,unwilling to give up but love deeply.Thanks for the analysis which is 90 percent true..Good job

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