Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

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Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

Whoa, double-sign love of darkness. This could end in tears of happiness or tears of joy. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, meaning it’s a stubborn water sign that doesn’t change easily and sticks to their own beliefs, they are also best at withholding love and secrecy is something they cherish.

Scorpio longs for a deep connection – a soul connection. And they’re more than willing to hold out for it. Sure they’ll date around (they won’t deprive themselves from options), but if it’s not true love then they don’t want it.

When two of the same signs meet they automatically understand one another, and they want nothing more than to see where it can go. The bad side is that it’s like looking into a mirror – meaning things you didn’t see in yourself, you will see in the other and it could even mean seeing things you don’t like.

Scorpio is intense and mysterious, they lure people in with their magnetic and chill vibes. There are some Scorpios that are more outgoing than others, but that would depend on the other signs in their chart. When it comes to a relationship, Scorpios don’t usually make the first move and would rather have the other person take the initiative. It’s not that they can’t do it, it’s just the way they like to play… with their prey lol. Scorpios are also known to love the comforts of life, even being very materialistic. They’re not stuck-up, they just know what they like and if they’re going to where it or use it then it better be the best. How else will they lure their prey? Haha… I got jokes.

This is a very emotional sign – even if they have the best poker face. If you do them wrong, they will always remember it and forgiveness doesn’t come easily. But instead of telling you, they will most likely hide how they feel (they’re good at this) and maybe even take it one step further and lead you on just to mess with you (this is common). Not usually a very aggressive sign, but if you come at them then be prepared for a battle that will leave you feeling like your soul was just sent to the underworld.

Depending on the other signs in their chart, they could make it long-term – they just have so much in common. However, it’s very rare for double-signs to make it. And it goes back to what I was initially saying, it’s just a mirror effect.

The best thing about this relationship is that they have a soul connection. They worse thing about this relationship is that they could hide their feelings and this could delay the soul connection. Trust is important to them, as well as privacy. Once that’s broken, it’s very difficult to get back. It’s also not uncommon for Scorpios to be with multiple people at once. A contradiction I know, but if they’re not ready then they don’t care for anybody’s feelings but their own.

Still… there’s something about two Scorpios being together. The grim reaper meets Morticia from the Adams Family – it’s almost fate and albeit very intense. If they can learn to open up more and if they have other complimenting signs in their chart, then I don’t see why this couldn’t last for all eternity – even after death ha.

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Stay tuned Zodianz.

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