Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

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Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Cancer, a water sign, and Taurus, an earth sign. Together they create a romance so deep that it runs like a cool river through a mountain. Taurus is a patient and possessive lover; whereas Cancer is a romantic and emotional lover. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and Taurus a fixed sign. This means that Cancer is more of a leader and forward thinker, while Taurus hates change and will dig in their heels if they don’t like something (stubborn af – haha).

Both signs will enjoy the comforts of life. Taurus leans on the materialistic side, while Cancer likes to experience life to the fullest. Both stick to family and keep people they love close, and they’ll love this about each other. Most signs can’t handle a Cancer because they feel suffocated by their emotional tides, but luckily Taurus doesn’t judge people who get emotional and would rather it be the other person since they’re much more rigid.

Trust and loyalty is much more important to a Taurus than a Cancer, so luckily Cancer senses this and knows that they have something good. Will they mess it up? Not likely. Taurus’ strong-willed approach and immovable state of mind attracts Cancer. They’ll want to understand why someone so inflexible is so flexible when it comes to them. The secret is that when Taurus is in love, they’ll give everything and anything they have – just in their own way (and you can’t change how they do it).

Cancer needs someone who will understand them emotionally, and being so fragile will want someone strong enough to support their long-term goals and dreams. Taurus is similar, except they’re not very emotional about their own goals – they just do it. It’s almost like animal instinct to them. But they are a bull, so it only makes logical sense to do something that will benefit the herd lol.

The only negative predictions that come from this relationship is that one or the other might not be ready for a long-term relationship – very rare since both signs date to marry. But let’s just say one or the other isn’t, this is how it’d go. Cancer will become cold and distant, play emotional games, and make sure the other doesn’t get too close. Taurus on the other hand, if REALLY in love with Cancer will hold onto them and fight for the relationship but not forever. They have a limit and if they feel like they’re getting played will just leave. Now if it’s the other way around, Taurus will warn the person that it’s not for them and not invest any time or money into the relationship – however, Cancer might become attached anyways and will want to work it out. This leaves Cancer in a desperate state to make it work any way that they can. Taurus will take advantage of any opportunity, so beware. Back to love…

Since both signs are suffocating (in their own good way), they will become attached to each other and dream of the future together – Cancer will say it openly in romantic verbiage and Taurus will plan it in their head. This is a great couple that will make it through stormy weathers and will dedicate their life to one another – so long as both are ready to make that commitment. Cancer will learn the strength of a Taurus and soak in the power of his/her partner, and Taurus will learn how it feels to be in love with someone who will make his/her world about him/her. Together they’ll build a family built from loyalty and true love.

Do you have experience with a Cancer or Taurus? Tell me about it, and I’ll feature it on our blog!

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  1. Orentia lee on April 4, 2016 at 10:03 am

    Yes my ex was taurus n am cancer n he is just like that want to keep the relationship fight for us wen I was pulling away we both love each other he was so kind hearted if I cry he cries the end of the day he was my better half n I make long distance get in out way now he’s gone n I never get him bk he is my best friend even tho we still argue like we still together and he don’t want me to date becuz he think other ppl gonna hurt me long story short he’s now married n move on I miss him tho.

    • Tatter tot on April 9, 2016 at 1:17 pm

      Awww i met a cancer man and im a taurus female i was hurt because he shut down after us spending 3 seperate times together we were so deep but he been ignoring me so i told him i cant allow no one to play with my heart and let it go after numerous attempts to get in contact.. he made me feel like we were made for each other ?

  2. Elizabeth on June 9, 2016 at 10:33 am

    I am a Taurus women and I am crazy about a cancer man .the very first moment we met he had my attention fully .time went on actually months and he was steadily running through my mind .and I guess the “crush was real ” it made me blush to even think s out him then all way to now .about a year later he looked me up and he know just how to pursue me and just for record I’m not very easy to do that to .we are now seeing eachother but it’s really the majical feeling I experience the whole time I’m with him I can’t stop smiling and at first the giggles and butterflies well they were extreme in every way

  3. JayLee on August 21, 2016 at 7:56 am

    I am a Cancer woman, in love with a Taurus man. I met him the day I broke up with my ex.. Jan 1. And we literally talked non stop for like 28 hours. I have never in my life been connected to someone like this.. and so soon. This has been the best time of my life.. to date. And I pray it never ceases. Taurus definitely don’t speak as openly about their feelings like Cancers do.. and with anyone else, I’d give them hell for it. But with him, I’m patient. He is so worth it to me. I adore him. We have a slight issue.. and that is, he moved 3.5 hrs away for work a day after we started this thing. But we see each other as often as we can so it makes up for it. The job is over the end of the year and I can not wait to have him in my arms on an everyday basis. His spirit is so pure.. he’s genuine, honest.. and that’s just what I need. The only thing I can say is we dont talk enough when we are apart.. but I knot Taurus likes alone time.. as I do myself at times. I give him his spaces as he needs, all the while still pouring out verbally my love an affection for him. When we are in person, no matter how long its been since the last time, we never skip a beat. I desire him more and more each day. Soul mate I surely feel. Twin Flame he surely is to me. He is so mesmerizing and I fell for him at first sight.
    Any Taurus men feel free to give me some advice or input about the not talking much whenever we are a part or just in general. Others feel free to give insight as well.

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