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Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

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Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Two water signs, Pisces is a mutable water sign; whereas Cancer is a cardinal water sign. What this means is that Pisces can adapt to almost any situation, and Cancer believes in forward thinking and is built on innovation. It’s definitely an emotional tidal wave of romance that may or may not turn into hate. Depending on the other signs of their chart will most likely make it long-term.

Both signs need strong emotional support, and though they’re very similar there is still a big difference in how they want it. Pisces wants a lover they’ve always dreamt of, and Cancer wants a lover that wants to be in love. This is almost too good to be true for them because when the same elements come together they find so many common interests that they will feel an instant bond. These two will be wrapped up in their emotions with each other that it’ll feel like nothing else matters.

The bad side is that they are both really emotional, and though they understand what this means, it doesn’t mean that they will be so understanding to one another when it happens. Cancer can be cold and distant, swing through different moods easily, and may want to be alone until they get over it. Pisces is more social so they’ll want to talk it out and become threatened when Cancer doesn’t want to – in this situation they’ll just run and hide. On the flip side, Pisces may go into hiding on and off, and this can threaten Cancer who is emotionally attached.  If this happens, Cancer will either go to their dark safe zone or they’ll latch on so hard that they’ll suffocate Pisces. Communication isn’t the forte of water signs, emotions are. Back to the positive side of things.

Cancer and Pisces will enjoy their experience with each other and will want to go everywhere with one another – swimming in and out of their comfort zones. This is the fate of two water signs. Both are creative individuals, but Cancer is more prone to sticking to their goals than a Pisces. Pisces, a mutable sign, wants the freedom to be creative. Cancer wants to utilize their creative to get ahead in life. Pisces’ natural state, when in love, wants to be submissive. Cancer, on the other hand, would rather much be in control. There is a sense of wonderful balance here, and there is a lot they can learn from one another. If Cancer is really in love, they will make sure that Pisces will always feel in love with them – romance is their number one priority and they’re good at it. Pisces loves romance, not so much giving it, but receiving it – yes lol.

Overall both signs will release a type of passionate energy towards one another – so moving, it’s like a movie (thanks to Cancer). Just beware, too many emotions can be a bad thing and either sign can get really sensitive – this will cause many arguments. Cancer will teach Pisces what it’s like to have someone love all of them – mind, body, and soul. Pisces will teach Cancer what it’s like to have an ideal lover – someone who is fun, social, unique, and full of depth.

Do you have experience with a Cancer or Pisces? I’d love to hear it. Send me a message on Facebook, and I’ll feature it on my website!

Stay tuned Zodianz.


  1. Tre on April 5, 2016 at 5:09 am

    Me and my boyfriend are water signs. I’m a cancer, and he is a Pisces! He is very sweet to me yet he can be a little mean sometimes. Small comments I make that are jokes I can tell sometimes bother him or he really takes them offensively but he will eventually get over it. Now me being a cancer, he says I remind him of his mom (I’m a natural nurturer) and even though it says we are controlling I find myself following his lead. I do try to keep control of the people he talks to if its a girl (we not even gonna go there) but that’s about it. He works 3 jobs and is very motivated by his dreams. I support him 100% we are fresh in this relationship id give it a month and a half since we’ve made it official and rite now everything is great. He’s an excellent lover it’s more of a show with him, he likes to perform and part of this comes from his dreams of being famous. hes kind hearted and takes good care of me. He makes sure I have everything I need. If i am upset sometimes (depending upon the situation) he will try to figure out what’s wrong. But if it’s because of him he will try to avoid the conversation as much as possible. He has lied, and stuck to his lie, about something I seen with my own eyes, I let it go, for the sake of us being *NewShips*. Nevertheless I just love this person. I want to be with him 24/7 just because. When he’s away I miss him like crazy sometimes he could be sitting rite in front of me and I’ll still tell him *i know ur rite here but I still miss you so get closer* lol. Clingy? Much!!! I told him I felt myself getting too attached and I would chill so that I my attention doesn’t run him off and he got very upset. He took it as if I wanted to get away from him because of someone else which really wasn’t the case. He went ahead to say he enjoys the fact that I love him that much and to never pull away from him. When I have it, I would like to buy him things just to show my appreciation. Massages after work when he’s had a long dAy. At the end of the day he’s something I’ve been looking for, for a very long time. Any tips on how I can keep him and keep him happy?

  2. Darlene Platero on April 6, 2016 at 12:35 am

    My boyfriend is pisces. He is a total loser. No job, lives with his mother, and I am a party girl. I like to travel and always have to pay for him so we can be together. Its really bugging me. And, he always leaves me waiting on him. I hate waiting. If we set up a date, I dont undedstand why its so hard for him to make it. Always making excuses that he was busy. Doing what? You dont work. He’s an alcoholic. I have already dumped him many times, but he seems sincere when he says sorry and he doesnt want to lose me so I take him back. But, this keeps happening. I dont know what to do. He doesnt seem to change.

    • Vic on April 22, 2016 at 2:04 am

      This made me laugh 🙂 my perception of a pisces here

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