Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

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Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

A Leo and Capricorn dynamic can make for a long-lasting partnership. Leo is a fixed fire sign, and Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. Power, prestige and status are traits both signs vie for. This commonality is the underlying foundation or basis of what makes their union so strong. Leo, a natural shining leader, can easily obtain these qualities through their charismatic persona. Capricorn, on the other hand, must put in additional effort to capture the same aspirations that are more easily available to their Leo counterpart. However, the main positive attribute Capricorns possess is their work-oriented mentality. It would naturally take a little longer for a Capricorn to obtain the status they long for, but their hard work and determination helps these goats eventually reach where they want to be in life.

Both signs like to be dominant which may cause a problem between the two. Capricorns don’t feel as though they need to back down, and ultimately want and need respect from their partner. Leos are demanding, in their own right, and wants their partner to give them all of their love and do things for them to make them feel special (like royalty). This can be hard for a Capricorn since most of their efforts are buried in their work. Leos, on the other hand, always want the upper hand and refuse to be second on anyone’s list of priorities. But they need to understand that there is more to life than someone loving JUST them. So what can they both expect?

When in love, Capricorns are sweet and romantic. This will make a Leo fall head over heels for them. And when Leos are in love, they are affectionate and nurturing. The heat between the two will make their love unique and addicting – if they can last. Another commonality between Leos and Capricorns is their traditional values. Both are family-oriented and often assume the role of patriarch of provider. The lion is more passionate and sensitive. Capricorns can be a little colder.

Capricorns are fueled more by work endeavors to the point where it can take precedence over their loved ones. Leos crave warmth and passion which Capricorns can provide – when they’re not working. And this is what makes these signs complimentary of one other: each can provide what the other needs. Whether it’s the power Leo can obtain for the duo or the financial support Capricorns can offer, this is what makes their partnership work.

Leos need to make sure not to step on Capricorn’s toes because if they do they’ll get left behind for someone else more submissive – and Capricorn’s are definitely not afraid to put someone in their place, especially when they feel disrespected. Leos are pretty fearless, but if they feel like they’ve hurt someone will usually become more compliant. So if they feel like their loving Capricorn is becoming distant they will try harder to make it work, even if this means being more submissive in the home life. So can these two make it long-term? It just depends if the other signs in their astrological birth chart are also compatible.

Capricorn will thrive off Leo’s passion, and Leo will be enraptured by Capricorn’s romantic charms. One has to bend to the other, so Leo may find that they have found someone who they have to be submissive to. But if they become submissive, they will find that this Capricorn is a responsible provider that will shower him/her with gifts and a solid home to build their future family with. And if Capricorn can learn to be more sensitive and not so bossy, he will find a calm Leo full of love and willing to do anything he/she can to make their love the best he/she has ever had.

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  1. Vic on April 6, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Aqua + sag collab post! Lol im still waiting on aqua + aries post 🙂 love ur site biff. EVERYTHING so on point! Love u!!!!!!

    – ur biff

  2. Layne on May 27, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Aquarius and Leo please 🙂

  3. LeoCap on June 24, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    I’m a Leo and I’ve been married to a Capricorn for 15 years. It hasn’t been at all the way it is described on here. 🙁 He broke me, but because I’m a leo I have to much pride and don’t want to seem like a failure if I brake it off. I have anxiety, depression, and I am a hermit. I have no friends, my family live far a way, and we are broke as a joke! Before I got married, I used to be EVERYTHING a leo woman should be, but now, I feel so ruined. I don’t shine like I used to, I’ve become bitter and numb. I’m not saying it is his fault only, I know I did my part to make him become an asshole (not a violent one, more like emotionally cold) because we are just too damn different. I hate it!! I;ve always been a loyal person but at this point in my life, I wish I had married a Sag, Aqua, or Aries. 🙁 If it werenèt for my child, I would be very lonely. Oh, my child is another reason why I dont call it quits and start over, I dont want my child to be from a broken home. I want him to be proud of us. Sigh.

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