Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

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Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

Aries, a cardinal fire sign, and Aquarius, a fixed air sign. Together they can create a whirlwind friendship or a twister of love. It’s funny because it’s not very common for these signs to ever hate each other – even if there isn’t romance between them. However, the only way these two can get into a relationship is if Aquarius chooses to be in one – usually not the other way around. Aries will have to do all the chasing (which they’re good at).

Aries, being a cardinal sign, is a sign of aggressive leadership and forward thinking. They are not the most sensitive sign, but in romance they tend be like a teenager in love. They love cheesy romance and will often times fall in and love very easily. They love a good challenge and will seek out challenging opportunities on purpose. It’s not uncommon for them to love the thrill of the chase more than the person, so whomever becomes their partner will have to give them constant thrills – otherwise they’ll get bored and wander off. They are a playful spirit who doesn’t like to take life too seriously. However, it’s very common for them to also have a pretty bad and short temper. There are many stories of an Aries getting physical, even for small things. When in love, they will revolve their world around their partner and will expect the same in return. Perhaps an Aquarius will want this, but it will have to depend (it always depends when it comes to an Aquarius).

Aquarius, being a fixed sign, loves to fight for a cause that benefits everyone on a mass scale. They love to think of different perspectives, and like Aries, they have a playful and free spirited mentality. Aquarius is hard to pin down in a relationship because they weigh out all sides of the story and want a forever type of friendship (Aries can help with this). They don’t believe that they should stay in a relationship that won’t last – they’d rather not waste their time, especially if it will ruin a good friendship. They are more stubborn than their air siblings, so when it comes to changing how they think and feel will put up a good fight. If you give them enough logical reasons, then they might consider a different perspective but they don’t have to believe in it. They are the type to believe in live and let live, and do what I say not what I do. When in love, they’ll surprisingly become very attached but will know how to give space at the same time (it’s odd). They’ll keep their friends and you can keep your friends, but they’ll let their partner know that it’s only fair to make sure they have their time together as well. Everything has to be fair – but fair on their terms and not yours.

Together they will benefit from one another. They’ll find a partner that will take things lightly and when Aries becomes upset, Aquarius has the right words to calm them down. When Aquarius becomes distant, Aries will give them their space and let them breathe – so long as it’s not too long. Friendship is a priority for Aquarius, but Aries will be great at keeping it naturally light hearted enough for Aquarius to consider a romantic relationship. Aries will find Aquarius a true companion, where they won’t be judged for their brash decisions. Aries and Aquarius will rarely fight because Aquarius will always be fair, and in turn will make Aries feel comfortable enough NOT to start a fight with them. Both are independent signs that will rely on each other for love and friendship more than money or material things – though they’ll enjoy both as they seek out new horizons. This is a great relationship that has the potential of making it to marriage – so long as Aries keeps it cool and Aquarius keeps Aries out of the friend zone.

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  1. Vic on April 7, 2016 at 2:04 am

    Ty for this post! I have an Aries on my mind as u know & your explanations of my side hold true. Idk if it’s my submissive Pisces venus that prefers being courted, but it’s easier to be chased than be the aggressor. Do u think Libra rising has an influence on this trait too? Regardless, everything sounds true as always!!!!! Luv u biffy!

  2. Kenya on April 9, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    Wowwwwww…. I’m living this – I’m the Aries 3/23 (female) he’s 2/19 Aquarius (male) – my rants and blow ups roll off his back most of the time – I have 4 years in as the girlfriend not girlfriend lots of laughs / he won’t jump over the fence / when I pull back n say ok let me friend zone him – he finds a way to show just enough emotions to pull me back / he’s my forever friend regardless but it’s very tasking as an Aries because I want what I want n typically I wouldn’t have this problem – the hunt n chase is never over with him / I closed him out of my life all week – so thanks to the Flu Gods he pulled me back by texting – he needs his friend which was hard for him – he never wants to be weak – so in Aries fashion – I’m now his caretaker – but still lost /

    • Vic on April 22, 2016 at 2:00 am

      2/19 is a pisces, no?

      • Creator of Zodianz on April 22, 2016 at 6:25 am

        You are correct – 2/19 is the first day of Pisces but on the cusp with Aquarius. So he will have traits from both sides 🙂

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