Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

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Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

Aries, a fire sign, and Capricorn, an earth sign. Both signs are cardinal, and together they can create lava of love or an earthquake of hate. There will be plenty of arguments here, but this may work… at least for a while. Like most couples, it will take a lot of effort on both parts to make it long-term. However, with this pair they will have to draw very very hard lines to make sure they don’t crossover each other’s limit.

Aries is a very passionate sign that creates their own positive energy. They can fall in and out love easily, always looking for a challenge to overcome. They can get bored if there isn’t enough excitement and thrills, so may have a hard time dealing with an earth sign such as Capricorn. They love cheesy romance and often times their demeanor can be compared to that of a very loving and fearless child. So immune to negativity, they will often times be very gullible and naive to those that are. It’s not uncommon for Aries to have a bad temper and may even get into physical altercations because they are not the best communicators. However, they strive for the best in their own personal lives and are determined to make it to the top – even if they have to “ram” people out the way. Aries, when in love, will make their world about their lover and will want the same in return. As stated earlier, they love a good challenge – this is something Capricorn can offer them, but at what cost?

Capricorn, a sea goat (half goat and fish), likes to take their time in love. They want to make sure that their partner has their own goals in life and won’t grow too dependent on them – just their goals should not better than theirs if you’re dating a male Capricorn, the women Capricorns are the opposite.  Like Aries, they love a good challenge in love and won’t back down from a good opportunity. They prefer to either stay in the comforts of their home to relax with family or out on the town with other successful people. They are much more responsible than Aries is – without a doubt. If they go out to party, they’ll make sure (if they’re in school) to go home and make sure it gets done. Everything has to get done their pace. They love high status and recognition for their work, and value respect and honor more than anything. They’ll get really upset if you disrespect them in any shape or form, so Aries might want to back down when they see their lover’s loving demeanor turn deadly cold. Like their earth siblings, they value good quality work, are loyal to family, and want a successful career. They want to be a provider for their family and head of the household. This may cause problems with an Aries who is used to being in charge.

Capricorn is a workaholic and will take their time in their pursuits. Aries loves to build on their own dream, but wants it a faster pace – like yesterday. Luckily, both signs can benefit from one another. Capricorn will appreciate the fire Aries can bring and will want to keep their partner under lock and key. Aries will appreciate the calm energy and stability a Capricorn can bring. However, the only way these two will work is if they can understand what the other needs to be happy. Capricorn might want to compromise on being less controlling, and Aries might want to learn how to settle down and stay low-key – also to keep their aggressiveness to themselves or people other than Capricorn. They don’t play with that lol. If they make it through this heated and dry desert, then they might make it through life side by side… maybe lol.

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Stay tuned Zodianz.

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