Aries and Cancer Compatibility

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Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries, a cardinal fire sign, and Cancer, a cardinal water sign. This is a very challenging relationship, but with a lot of compromise – and I mean A LOT – these two may make it work. Or if they have compatible signs in their birth chart then it could work – they’ll need all the help they can get. When fire and water signs come together it’s always an uphill battle and a ton of compromises to make it work. The energy is just so opposite. However, these two are both cardinal signs, so at least they’ll have those common traits of natural leadership, innovation, and forward thinking.

Aries is an aggressive fire sign that courageously rams their way through life’s challenges and obstacles. They are playful, bubbly, and will romance their way into someone’s heart when they’re in pursuit. When they’re angry, they become a god/goddess of war and can get very physical. This is a sign that require constant physical stimulation and if they don’t receive it they will get bored – fast. When in love, they will revolve their world around someone and expect it back. They can be very selfish lovers and very controlling in a relationship, but they are usually very happy go lucky individuals – so long as you don’t get on their bad side. Like their fire siblings, they are short-tempered, impulsive, and impatient. Now should’ve been yesterday – doesn’t matter what it is. They are usually very generous and it’s very difficult for them to hold a grudge – too much energy wasted. They are not a very emotional sign and may not understand when someone else is. They usually just get over issues quickly, as communication isn’t their strongest trait. This can be an issue with a Cancer.

Cancer is the sign of a crab. They are very hardcore on the outside, but inside they are very soft and sweet. They work very hard for their future, as most cardinal signs do, and they tend to take life very seriously. They can be famous comedians with their observant perspectives, but most don’t like it when the joke’s on them. When they are sensitive, they would rather remove themselves and hide out in their shell until it’s safe to come out. It’s not uncommon for this sign to carry so much weight on their shoulders, hide out when they’re sensitive, and then come out and explode – overwhelming people with their emotions. Like their water siblings, they require deep connections with others, the difference is their connection has to be from the heart. When in love, they are extremely romantic and their goal is to create a shell for their lover, of which they can live in comfortably. This is the most caring sign of the zodiac, but they might suffocate them with their attachment. It’s just that they are very loyal to a fault and will expect the same back from their lovers, often coming out disappointed – even with an Aries.

When they meet, they’ll love the way they romance one another. The strong curiosity between opposite signs will ignite deep passions between them, but that same energy can rip them apart in the future. Both are cardinal signs, so they will see a challenge in one another and will try to make it work. The issues lie deep within the way they communicate. Aries may feel suffocated by all of Cancer’s swinging moods and emotions; Cancer may feel like Aries just doesn’t care enough and is too selfish. Aries requires physical stimulation; Cancer requires emotional stimulation. They’re both very capable of loving one another deeply. Cancer will teach Aries the meaning of true love, and Aries will teach Cancer how to be internally stronger. Love and strength is what this couple will need if they want forever. If they both can learn how to understand this part, then they can go very far.

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