Aries and Libra Compatibility

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Aries and Libra Compatibility

Aries, a cardinal fire sign, and Libra, a cardinal air sign. Together these two make an excellent pair filled with airy romance and fiery passion. It won’t take much for these two to get along, and it’s even better because both are cardinal signs of which they both will share even more common interests.

Aries is an aggressive fire sign that courageously rams their way through challenges and obstacles. This is a sign that require constant physical stimulation – good or bad. They can get bored easily if they aren’t receiving it, and it’s very common for this sign to fall more in love with the challenge than the person. They are not the best communicators, so it isn’t uncommon for this sign to get into physical altercations because of it. Of all the fire signs, Aries has the worst temper. But like their fire siblings, they are impatient, impulsive, short-tempered, and highly passionate. Aries is a bubbly and playful sign – as easily as they get angry, it’s also very easy to make them happy again. When in love they are fully committed and will revolve their world around someone and will expect the same thing back. They can be selfish in their affairs, sometimes being very childish about their needs, but they are very loving and affectionate. This is good for Libra since they love their type of romance is very similar.

Libra is also a cardinal sign that loves a good challenge, yet they don’t ram their way through it – they opt to work hard and motivate, and even demand, their way to the top. They are very charming and persuasive by nature, but also combative and argumentative when in the heat of the moment. Unlike Aries, they require constant mental stimulation, otherwise they will get bored and look for better “options”. Libra takes love much more seriously and will fight for someone they love, but it’s not uncommon for this sign to hold onto backups just in case this relationship doesn’t work out. They are a magnet to other people by fault because they are so positive, friendly, and love to network – not socialize – but network. Like their air siblings, they love to talk up a storm, need space to breathe, and will often times change their mind. They are the sign of the scale, so they are constantly weighing the pros and cons to every situation. They require balance on every level and in every aspect of their life. It will take a very special person to charm their way into their hearts, but once their partner does they can expect Libra to be a full-time best friend and lover at the same time.

When they decide to get into a romantic relationship, it won’t take much for them to start falling in love. However, Libra might be too easy of a challenge for Aries, and Aries might be too aggressive for Libra. Another issue that may come up is the way they communicate and their needs of stimulation. Aries might not have the mentality to keep up with Libra, and Libra might not be physical enough for Aries. However, these are small issues that won’t be deal breakers. Both are highly positive cardinal signs that will think more about how to get over challenges, rather than dwelling in them. Overall, it’s a great match with long-term benefits – especially if they have more compatible signs in their charts.

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  1. Christy on June 17, 2016 at 8:04 am

    Great!! This fits me and my husband so well it’s scary

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