Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

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Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is a fixed earth sign and it is also the top stubbornness sign of the zodiac. When two of the same signs get together it’s like dating yourself. You will see a lot of common interests, more than other signs, or you will see things you hate about them because you either see or don’t see them in yourself – if that makes any sense. Two Tauruses may have the stamina, patience, and stability to make it long-term. However, they will need more balance in the energy to make it forever.

Taurus is a very dependable and patient sign that works hard to build a strong foundation for their future. They are an immovable sign, built like a rock, and temper of a bull. They don’t like to be provoked, but it will take a lot to make them seriously angry. If you get a bull angry, then you should watch out for the horns – they might kill you. They have the power to calm others down and they have a magnetic aura around them because they are so private. They can be very judgmental in others; this is common for earth signs. And like their earth siblings, they’re family oriented, they value self-worth, are hard workers, are non-emotional, not very affectionate, and don’t like to talk as much. However, Tauruses are very nurturing, very protective, and very possessive. They can be very brutal towards people they don’t like, but will often times hold their tongue when it comes to people they love. Because this is a very stubborn sign, it isn’t uncommon for them to hold onto someone they are interested in or someone they love. When they like or love someone, they are most likely to wait forever for the right opportunity.

It’s very difficult for them to open up and there are plenty of stories where they steer away from talking about their past. It’s just that they focus more on the present and in the future; looking back isn’t something that they like to do – at least that’s what they make you believe. Inside they harbor a lot of intense feelings – past, present, and future. They like to solve their own problems and they never depend on others. They are very logical thinkers and don’t waste their time in ideas that will never come true. When they are in love, they are very sensual lovers and would rather much show than tell. They value privacy and because they are so reserved most times, they require a partner who will gradually open them up and release the inner child in them. Tauruses also require a lot of appreciation and compliance. They’ll work hard for love, many without complaint, but they need someone who can lift their heart up with tenderness and warmth. So can you see the dilemma in having a partner who is the same as you?

Two Tauruses will be very stubborn in their pursuits for one another. They will be drawn together by their similarities and powerful earthy energy. They’ll be in awe that they have so many things in common and they’ll value longevity in all that they do as a couple. One of them will need to have more air or fire in their birth charts to bring out the playfulness. They’ll both be very possessive towards one another, but that’s okay because they like it. Leaving the herd is not something they’ll naturally do, but one may stray far away if they’re not getting the attention they require. A lot of Tauruses like a partner who has traits different than theirs. It makes them feel like they can be the strong and reliable one in the partnership. If they find someone who is of the same quality, it can get a little boring for their spirit. In a herd where everyone is the same, it would be nice to have a partner who is more of a free-spirit. Thus is the reason why one of them will need fire or air in their charts – more fire.

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