Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

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Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Taurus, a fixed earth sign, and Virgo, a mutable earth sign. This is their top match of all zodiac signs and they’ll rarely have issues. When two signs are of the same element, they will share the same type of energy and aggression. The great thing about this pair is that they both value stability and great work ethic that can only benefit their future. They will have very minimal issues that are easy to fix, but if they have even more compatible signs in their chart then they will flourish into eternity with each other. Growing old and grey is very possible for these two.

Taurus is a very stubborn and possessive earth sign. They like to move at their own pace and will do what they want when they want to. A lot of times they are seen as very narrow minded, but it’s because they’re high believers that there is only a right or wrong way to do things – often times choosing the most logical and sound choice. They love routine, have great taste in everything they do, and is willing to work hard to obtain material things that provide them comfort. They’ve also been known to be great big foodies, so if you’re a great cook this is a big plus for them. When they’re in love they will wait patiently for their lover to come around. They are extremely showy type of lovers and not big talkers. Mental stimulation isn’t something they can offer anybody, but they will offer stability like no other. They have the power to calm other signs down and will give them anything and everything their heart’s desire – mostly in material form. They require compliance and appreciate to be happy. And don’t take their kindness for weakness, they want something in return. They invest in a person to possess them and keep them within the herd. If you stray too far away, they’ll try to force you to stay, but if you are too far away then don’t expect them to come chasing after you for too long. You’re on your own at that point. Virgos will seemingly understand this type of logic naturally.

Virgos are much more social and they build a lot of their character in the relationships that they build with others – in a good way. They are very diplomatic and very realistic about what they do and what they say. It’s normal for them to think more with their mind than with their heart. They are strong believers of maintaining their self-worth – mentally, physically, and emotionally. A lot of signs will appreciate this strong trait about them. They require more intellectual stability more than anything. A friend who is capable of loving them as close to perfect as possible. They don’t like conflict, but if someone were to provoke them then they can get really aggressive and coldhearted. This is a common complaint for a lot of signs that are with them. Taurus won’t have a hard time giving them their space because they’ll want the same thing. Virgos, when in love, are very self-sacrificing and extremely independent. They aren’t the house type and need to be out and about, always doing something productive and always socializing. Like most mutable signs, they want equality in their relationships, but unlike the other signs will strive more for the perfect relationship. This can get in the way if they’re really nitpicky about who they want and thus the reason why so many people talk about their criticizing tongues. It’s not that they only look at the negative, it’s that they want to help people around them reach perfection as well. Whatever they say, they also say to themselves.

When these two get together, Virgo will find Taurus very immovable and whatever they say just seems to bounce right off of them. To have forever, Virgo will need to put their criticizing ways aside and Taurus will have to be less controlling and possessive. Their energy is a very strong foundation for long-term. Virgo will learn that Taurus has their own self-worth and their own way of going about – all of which Virgo will soon appreciate and admire. Taurus in turn will find Virgo a very suitable partner who will help them build a farm and help them water the grass. They may not have the greatest excitement and passion as they would with other signs – but they will have stability, friendship, financial benefits, and lots of vacations (they love vacations) lol.

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