Taurus and Libra Compatibility

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Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Taurus, a fixed earth sign, and Libra, a cardinal air sign. This is one couple that will be filled with romance and strong sexual magnetism in the beginning, but their strong differences may rip them apart later. The more compatible signs they have in their chart, the better.

Taurus is a very patient and stubborn sign that will move at their own pace. They don’t really care what you tell them because in their own mind they are right no matter what. Like their earth siblings, they work hard for stability, are family oriented, require financial security, and are very realistic and logical thinkers. They can be very judgmental of others and will often times observe more than talk. They are action oriented and would rather prove to others by showing than telling. They are very sensual and very nurturing when in love. They are also extremely generous, independent, selfless, and highly possessive lovers. They keep a lot of their inner emotions to themselves and like to figure out their own solutions without the help of others. It’s not unusual for them to be very routine and even very controlling of themselves and of their loved one. However, one must keep in mind that they’re not investing anything without wanting something in return. They will require compliance and appreciation. In love they will offer up their last penny to prove to their loved one that they can be a provider and a stable one at that. Libras will appreciate this side of Taurus, but may become very bored with their routines.

Libras are natural born motivators and want to guide people towards the right path. As an air sign they require constant mental stimulation – an exchange of ideas that will move everyone forward and not backwards. They may even be demanding about it which may cause Tauruses to be very irritated. Libras are very romantic, charming, and persuasive. It’s not uncommon for them to love themselves more than others, but they have to love someone, something. If it’s just them then they’re okay with that. They can be very flirtatious, which will make Taurus very jealous, but Libras see no harm in treating everyone friendly and treating everyone special. They have a great aura of positivity – they always seem to know what to say, when to say it, and the right time to say it. They’re pretty much a love magnet naturally. In love they require a partner who can play both best friend and lover at the same time. Libras need balance in all aspects of their life, so playing into this will be somewhat difficult for someone who is one-sided. This is a sign who is also fiercely protective over their partner. They can also be very jealous and will do their best to put you in your place, to love and adore only them. It’s also not uncommon for them to want to be the ideal lover in public, but in private they are very cold when they’re not receiving mental stimulation from their partner. They are prone to always weighing pros and cons for everything, everybody, and in love. Often times being labeled as someone who’s very indecisive, but that isn’t the case. They just want to be 100% sure that the choices they make will benefit everyone involved.

Together these two will find that they have the same interests in style and will have fine taste in everything they do and everywhere they. They want the best of everything and will work hard to get it. The biggest issue here will be their own requirements in love. Libra won’t like the idea of bending to the will of Taurus, and Taurus will hate the idea of having to constantly talk about everything and everybody. They will need to reach a strong compromise here, but if they can they will both find partners who can bring both the best qualities of air and earth into the mix. Taurus will build a strong foundation and Libra will give wings to their ideas while they soar into the horizon hand in hand.

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