Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

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Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

Taurus, a fixed earth sign, and Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign. This is a great match where their energy and aggression match one another, but they may even annoy one another – very rarely though. However, for the most part they will share a lot of earth qualities that they’ll naturally admire and appreciate. The more compatible signs in their chart, the more attached this pair will be.

Taurus is a patient and highly stubborn sign who knows what they want in life and will work very hard to achieve it. They can be very narrow-minded and don’t usually believe in multiple paths towards their goals – there is only one road to their success, and it’s very difficult for them to stray very far from it. They are very generous with people whom they consider family – doesn’t matter if you’re blood relative or not. When they are in love they are very nurturing and sensual. They are very good at showing rather than telling and will make sure that their loved one is well provided for, so long as they remain within the herd and out of it. Remember, this is the sign of the bull. They don’t like to be provoked, rushed, or bullied into anything. They are also a very possessive sign, so will want their lover very close to them – maybe even in the same house rather quickly. Again, they know what they want when they see it. And they’ll take their time in their pursuits, making sure the opportunity is very special to you and to them. Once they’re in a relationship, they will require compliance and appreciation. This can be a good thing for Capricorns who also share this same trait.

Capricorn is the most aggressive and flashiest of all the earth signs. They are also a cardinal sign, so leadership comes naturally to them. They are usually very wise and they take life as a great adventure – experiencing life to the fullest is something they do best and will save a lot of their money to do it. They don’t like to waste time on anything that doesn’t benefit them, and this can make them very selfish in their own needs. If you’re in the way, they won’t hesitate to remove you. They respect themselves at a higher value and will make sure that they can back it up with material possessions and anything else that represents high status. These traits can cause them to be very arrogant and picky in who they want in their inner circle. They would hate to be surrounded by people who can’t carry their own weight. They, like Taurus, will work very hard to reach the top of their golden mountain. When in love, they are highly generous and very sweet and affectionate, also very traditional. The men will treat you with romance like a true gentleman, and the women will want to always be treated like a gentle woman. They will only get involved with someone they can build a future with, everyone else can just go away. In turn, they will require obedience and respect from their loved ones, anything below this is a problem.

When these two earth signs come together, they will have instant animal magnetism that will connect them. Taurus the bull and Capricorn the sea goat. They will both value family, stability, financial gain, and success. They’ll grow old with one another, appreciating their solid foundation and highly romantic love for one another. Taurus will bring sensuality and Capricorn will bring worldly adventures. Both will offer sensuality and reliability to this relationship. The issue is how they start off. They could value more of the friendship than they do the actual relationship. Passion may not be something they can offer one another, but again if they have other signs that bring this forward then the better off they’ll be. Great relationship with long-term benefits for the both of them.

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    is capricon compatible with pisces

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