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Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

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Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Taurus, a fixed earth sign, and Pisces, a mutable water sign. Together they can make a waterfall of endless love or storm of hate. If they have even more compatible signs in their charts, the better off they are.

Taurus is a patient and stubborn sign that will work hard to reach their goals, all without much complaint. They learn at an early age that to be successful they just have to do it. It’s not uncommon for this sign to only have one path in life, thus the reason why they’re called narrow minded. Being a fixed sign, they are very stuck in their own beliefs – they are a yes or no type of person. Just like a bull, they love comfort and it’s not unusual for them to be in love with food. They’re not the adventurous type, but you can take them along – if they choose to. Everything might have to be on their terms since they are also a very self-controlled and possessive sign of their lovers and material possessions. Like their earth siblings, they value family, have a realistic outlook in life, require stability, and are built for strong foundations in life. When in love, they are truly very generous and will work very hard for someone they adore. They may put them through a series of tests to make sure that they’re the one, but they won’t waste their time with someone if they feel they can’t make it last. To them money is everything and time is like money, why waste it? However, they will love someone with strong loyalty and will give them their very last penny to show their love. They’re better at showing than telling, and it may take them a long time to express deeper emotions (this may be an issue for an impatient Pisces). In love, they require compliance and appreciation from their partners (something Pisces may be able to offer).

Pisces is a dual sign, one good fish and one bad fish. Depending on which fish Taurus appeals to will be the one they have to deal with (lol). This sign is a very sensitive and soulful type of individual. They are also very playful and highly social. They are an energy type of sign, so whatever energy they feel from others, they’ll give it back times three. They have great intuition and it’s not uncommon for them to dive deep into daydreaming. It can be an issue for them since they dream about everything about a person, even when the other person isn’t – they can be very disappointed when this person doesn’t live up to their dream. Like their fellow water siblings, they are great at hiding their emotions, want depth out of relationships, alluring and highly sensitive. When it comes to love, they become a very submissive sign – meaning they are very much willing to please their lover. They are great at playing the ideal lover and because they have their own dreams of what love is supposed to be like, they’ll do everything they can to make it happen – like a storybook romance – filled with drama and love, etc. Also, when in love they can become very attached to their partner – sometimes mistakenly drowning them. When they are upset, they can have a very bad mouthpiece on them or completely go MIA without explanation. Taurus will have to keep in mind that communication isn’t their forte, but emotional output is. For Pisces, they require a deep and soulful connection both mental and emotional. This is where it can be difficult for Taurus who would rather show than tell.

When they get together it may start off very slowly – Taurus being the more patient one. Sensuality will come from Taurus, whereas high emotions will come from Pisces. Taurus can be blunt, insensitive, and brutal when telling the truth, whereas Pisces will have their dreamy standards that aren’t very realistic. However, Pisces will find Taurus a strong and immovable individual who will give them what they want, and Taurus will find that Pisces is capable of a true type of love that will never grow old. This is a couple that may find forever, so long as Taurus doesn’t become too controlling and if Pisces learns to check their high sensitivity at the door.

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Stay tuned Zodianz.

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