Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

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Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Gemini, a mutable air sign, and Cancer, a cardinal water sign. This has a 50/50 chance of making it long-term or fizzling out as quickly as it started. Luckily they’re both really emotional and sensitive when it comes to love – might get a little chaotic between them. If they have compatible signs in their charts, it will definitely help this pair move forward.

Gemini is a highly playful, eccentric, and independent type of sign. They like to go against tradition, and it’s not uncommon for them to share out of this world type of ideas – making them extremely creative. They are known to be very non-committed, but that’s not necessarily the case. Just like their air siblings, they get bored very quickly and require plenty of mental challenges and mental stimulation from everyone they meet. However, this sign is mutable, making them even more social and adaptable to situations as they arise. Plenty of people may find Gemini a mental challenge, yes they are very complex. If they were a season, they would be all four – sometimes at the same time. They go flip from one emotion to another, never really staying in the same spot for very long. They’re like a crazy tornado – sometimes you’re in the eye of the storm and sometimes you’re in the way of it. Make sense? Lol. When in love, however, they are very generous, loving, and fiercely loyal. It may take them time to really make them commit, but trust never comes easily with a Gemini. They have to know if you’re willing to love both their good twin as well as their bad twin. Communication and creativity is very important to this sign, who may talk your ear off, but listen closely and you’ll find someone who lives in a very imaginative world (in a good way). Someone who listens can guide them, not push them – they hate that, in the right direction to bloom and be the best of themselves (great for Cancer).

Cancer is a very loving and caring type of sign. They may come off cold to people they’re not comfortable with, but it’s because they guard themselves with their powerful shell – sometimes thin and fragile, so they take good care of it. They carry a lot of the weight of the world – it’s hard to feel all emotions constantly and always feeling like a lone ranger, which can make them very moody and sensitive. Just like their water siblings, they are full of depth, sensitive, passive, and alluring in their own right. As a cardinal sign, they are natural leaders who find it effortless to move the masses. Unlike other cardinal signs, they would rather use emotions to motivate people. They are great at relating to others because they’re always so in tune with everything and everyone – at great cost though – their own emotions. All that positive energy trying to hold everything and everyone up, they will have extremely depressing lows. All of which may overwhelm their partners. When in love, they can highly romantic and even very attached. They love hard, but it’s because they offer a type of love you only read about in fairytales (this is great for Gemini). They will also carry the burden of their partner as well as the entire family. To keep them happy, they require a partner who can help carry the weight of the world with them – without them asking – and to be open with their emotions without limitations. Also, keep in mind that this is a sign who also like to hide their feelings when they’re really down, so coaxing them out of their high shells will take someone very special.

Together these two signs can learn a lot from one another. Cancer has the power to lead Gemini in the right direction, and Gemini has mental capacity to creatively coax Cancer out of hiding. They both understand what it’s like to have really beautiful days and ugly days, this will connect them emotionally. Where one is weak, the other will be strong. The issues that may arise is the communication. Gemini will want to talk about everything, whereas Cancer would rather just feel everything out. Gemini may not be able to obtain the mental stimulation, but will love the romantic and secret passionate side of Cancer. Whereas, Cancer may not get the emotional stability and depth from Gemini, but will love their creative ideas in and out of bed. If they have compatible signs in their charts, then this might help them get even further in their relationship.

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