Gemini and Leo Compatibility

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Gemini and Leo Compatibility

Gemini, a mutable air sign, and Leo, a fixed fire sign. This is actually a great pair that is destined to have a lot of ups and downs like a soap opera. They’ll find it hard to resist one another, and even more challenging to be apart from one another. If they have more compatible signs in their charts, the better. They may need the extra help to communicate since their styles are so different.

Gemini is a highly playful, eccentric, and independent type of sign. They like to go against tradition, and it’s not uncommon for them to share out of this world type of ideas – making them extremely creative. They are known to be very non-committed, but that’s not necessarily the case. Just like their air siblings, they get bored very quickly and require plenty of mental challenges and mental stimulation from everyone they meet – or they’ll grow bored. However, unlike their air siblings, this sign is mutable, making them even more social and adaptable to situations as they arise. Plenty of people may find Gemini a mental challenge, yes they are very complex. If they were a season, they would be all four – sometimes at the same time. They can flip from one emotion to another, never really staying in the same spot for very long. They’re like a crazy tornado – sometimes you’re in the eye of the storm and sometimes you’re in the way of it. When in love, however, they are very generous, loving, and fiercely loyal. It may take them time to really make them commit, but trust never comes easily with a Gemini. They have to know if you’re willing to love both their good twin as well as their bad twin. Communication and creativity is very important to this sign, who may talk your ear off, but listen closely and you’ll find someone who lives in a very imaginative world (in a good way). Someone who listens can guide them, not push them – they hate that, in the right direction to bloom and be the best of themselves (great for Leo).

Leo is a very passionate and highly affectionate sign that loves to love and wants to be loved. They are known to hog the stage – wherever that stage is. But when they’re on, they entertain. They are very charming, and their energy is warm and inviting. Like their fire siblings, they are aggressive, physical, passionate, and highly positive. Unlike their fire siblings, they are much more emotional, highly protective, and fiercely loyal. As a fixed sign, they are truly very stubborn and won’t budge if they anyone makes demands. They have big dreams and big goals – everything to them is grand and possible. Let’s get it right, they are the ones to make demands – not you. However, when in love they can be very flexible and will meet their lover halfway. They make excellent spouses due to their undying love and loyalty. However, they can often times be very spoiled and will want what they want, when they want it. Saying no to them is an insult. Like a lion/lioness, they love to be in control and will want to make sure that their pride/family is well-taken cared of. They are highly generous and nurturing, and will make sure their king/queen is treated like royalty – so long as you do the same. If you aren’t making them your number one priority, you will be met with a lot of aggression and high tempers. If you really provoke them, then you can say goodbye to their warmth forever. They don’t like to play games, so make sure if you’re getting with one that you’re in it for long-term. Love, affection, and devotion to them is a requirement. Bow down or bow out (this may be an issue for Gemini).

Together, their energies will lift them to a new world where Leo will rule and Gemini will do as they please. Their love will be truly unique, as in Gemini will try to outwit Leo and Leo will try to control Gemini. If they can find a balance, they will find that they are a good match for one another. Gemini is much more open to new ideas and will give Leo more opportunities to grow their kingdom. Whereas Leo is the light to Gemini’s dark side, giving them strength and much needed affection. They may have complications in communication. Leo may want to be less stubborn and Gemini may have to be much more stable in their affections if they want this to last forever.

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  1. Pauline on May 16, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    I’m currently seeing a Gemini and this is so spot on. My ♌ friend does try and control me but it we work it all out I love him he loves me..

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