Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

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Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini, a mutable air sign, and Scorpio, a fixed water sign. Together these two will find waterfalls of love or just straight hell. They are very opposite from one another, but if they have compatible signs in their birth charts, then they may have a chance to move forward into forever.

Gemini is a highly playful, eccentric, and independent type of sign. They like to go against tradition, and it’s not uncommon for them to share out of this world type of ideas – making them extremely creative. They are known to be very non-committed, but that’s not necessarily the case. Just like their air siblings, they get bored very quickly and require plenty of mental challenges and mental stimulation from everyone they meet – or they’ll grow bored. However, unlike their air siblings, this sign is mutable, making them even more social and adaptable to situations as they arise. Plenty of people may find Gemini a mental challenge, yes they are very complex. They can flip from one emotion to another, never really staying in the same spot for very long. They’re like a crazy tornado – sometimes you’re in the eye of the storm and sometimes you’re in the way of it. When in love, however, they are very generous, loving, and fiercely loyal. It may take them time to really make them commit, but trust never comes easily with a Gemini. They have to know if you’re willing to love both their good twin as well as their bad twin. Communication and creativity is very important to this sign, who may talk your ear off, but listen closely and you’ll find someone who lives in a very imaginative world (in a good way). Someone who listens can guide them, not push them – they hate that, in the right direction to bloom and be the best of themselves.

Scorpio is a very intense sign. They are alluring and hypnotic to other signs. They are stubborn and stuck in their own ways, and like their water siblings, require a deep and soulful connection with their partners. They can be highly possessive over their things and especially over their partners. However, they take their time in love and all of its pursuits – always making sure to tread carefully. Anybody who wants to date them has to earn their trust, but once it’s earned they will hold on forever. This is a double-edged sword because once they trust someone, they may not be able to let them go even when it gets bad for them. There are countless stories of Scorpios being manipulating in a relationship, which is common because they require complete control over themselves and their partner. They love deep and have their own type of passion – dark and sensual – that signs find dangerous and highly sexy at the same time. They also work very hard to get to where they’re going, but will take their time and not care what anybody else thinks (common for fixed signs). They are great partners to have – if the other person is willing to sacrifice their souls to them (lol). They have great insights and possess an eagle eye into people’s souls. They just know and they just get it. They can be very emotional and hate to be vulnerable, thus the reason why they guard and hide their feelings naturally.  They’re not the most communicative sign in the zodiac, but they are one of the strongest and will do the most for their partners – good or bad.

Together they may find that their differences really tear them apart. Gemini may not have the patience to deal with a Scorpio who wants to take their time and not take any risks. However, Scorpio will be enchanted by Gemini who is much more open and may find more comfort in opening up – especially when Gemini does it so naturally. Gemini, like all signs, will find Scorpio highly alluring and very sensual. The issues will arise when Gemini becomes too flighty and/or if Scorpio becomes too possessive. Both will pose a threat to one another’s comfort levels, but if they can get past these issues then they may make it… at least for a while.

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  1. Ness on May 29, 2016 at 10:45 am

    This is very true!
    I am Gemini woman,and had three ex boyfriends who were all Scorpio.
    I just realized it lately that for some reason I always drawn to Scorpio men.
    First was on 2008,then 2011,then last on 2015.
    Ok,to be honest I never love the first and the third one that much.
    I broke up with them,though I was sad about the broke up reasons,but I easily moved on.
    But,the second Scorpio man who I.met on 2011,I loved him so deeply,until now.
    Though we never seen each other for nearly 5years and no communication for almost three years ,but no break up.
    Honestly I find it really hard to move on,I still love him and will always will.
    I always hope and pray that he is safe,happy and healthy.
    Whether he’s in America or Afghanistan now.

  2. cht on August 6, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    Omg can’t believe this it just explained my whole 8 year marriage to the t…just can’t believe how tru this really is n since she can’t get passed anything or let it go were now getting di

  3. cht on August 6, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Omg can’t believe this it just explained my whole 8 year marriage to the t…just can’t believe how tru this really is n since she can’t get passed anything or let it go were now getting divorced…we love each other so much neither of us ever cheated or beat each other nothing but yea my possessive ways n her never letting stuff go is all we ever fought about and I’m the man I’m Scorpio and its killing me to let her go n our sex was amazing she even broke down crying saying I was best she ever had but she did get bored easy n always wanted to fight n never stops talking crazy as hell how true this is I will always love her but don’t know how I’ll let go just sux even lawyer was like ok he cheating she said no ..he beating you …no he on drugs… No then he was like well why the hell are u even here …..we just can’t get along and its sad as hell cuz we were perfect for years but she loves to fight n bring old shit up talking bout I called her a c*nt 5 years ago really just sad cuz we do love each other just dumb shit she won’t let go

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