Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, so two Cancer’s together is somewhat very magical. When you date the same sign, you are pretty much dating yourself, which can be a great thing for a Cancer. However, it also depends on the other signs in your birth chart, especially the zodiac signs in Moon and Venus. Generally speaking, both will vibe because they will share a lot of similar traits, especially when it comes to their definition of love.

Cancer is a very loving and caring type of sign. They may come off cold to people they’re not comfortable with, but it’s because they guard themselves with their powerful shell – sometimes thin and fragile, so they take good care of it. They carry a lot of the weight of the world on their shoulders. It’s hard for them to feel all emotions constantly and always feeling like a lone ranger, which can make them very moody and sensitive. Just like their water siblings, they are full of depth, sensitivity, and they are alluring in their own right. However, of all the water signs, they are also the most emotional. As a cardinal sign, they are natural leaders who find it effortless to move the masses. Unlike other cardinal signs, they would rather use emotions to motivate people.

They are great at relating to others because they’re always so in tune with everything and everyone. All that positive energy trying to hold everything and everyone up can also take a toll on their energy supply. They will have extremely depressing lows when they’re not appreciated or if they are not surrounded by people that they love.  Family is also very important to this sign, as they are the sign of family and home. Did I mention? They are great at catering to their homes. They love to fill their senses with things that will inspire and produce positivity. They need as much as possible for their down time. All of this may overwhelm partners who are not as in tune with their emotions. When in love, they are highly romantic and even very attached. They love very hard, but it’s because they offer a type of love you only read about in fairytales and will expect the same thing back. They also naturally carry the burdens of their partner as well as their entire family. To keep them happy, they require a partner who can help them carry the weight of the world without them asking, and to be open with their emotions without limitations. Also, keep in mind that this is a sign who also likes to hide their feelings when they’re really down, so coaxing them out of their hard shells will take someone very special.

When two Cancers look at one another, they will find someone who mirrors their own strengths and weaknesses; so it’s up to them to balance the energy between them. This usually isn’t hard for them, but it could also mean their undoing if they are unable to reach a balance. For example, if one of them gets angry and hides in their shell, it could cause the other one to do the same. When one is feeling down, the other has to bring them back up. In this special relationship, they both may be happy with one another, but become distant at the same time. Cancers can also be very passionate about their emotions, so often times will just showcase how they feel whenever they choose – this can be a good or bad thing. Their same interests and common personalities that drew them so close can cause a rift in their relationship – this is something to highly consider. On the plus side, they are both very romantic, affectionate, and will be attached to one another – so long as they don’t try to dominate one another in the relationship too aggressively. In the end, they both may want to look for other partners who are more emotionally stable, especially when times get rough. Emotions overall are hard to balance, and for a Cancer they will need someone who can lift them back up and not dwell in it. Overall, this isn’t a horrible match.

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