Cancer and Leo Compatibility

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Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, and Leo is a fixed fire sign. This is one couple that will be a heated mess or a sauna of passionate love. One is water, the other is fire, so this pair is destined to be a challenge. However, if they have more compatible signs in their birth charts, then they might be able to make it for a while.


Cancer is a very loving and caring type of sign. They may come off cold to people they’re not comfortable with, but it’s because they guard themselves with their powerful shell – sometimes thin and fragile, so they take good care of it. They carry a lot of the weight of the world naturally, which can make them very moody and sensitive. Just like their water siblings, they are full of depth, sensitivity, they’re defensive and alluring in their own right. As a cardinal sign, they are natural leaders who find it effortless to move the masses. Unlike other cardinal signs, they would rather use emotions to motivate people. They are great at relating to others because they’re always so in tune with everything and everyone. They spend a lot of their energy giving their positive energy to others, so they will have extremely depressing lows when that energy isn’t reciprocated. All of which may overwhelm others, who may not understand how to coax them out of their shells when they’re in hiding or guarding. When in love, they can be highly romantic and even very attached. They love hard, but it’s because they offer a type of love you only read about in fairytales and will expect the same in return. They will also naturally carry the burden of their partner, as well as their entire family. To keep them happy, they require a partner who can help carry the weight of the world with them – without them asking – and to be open with their emotions without limitations. Also, keep in mind that this is a sign who also like to hide their feelings when they’re really down, so coaxing them out of their high shells will take someone very special.


Leo is a very passionate and highly affectionate sign that loves to love and wants to be loved. They are known to hog the stage – wherever that stage is. But when they’re on, they entertain. They are very charming, and their energy is warm and inviting. Like their fire siblings, they are aggressive, physical, passionate, and highly positive. Unlike their fire siblings, they are much more emotional, dramatic, highly protective, and fiercely loyal. As a fixed sign, they are truly very stubborn and won’t budge if anyone makes demands – they are the only ones who can make any demands. They have big dreams and big goals – everything to them is grand and possible. They want to live a comfortable life full of worldly possessions and would rather much work smarter not harder for it. They can seem a bit over the top with everything and everyone, but that’s what makes this sign very special. When in love they can be very flexible and will meet their lover halfway. They make excellent spouses due to their undying love and loyalty. However, they can often times be very spoiled and will want what they want, when they want it. Saying no to them is an insult. Like a lion/lioness, they love to be in control and will want to make sure that their pride/family is well-taken cared of. They are highly generous and nurturing, and will make sure their king/queen is treated like royalty – so long as you do the same. If you aren’t making them your number one priority, you will be met with a lot of aggression and high tempers. If you really provoke them then you can say goodbye to their warmth forever. They don’t like to play games, so make sure if you’re getting with one that you’re in it for long-term. Love, affection, and devotion to them is a requirement. So bow down or bow out.

Cancer and Leo in Love

Together they can make a very loving relationship. Leo’s positive energy will reenergize Cancer, and Cancer’s romantic charms will make Leo feel worshipped. They may buttheads when it comes to expressing their needs. Cancer may overwhelm and drown Leo with their emotions, and Leo’s dramatic and stubborn style may evaporate Cancer’s love. It will take a lot of compromise with these two, but it’s definitely not their worst match. If Cancer can keep their emotions in check and if Leo can be less self-centered, then this relationship can go the distance.

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