Cancer and Libra Compatibility

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Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Cancer, a cardinal water sign, and Libra, a cardinal air sign. Together it’s the tunnel of love or a fountain of misery. Being that they are both cardinal signs, they will have common traits that they will find attractive in one another. Both will love the romance that they can bring one another, and if they have other compatible signs in their birth charts then the better.

Cancer is a very loving and caring type of sign. They may come off cold to people they’re not comfortable with, but it’s because they guard themselves with their powerful shell – sometimes thin and fragile, so they take good care of it. They carry a lot of the weight of the world naturally, which can make them very moody and sensitive. Just like their water siblings, they are full of depth, sensitivity, they’re defensive and alluring in their own right. As a cardinal sign, they are natural leaders who find it effortless to move the masses. Unlike other cardinal signs, they would rather use emotions to motivate people. They are great at relating to others because they’re always so in tune with everything and everyone. They spend a lot of their energy giving their positive energy to others, so they will have extremely depressing lows when that energy isn’t reciprocated. All of which may overwhelm others, who may not understand how to coax them out of their shells when they’re in hiding or guarding. When in love, they can be highly romantic and even very attached. They love hard, but it’s because they offer a type of love you only read about in fairytales and will expect the same in return. They will also naturally carry the burden of their partner, as well as their entire family. To keep them happy, they require a partner who can help carry the weight of the world with them – without them asking – and to be open with their emotions without limitations. Also, keep in mind that this is a sign who also like to hide their feelings when they’re really down, so coaxing them out of their high shells will take someone very special.

Libras are natural born motivators and want to guide people towards the right path. As an air sign they require constant mental stimulation – an exchange of ideas that will move everyone forward and not backwards. They may even be demanding about it which may irritate other signs who don’t like to be bossed around. Libras are also very romantic, charming, and persuasive. It’s not uncommon for them to love themselves more than others, but they have to love someone, something. Union and marriage is part of this sign, naturally. However, they can be very flirtatious, which will make their partner’s very jealous, but Libras see no harm in treating everyone friendly and treating everyone special. They have a great aura of positivity – they always seem to know what to say, when to say it, and the right time to say it. They’re pretty much a love magnet – it’s not their fault. In love they require a partner who can play both best friend and lover at the same time. Libras need balance in all aspects of their life, so playing into this will be somewhat difficult for someone who is one-sided. This is a sign who is also fiercely protective over their partner. It’s also not uncommon for them to want to be the ideal lover in public, but in private they are very cold when they’re not receiving mental stimulation from their partner. They are prone to always weighing pros and cons for everything, everybody, their career, and even in love. Often times being labeled as someone who’s very indecisive, but that isn’t the case. They just want to be 100% sure that the choices they make will benefit everyone involved. They try very hard to make sure that they are always fair, which is a curse and a blessing for them and their loved one.

Together these two can create a magical connection, but Cancer’s attachment can cause Libra to suffocate, whereas Libra’s need to socialize can threaten Cancer’s emotional security. However, it’s not a horrible pairing whatsoever. They can both be very loving and responsible in love, and will have the same outlook of wanting the best out of life – sacrificing anything and everything to accomplish their own goals. Their home life can also be built on love, being that both will want to possess a comfortable lifestyle – Cancer bringing forth the love of family and Libra bringing in the love of life.

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