Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

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Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer, a cardinal water sign, and Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign. These are opposite signs that often times never work out for long, but a rare few will find everlasting love. Their energy, aggression, and communication are so opposite that trying to make it work will be hell for the both of them. HOWEVER, if there are other signs in their birth charts that are compatible (esp. in their Venus and Moons), then the better. They’ll need as much help from the other signs as possible because these are two signs that are perhaps the hardest signs to be together.


Cancer is a very loving and caring type of sign. They may come off cold to people they’re not comfortable with, but it’s because they guard themselves with their powerful shell – sometimes thin and fragile, so they take good care of it. They carry a lot of the weight of the world naturally, which can make them very moody and sensitive. Just like their water siblings, they are full of depth, sensitivity, they’re defensive and alluring in their own right. As a cardinal sign, they are natural leaders who find it effortless to move the masses. Unlike other cardinal signs, they would rather use emotions to motivate people. They are great at relating to others because they’re always so in tune with everything and everyone. They spend a lot of their energy giving their positive energy to others, so they will have extremely depressing lows when that energy isn’t reciprocated.

All of which may overwhelm others, who may not understand how to coax them out of their shells when they’re in hiding or guarding. When in love, they can be highly romantic and even very attached. They love hard, but it’s because they offer a type of love you only read about in fairytales and will expect the same in return. They will also naturally carry the burden of their partner, as well as their entire family. To keep them happy, they require a partner who can help carry the weight of the world with them – without them asking – and to be open with their emotions without limitations. Also, keep in mind that this is a sign who also like to hide their feelings when they’re really down, so coaxing them out of their high shells will take someone very special.


Sagittarius is a bubbly, open-minded, and highly energetic sign that wants to shower the world with their philosophical ideas. They get along easily with other signs, but like their fire siblings, they are aggressive, impatient, and highly passionate (mostly about causes they care for). The differences between them and other fire signs are that they are more logical and reasonable when it comes to decisions and conflict. This is the sign that is very good at teaching others a lesson, so it’s always best to keep it friendly with them and not be their enemy. Like most things that happen in their life, they would rather talk and strategize about everything, but if worse comes to worse then they’re not afraid to throw down and put words into action. On the plus side, they are mostly happy creatures that likes to make others smile. They also strive to always motivate others and will fight for justice. They are difficult to pin down in a committed relationship, but aren’t afraid to try something once or someone once lol. If they feel that the cause or person isn’t for them, then they’ll run like a horse, into the horizon, never to be seen again.

It’s also not uncommon for this sign to gamble on life and love, and shoot their arrows high into the air and wait for one of them to land on opportunities – they rely heavily on faith and luck, which seemingly always works out for them. When in love, they are very loyal and will keep everything friendly – when it comes to the horse side. They’ll also fight for your honor just like a knight in shining armor (male or female). However, the human side of them is very sarcastic and will often times say things that they feel is just a joke or just the truth, not thinking of who they’re hurting in the process. Other signs may get annoyed of this and take it offensively, so to be with this sign you have to really thick skin.

Cancer and Sagittarius in Love

When they two get together, they will find an attraction in their interactions. They both like to play around, joke around, talk shit about others, and their curiosity for one another may even turn to love. However, the problems start when they get into a romantic relationship. Sagittarius will find that Cancer is more sensitive than they thought, and will be confused when Cancer hides in their thick shell or changes moods frequently. Cancer, on the other hand, will find Sagittarius too insensitive and not as affectionate as they dreamt they would be. Cancer likes to be attached and Sagittarius likes to roam. They will need to strike a balance if they want to make this work, because if they do then they will find that they can actually provide one another what the other one was always looking for: Cancer will give Sagittarius heart, and Sagittarius will give Cancer strength.

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