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Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Zodianz Zodiac Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius, a fire sign, and Pisces, a water sign. They are both mutable signs that share some of the same traits as far as adaptability and flexibility, but it will take a lot of work for these two to make it past friendship. Fire and water are highly incompatible because their temperaments are so opposite. Most stick to being friends because of this, but then there are those that cross the line into romance. Pisces will expect their new partner to be more sympathetic and add more depth to the relationship, but Sagittarius will expect to maintain the friendship they had before they were in a relationship and expect nothing to change. This could be the reason their relationship falls apart rapidly. If they have more compatible signs in their charts, then it could last.


Sagittarius is a bubbly, open-minded, and highly energetic sign that wants to shower the world with their philosophical ideas. They get along easily with other signs, but like their fire siblings, they are aggressive, impatient, and highly passionate (mostly about causes they care for). The differences between them and other fire signs are that they are more logical and reasonable when it comes to decisions and conflict. This is the sign that is very good at teaching others a lesson, so it’s always best to keep it friendly with them and not be their enemy. Like most things that happen in their life, they would rather talk and strategize about everything, but if worse comes to worse then they’re not afraid to throw down and put words into action. On the plus side, they are mostly happy creatures that likes to make others smile. They also strive to always motivate others and will fight for justice. They are difficult to pin down in a committed relationship, but aren’t afraid to try something once or someone once lol. If they feel that the cause or person isn’t for them, then they’ll run like a horse, into the horizon, never to be seen again.

It’s also not uncommon for this sign to gamble on life and love, and shoot their arrows high into the air and wait for one of them to land on opportunities – they rely heavily on faith and luck, which seemingly always works out for them. When in love, they are very loyal and will keep everything friendly – when it comes to the horse side. They’ll also fight for your honor just like a knight in shining armor (male or female). However, the human side of them is very sarcastic and will often times say things that they feel is just a joke or just the truth, not thinking of who they’re hurting in the process. Other signs may get annoyed of this and take it offensively, so to be with this sign you have to really thick skin.


Pisces is a very sensitive and emotional sign, though it might not be apparent at first glance. They come off very cool and relaxed, very friendly and non-judgmental. Always going with the flow of the energy and rarely against it. They would prefer to stick to calm waters than create waves of emotions onto others. This isn’t to say that they won’t clapback. This is a sign that will soak in the energy you give them and shoot it right back. When you get to know this double-sided fish (they are the symbol of two fishes), you will find someone full of depth and creativity. Like their water siblings, their emotions are as deep as the ocean. And when they’re in a relationship, these feelings will come pouring out like a waterfall. Unlike their water siblings, they would prefer to keep those emotions to themselves and depend on their friends to figure out what their next steps should be.

This sign is also a big-time daydreamer, always fantasizing of what could be and what should be. This is also the reason why they are met with so many disappointments in love. Holding someone to a standard that isn’t necessarily realistic, and hoping for that person to be the one they’ve been dreaming about. This isn’t a bad trait to have, just one that should be considered. They also live life according to how they feel and will always want to include others in their life because they are highly social. When in love, they are very submissive lovers who are willing to do the most for their loved one and will swim the deepest oceans to make them feel loved, respected and appreciated. It’s also very common for this sign to sacrifice their own feelings just so their loved one feels cherished.

Sagittarius and Pisces in Love

When these two mutable signs get together, they will build a strong friendship that is both vibrant and exciting. They both love to socialize and will offer different perspectives of a situation. Sagittarius painting the bigger picture and Pisces adding depth to the picture. They’ll find that both land and water can be beautiful, but also very challenging long-term.

Pisces will have to understand that Sagittarius is a very unemotional sign that won’t hesitate to be blunt, coming off as insensitive – even on accident. Sagittarius will have to understand that Pisces is very sensitive and will need Sagi to be more than skin-deep, especially when it comes to their heart. Both can be very flirtatious with others and this could cause a lot of jealousy, though Sagi will most likely play it off, whereas Pisces will keep all the negative energy inside and explode later.

If they want forever, it will take a deeper understanding of who can give what when it’s needed. Sagittarius will have to be more cautious swimming in Pisces’ emotions, and Pisces will need to grow a thicker skin to bounce Sagi’s arrows off. If they can accomplish this, then they’ll build a world where water and earth meet – a paradise of warmth and everlasting friendship.

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