June 2017 Zodiac Tarot-Scopes

June 2017 Tarot-Scopes by Joan Zodianz

June 2017 Tarot-Scopes

Take a look at this month’s tarot-scopes. If you need to learn more about what it is, you can click here. As a reminder, this is just a general overlook throughout the month. Some of the cards will resonate with you and some won’t. If you want a more personal reading, you can book me. Have fun with the cards and take any negatives as a caution or warning. Ultimately, it’s your choice to do whatever you want with the information provided.

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Emperor: As the 1st sign of the zodiac, Aries has the natural fighting spirit of warrior. This card is associated with Aries, and rightfully so. Aries and the Emperor depict an individual who has the perseverance, determination, and the stamina to rule the world. Both are confident, fearless, brave, and even insensitive. They think primarily with their head, such as the Ram, though they are both very passionate and fiery underneath.

Here are your tarot cards for the month (I added an extra card so that you have something positive to look forward to):

Aces of Swords (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Aries is starting or at the beginning stages of a new idea. Your mind wants to set the world ablaze and you’ve got the determination to take on multiple challenges at this point of time. You want it all. Your mentality is that the world isn’t enough to have, you must acquire more and now. However, you might want to take it down a few notches this month or you’re going to get real stressed out. Patience is key here because…

9 of Swords (Gemini – Mars): Because your mind is racing, don’t forget to take a break from it all. Aries naturally possesses high energy and it can lead to obsessive or even rapid undisciplined thoughts or behaviors. You’re on the verge of losing it mentally, so just chill out. Use your naturally positive energy to get through the obstacles of today and bring in a better tomorrow. Never end the day holding onto negativity.

8 of Swords (Gemini – Jupiter): Because of all the sporadic, even haywire, energies going on it’s easy to give up and procrastinate. You may even feel paralyzed, but it’s literally all in that Ram head of yours. Turn off those negative thoughts. You’re an Aries, the Emperor, so act like one. Leading the pack is tough on everyone, but you lead by example. Take hold, be strong, and keep fighting. Everyone faces trials, but like Gemini (the sign associated with this card) you’ll be able to flip the energy and start anew.

8 of Chalices (Pisces – Saturn): The outcome if you flip the energy, is that it will lead you to satisfaction and emotional fulfillment. You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world, as is the norm for an Aries. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep ramming forward. The possibilities are what you make it at this point. Don’t let your mind race off before your body can catch up.


The Hierophant: This card is associated with Taurus. Like Taurus, this card depicts a nurturing, knowledgeable, dedicated, structured, stable and responsible individual. One whose spirit is linked to nature and energized and grounded by the powers of earth. They are helpful to those who ask for it and they are caring for those who need it. They separate business and personal relationships, ensuring neither gets in the way of what needs to be done.

Here are your tarot cards for this month:

The Tower (Mars): Life can be stressful. The burdens may be weighing on your shoulders. The Tower is associated with the planet Mars and for a patient sign like Taurus, it may make or break your spirit. Because you hold in a lot of emotions, it can take just a small thing to make you lose your cool. And when you go into a rage, there’ll be nothing and nobody to stop you. Look out for small fractures in your life and come to a resolution. You don’t need to hold it all in then blow up about it later. It won’t be fair to the person or the people you’ll accidentally take it out on.

Knave of Pentacles (Earth): Don’t stress it, if you do happen to lose your cool. You’ll find your happy place again. You just need time to yourself and to work on things that bring you back to your normal and chill self. Find the power of earth to ground you and you can even go out of your way to find support from others, especially when it comes to work or chores. Anything to alleviate the stresses of life. You don’t have to carry all the burden, even if your sign is built for it.

4 of Chalices (Cancer – Moon): There is a lot of calmness and relaxation in the artwork of this card. It may be time for you to relax and reflect on your inner emotions – you know, the ones you like to bury deep inside lol. It’s calling you to get inspired and to dive deep into your thoughts and feelings. It’s time to release it but in a positive and healthier way. It’s always easier to fall back into old habits and negative behaviors, however it may be time to break out of your comfort zone. Perhaps you’ve been this way for too long (this sign sticks to routines). But this sign is very good at expressing how they feel when it comes to art and writing, so maybe it’s time to put that to work. Just go for it.


The Lovers: This card is associated with Gemini and depicts two entities coming together, forming an everlasting bond of two souls, two differing energies, two different perspectives just like The Twins of this sign. There is love for one another, but also the fears of tomorrow coming with it. Love is a powerful energy, one that is also attached with hate. Like the Twins I always refer to in my work: One good and one evil.

Here are your tarot cards for the month:

2 of Swords (Libra – Moon): Boy this is truly your month to shine! You are mentally reassured and prepared for the remainder of the month, after all it’s still Gemini season until June 20th. You are one with yourself right now: balanced and ready to celebrate! The card is associated with Libra Moon, so dual signs helping one another to keep it together and stay in harmony with everything and everyone. However, don’t tip the scales or push your luck. Not everyone will be in the mood to celebrate the season with the same enthusiasm as yourself.

7 of Chalices (Scorpio – Venus): There are plenty of opportunities for you to choose. You are attracting it with all your positive energy, like a moth to a flame. However, you can lose sight, get confused, or get distracted with which path to choose from. Take your time, don’t rush yourself or you’re bound to make mistakes. Learn about your options carefully at this time, go over the details (which may be very challenging for your sign), then make a decision.

VII Chariot (Cancer): Am I hearing road trip? It’s the time to get back on the road of life and go the distance. Gemini’s are very loyal to people they care for, attaching themselves and having a hard time letting go, even if it’s bad for their health. Choose wisely because The Chariot urges people to push forward and follow the desires of the heart and soul. You may feel yourself getting defensive or protective over what and who you love, but try to focus on long-term goals instead. Wherever you go, the energy goes. If you stray, it’ll stray. It’s all about marking the map and sticking to the route destined for you.


VII Chariot: This card is associated with Cancer. Like the sign, this card depicts a loving, caring, family oriented, and devoted individual. Cancer’s take charge and follow their hearts, not their heads. They do whatever is necessary to build a comfortable home and safe space for themselves, always making sure everyone is provided for and are prone to self-sacrificing themselves. The shell is as hard as their heart.

Here are your tarot cards for the month:

Queen of Swords (Virgo/Libra): The latter half of the month belongs to your sign, starting on June 21st. There’s a lot to get done before that day comes, luckily Cancers are good at multi-tasking and getting to the root of issues. This card shows the need to get down into the details, planning the details, then earning recognition for all your efforts. You deserve it! Just make sure you don’t get upset if you don’t receive the recognition you deserve either. Not everyone will be as kind and caring as you are.

8 of Pentacles (Virgo – Sun): You’re on a roll! Your positive energies carry you into a more creative flow. It may be a good time to finish up any projects or refine an existing one. Don’t have one? Make one. Get the juices flowing and get moving. Cancers are very good with their hands and are great at diving deep into meaningful projects or duties. If you literally have nothing to do but think, you need to slap yourself out of it. Cancers can dwell a lot and swim in negativity. Swim up, not down. Focus, focus, focus on moving your hands and feet towards the sun.

9 of Pentacles (Virgo – Venus): After you’ve finished planning, refining, or wrapping up creative projects or jotting down new projects, it’ll be time to stretch those legs and explore the world. Bring and welcome in the Cancer season. Enjoy your birthday, if you’re having one this month without worry. If you’ve done all that you could this month, then rest assured that there is nothing else to do but celebrate! If you’re having a more difficult time, then it may be time to welcome in more positive vibes and get out of your house – be one with nature man lol


Strength: This card is associated with Leo. Like this sign, this card depicts a mature individual who is daring, ready to beat the odds, mature, experienced and not willing to give up easily. He may be aged, but he’s not worried about it. Age doesn’t slow you down, you slow yourself down – thus the reason why this card works so well with Leos – they have a fighting spirit that’s ready to take charge and stamina that won’t let up.

Here are your tarot cards for the month:

6 of Wands (Leo – Jupiter): Leo is climbing and clawing their way up this challenging mountain called Life. Luck is on your side and you’ve got the heart to persevere. Just a little bit closer and you’ll reach the top. Now isn’t the time to be lazy or procrastinate, instead it’s absolutely necessary for you to break free from old habits and push yourself forward. Use your fiery energy to progress forward and not recede.

2 of Pentacles (Capricorn – Jupiter): Put your skills to the test! Money showers is still a journey, but it’s in your thoughts lol. Learn the in’s and out’s, and the how to’s of your craft and use them productively. It’ll take a lot of ingredients to master yourself and to generate more stability and resources for yourself, but that’s nothing for a determined Leo like yourself. You enjoy the challenges of life and strike them down one by one. It’s in your nature to be a winner! Eat or be eaten.

8 of Pentacles (Virgo – Sun): If you’re listening to the energies of the previous card, then it’s time to get your hands dirty and focus on the little details. Enjoy this time of solitude because you’re on your way in creating a masterpiece. Whatever your calling is, you have an idea of what perfection is and what to keep it that way. This card is associated with Virgo Sun, so lots of planning and lots of focus is needed to continue forward. Don’t waste it, you’ve got luck and focus on your side right now. Tune in with yourself or check out.


The Hermit: Like Virgo, this card depicts an individual who is educated, wise, experienced, private, and doesn’t mind isolation. They prefer it because it helps them gather their thoughts and to gain a more logical view of their problems. They are diplomatic and willing to teach others what they’ve learned, and people come to them for worldly and diplomatic advice and solutions. This is my most favored card – my life path card – and it also matches my Virgo Moon ?

Here are your tarot cards for the month:

2 of Wands (Aries – Mars): My, my, it’s time to put your brain to work and conjure up those energies from within. You’re still at the beginning phases of action and following the passions of your truest desires, dreams, or goals. Virgos tend to overthink and be too cautious. However, this new energy is exciting and quick, so don’t hesitate on a good opportunity. Try to put your worries to ease, think straight, and pick a steady path. Cross of that checklist now lol

9 of Wands (Sagittarius – Moon): Like I said, Virgos tend to overthink. Relax. You’ll need to remain determined and light the candles of inspiration and creativity. Learn to find support and develop inner strength (if you haven’t already). It’s a good time to also reflect and wind down. It’ll help you build long-term plans and come up with a solution you’ll feel good about. I find it easier to create lists of pros and cons, but that’s up to you how you deal with the stresses of life. You’re very close to resolving it, so just calm your soul and be one with your thoughts. Think positively and keep your eyes on the prize.

10 of Wands (Sagittarius – Saturn): Yes, yes, I know. The possibilities are endless and the worries are everywhere lol. I know you’ll have to put in the extra hours, but it’s needed. Virgos like to commit themselves to work and responsibilities. They also like to get recognition, though they hate asking for it. They want to earn it so they’ll work harder and push themselves harder. If you can’t possibly take time to unwind, then just make sure you keep a more positive state of mind. As in, make sure you understand your “why”. Then make sure your “why” is worth all this extra effort.


Justice: Like Libra, this card balances the scales of Justice. There is always a need to balance work and play, day and night, good and evil. Like a tightrope walker, Libras are always trying to keep it together in one solid line. However, there are plenty of Libras who like to tip the scales. Regardless, most Libras are fair, harmonious, positive, and uplifting towards others – they love to help others and will always spot potential in people (good or bad).

Here are your tarot cards for the month:

6 of Wands (Leo – Jupiter): Challenges ahead, but don’t fret. Your sign is very good at making and taking decisive actions. You’ll need to find the right footings to progress forward and remain balanced and level-headed. Don’t look down, look up. You’ll feel the need to reach greater heights and if you do it correctly, you’ll advance to the next level of your life. You’ve got the extra energy, take control of the obstacles ahead of you and seize all opportunities. You’ve got this!

4 of Swords (Libra – Jupiter): Libras can be very indecisive, so if you’re unsure of which path to take, take this time to reflect and gain focus. This card is associated with Libra Jupiter, meaning the scales of luck will be tipping you back and forth. A lot of times, the mind can play dirty tricks on you and it’s always a balancing act with Libras, so tune in with your mind, heart, and soul. It’s in this way, you’ll be able to pick a path that makes sense for your situation. If you’re resistant, you’ll find the scales won’t be kind to you.

Knight of Swords (Taurus/Gemini): With earth and air energies both grounding and uplifting you, you’ll be on the quest to put old habits or the past behind. Put on your suit of determination to get through the obstacles and cut down any challenges that prevent you from fulfilling your full potential. It’s okay to be stubborn and charge ahead, but just make sure you don’t leave those who need you or have supported you behind. There’s still a long way to go, so even though you’re on a mission, listen to your body and don’t break yourself on accident.


Death: Like Scorpio, this card isn’t as dangerous as it reads. In fact, the death card is the symbol of rebirth and transformation. Scorpios are naturally progressive in thought and soul. They are very secretive but it’s because they don’t like to release venom into the world. If they have anything positive to say, they’ll say it. If they have anything negative to say, they’ll throw it away. They have higher beliefs of karma, so though they don’t trust people, they’ll trust their intuition and know that things will just work themselves out over time.

3 of Pentacles (Capricorn – Mars): There is a need to give birth to a new project or idea. You want to get noticed for your efforts and you have every right to feel that way. You’ve store a lot of energy for the long journey ahead, but you’re aware that there’s still so much more to accomplish. It may get as messy as paint, but you’re worked up, ready, and focused to take it on. You know you’re on your way to great masterpiece, and putting in the work is all you can do. If you’re lacking discipline, don’t miss this opportunity to get it together. It’s not too late for that.

8 of Pentacles (Virgo – Sun): Since you’re in the moment, it’s time to put in as much focus as possible to get things going or to get things finished. Scorpios naturally have a relentless and intense type of energy to spare, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Scorpios also tend to internalize all their emotions. If you’ve been harboring negativity, perhaps it’ll be more beneficial to you if you focus your energy on something positive. Your choice. It may help you mentally, emotionally, and physically if you do.

9 of Chalices (Pisces – Jupiter): Scorpios play to win. They also get really shy when people notice and praise them. They always feel like they don’t deserve it because they tend to be harder on themselves. However, this may be a good month to let people appreciate you and celebrate any victories you have going on. Everyone needs the love and support of others, so since your circle of friends/trust is usually very small, why not bring them all together and drink up the positive energies of others. You deserve it more than you think.


Temperance: Like Sagittarius, this card represents the merging of two energies like good food and good wine. The Centaur, Sagittarians symbol, is half-horse and half-man. They can be a walking contradiction and over indulge on their desires, so there is a need to have a temperance within the mind, body, heart, and soul. Meaning, Sagittarians are go big or go home types of people, they require more efforts in self-discipline and resisting temptations.

Here are your tarot cards for the month:

10 of Chalices (Pisces – Mars): You are flourishing in love, surrounded by positivity and emotional satisfaction. Seems befitting since Sagi’s are always seeing the cup half full and rarely ever empty. Drink up the good vibes and energies from others, which won’t be too hard for a social and friendly Sagittarius. This is your month to go in and make and meet new people if you’re feeling alone. Or to even be out with friends and family who support and love you. Regardless of how you do it, don’t let this time pass you by.

The Moon (Pisces): Are we basking under the moonlight of our secret dreams and desires? Good. If not, it’s a good time to reflect and follow one’s intuition. Sagi’s are good at following a more meaningful and exciting path, so shoot those arrows into the stars and have faith that you’ll hit a once in a lifetime opportunity. While you’re at it, it won’t be a bad idea to show others some compassion and be more sensitive and open to others’ needs. You’ve got good vibes coming your way, so make sure to give it back to others.

7 of Pentacles (Taurus – Saturn): As independent as you are, this is a great card for you. Stock up on resources! Put that wallet away and save your damn money lol. Sagi’s can be highly impulsive shoppers, but now is not the time for it. You’ll have enough to reward yourself later if you’ve put in the work and earned it. In the meantime, don’t get carried away with purchases that make you happy in the now. Stick to the long-term goal, though that may be a challenge for you, and ride it out. You’ve got this. Okay, maybe like one purchase is ok. Not. Lol.


The Devil: This card depicts sin and earthly temptation. Like this card, Capricorns are aware of what the world can offer, but they can also fall victim to the sins and temptations of it. The façade that one can carry can put a lot of weight on them: If it feels good, then it must be good. If it brings happiness, then it must be happiness. This is the lessons of a Capricorn who is always wanting more and to show the world that they have earned everything they have. However, that doesn’t mean they’re all like this. Once they’ve learned the meaning of their lives, they can build a strong defensive tower that fights off all sin and temptation.

3 of Chalices (Cancer – Mercury): This card depicts joy and celebration with others, or getting in tune with others, so make connections from the heart and soak in the pleasures without falling victim. Network to progress forward, but make sure to trust your intuition and weed out people you just can’t trust, even if it’s just a “feeling”.  A lot of times Capricorns can be too logical, so they’ll wait for a person to show their true colors. This isn’t bad, but it can put you in harm’s way. Going with the flow is okay for now, if that’s what you choose to do.

5 of Chalices (Scorpio – Mars): You may be feeling a slight phase of depression, rejection, or stagnation. You’re not one to sulk so get your mind straight. It is a long journey ahead, but you’re so much better than this. Capricorns are built for tough terrain, they’re mountain climbers. As an earth sign, you tend to be harder on yourself and won’t allow others to help you. You’ll hide it from the public. It’s okay to say you need help, so confide in those that you trust and alleviate any stresses you have – even if it’s just to vent. Most likely it’s just the stress of your heels, meaning you’re just feeling overwhelmed with all the daily stresses of life and responsibilities. Release and keep pushing.

5 of Swords (Aquarius – Venus): It’s always a battle or competition to be first, especially for an ambitious Capricorn. Stay humble even if you’re victorious. There may be someone looking to take you out, or maybe it’s you that is trying to them out. As a Capricorn, you may not agree with the decisions of others at work or even at home, but it is what it is. Take it as a win or a loss, it’s really up to you and how you mentally absorb it. There’ll be another opportunity for you to either defend your title, take back your title, or win a title. For now, it’s best to stay neutral and not worry so much about others. You are the only one in control of your actions.


The Stars: Like Aquarius, this card is all about direction, guidance, and higher and revolutionary ways of thinking. Like a mother caring for her children, Aquarians treat everyone with love, care, and respect. It’s one of the main reasons why this sign is often referred to as the Humanitarian. They follow the beat of their own horn, and they are very good at following their own intuition and looking to themselves to always do the right thing for others.

King of Swords (Capricorn/Aquarius): This card is associated with Capricorn and Aquarius, so your mind may be stuck on your career and progress. This is a good thing. Staying professional isn’t difficult for an Aquarius, it goes hand in hand with respect. This month, you’ll have an easy time calling the shots and showcasing your mental strengths and skills. Just make sure you don’t accidentally step on the wrong toes due to differing viewpoints. You might not like everything another person says, so it’s best to leave it alone.

Justice (Libra): Since we’re on the topic, learn to balance your work and home life. Aquarians often push their limits and they don’t like to stop what they’re doing, especially when they’re in the heat of the moment. It’s okay to kick your heels off and just take a break. Shut your active brain off and be fair to yourself as you are with so many others. If you have a fear of not being productive or progressive enough, then you should stop being so hard on yourself. Mind over matter, right? Isn’t that what you always say? Lol. Just chill out for a few hours, nothing wrong with that.

The Empress (Venus – Earth): Continue nurturing yourself and those around you. As an Aquarius, it already comes naturally to you and it should. You have a love for humanity and want to help as many people as possible, whether it be a small or grand gesture. Your caring heart brings in a lot of good karma. So if you’re not on this level yet, don’t fret. There’s always time to change and to evolve, this is a strong trait for an Aquarius: forever evolving and forever expanding their minds. The great thing about an Aquarius is that this card helps to ground your motives, which is great because you’re a fixed sign. You move at your own speed and pace, and it’s not very often you lose sight of what you want in life. Seize it.


The Moon: Like Pisces, the moon card is full of hidden surprises and deep secrets and mystery. It is also the card and sign of sensitivity, compassion, though it holds a dark side. Pisces, the double fish, is constantly battling with their emotions. To stay afloat, they’ll need to dive deep within themselves and put in a lot of effort to get rid of negative energies and emotions that influence them. Thus, their battle in life, to fight both the good and bad within themselves. Once they choose a side, it’ll be easier for them to influence others (good or bad).

2 of Chalices (Cancer – Venus): A new partnership is developing or reigniting with a loved one. For a Pisces, it means a lot for someone to understand their emotional needs. You’ll require a lot of cooperation, but keep in mind that it still might be in the beginning stages of this energy. Wait for more time to pass to see how long the good times last, but also don’t self-sabotage this partnership by dwelling on worst case scenarios. Take in the good energy vibes of this card and go with the flow, something you can be very good at when you’re in a relaxed state.

Aces of Pentacles (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn): Are we building for a better and more stable future yet? You should be, this month you’ll have the opportunities and the resources to make it happen, especially in the career sector. Duty is calling you to come forth, so answer it. Put your energy to good use, make decisive moves, and stick to the path ahead. You don’t have time to waste in the water, time to put those fins to work.

Queen of Chalices (Gemini/Cancer): Have some faith in yourself. Often, Pisceans can have a lot of low and trying times. They can go back and forth with their emotions, unsure of how to approach a situation and mostly unsure of themselves. Those insecurities can have them lingering in their own misery, but don’t despair. This card is calling you and telling you to rely on your strong intuition and to receive love and support from friends, family, or a partner. This card also associates with Gemini and Cancer, meaning you’ll need both mind and heart to push yourself forward. Stay strong, stay vibrant, and drink for the fountain of positivity and clear out any negative energies holding you back from being the Queen that you truly are.

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