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Wtf does Saturn in Capricorn mean?

Capricorn Saturn by Joan Zodianz

Saturn in Capricorn 2017 – 2020

Saturn is in Capricorn from December 2017 to March 2020, falls into Aquarius from March 2020 to July 2020, then back into Capricorn from July 2020 to December 2020.

So wtf does this mean? Let me break it down like a break dancer, lol.

I usually write things and believe that nobody reads it, so I’ll write it how I talk because guess what? Mercury is in Sagittarius and idgaf, lol. I kid.

What does Saturn mean in Astrology?

Well if you checked out my planetary cheat sheet, you would know that Saturn is a power house and it influences our discipline, responsibilities and limitations. It often goes hand in hand with our career and personal success. It gives us insight into our personal boundaries, but it also can show us our maturity levels and how fast or slow we excel in life during that time.

...Saturn is a power house and it influences our discipline, responsibilities and limitations.

Depending on what your planets and signs are in your chart (generate a free chart if you don’t know), it could spell disaster or elevate you in your life journey.

Capricorn Saturn Means...

Saturn left philosophical Sagittarius, which for some it meant impulsive expansion of higher thought and action. But it was also an irresponsible and reckless time for others. Sagittarius is a dual sign of the infamous archer centaur, so while some were gathering arrows and making sure to shoot with precision, others were gathering whatever arrows they could and throwing them blind.

To me, it was the creation of ideas and aggressively going after what you were truly passionate about. It was also the time of making multiple decisions and finding the truth (or truth revealing itself) for any and every situation. Almost as if it was the time to discover a deeper meaning of our lives. So wth does Capricorn in Saturn means?

Saturn naturally rules over Capricorn, which is befitting for this sign. The planet of responsibility and discipline matched with the sign who is the master of both traits. Together they create higher focus, direction, and ambition – especially in our careers and in our personal lives with our family. Capricorn is a natural provider, family oriented, and dedicated sign that thinks only of progression and future wealth and success.

The planet of responsibility and discipline matched with the sign who is the master of both traits.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. This is also a sign that wants to have something to show. Meaning, this sign loves status and material wealth. They want the house, the car, the white picket fence, and will climb up their mountain of dreams to find their heaven. This is a hardworking sign that will remove emotions to make hard choices that benefit their future. Call it what you will, materialistic, snobby, or just resourceful, but remember their motto is, “I use.”

This sign is highly realistic. Emotions are for private time, but can be removed when it comes to business/work/education. Even when this sign is at their worst, they always manage to put their feelings aside to get shit done. This is also a traditional sign that believes in being reserved, respectful, and altogether elegant and classy in mind, heart and soul.

So what does it mean for my sign?

Aries (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

As a fellow cardinal sign, Aries is naturally eager to propel themselves in this world. With Capricorn in Saturn, this can present a difficult challenge. However, Arians are not one to back down from any. You will find yourself competing with yourself, ensuring that everything you do will get you one step ahead of everyone else. This is a time that will aggravate you, but ultimately the rewards will be well-deserved.

Taurus (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

As a fellow earth sign, Taurus will vibe out under the Capricorn Saturn. Meaning, you will be in your damn element. It’s time to use this time to plant your seeds (if you haven’t already) and water the roots. It’s also a time to get back to basics and to nurture your own needs and desires. You will find yourself wanting to settle down, to accumulate as much as you can (material wealth), even start a family.

Gemini (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

This is a time where you meet your maker, lol. I kid. Under Capricorn Saturn, you will find it challenging to stick to routine, but you’ll be forced to do it. It’s like a kid rebelling against their parent. You know there’s a good reason for the lectures, but you can’t seem to justify why someone wants to control you. This is a good time to structure yourself and to focus on future benefits instead of instant gratification.

Cancer (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

As a fellow cardinal sign, you will find yourself more grounded under the Capricorn Saturn. You’ll focus more tradition, maturity, and family. This will be a time where providing and excelling in your personal life/career is important to you. Water and earth is a beautiful combination for success, so start jotting down all your goals. Financial stability is also obtainable during this time, so get your priorities straight.

Leo (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

Under Capricorn Saturn, Leos will find themselves both empowered and irritated by progress. It’ll be filled with exciting challenges, but it’s also not fast enough for them. As now type of people, they will expect the world on a silver platter. Slow your horses, better yet retract your claws. Patience is needed. This new aggression is a good time to attack and devour all your needs and desires. Get hunting.

Virgo (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

As a fellow earth sign, this will be a productive time for you. You’re rolling around in your element, so use it to your advantage. During this time, you’ll be more ambitious, motivated, and focused on career and family. Your attention to detail is also hitting an all-time high. Everything will be critiqued and reorganized to fit your ideal life – the perfect life, lol. Finding and fixing errors never felt easier.

Libra (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

As a fellow cardinal sign, you’ll welcome Capricorn Saturn with open arms. You’ll find yourself climbing higher in life, but you won’t let it control your pace. You’ll become more resourceful and grab opportunities left and right. Even when you’re feeling lazy, you’ll find your mind working overtime. However, you’re also going into a more controlling, materialistic, even superficial side of yourself.

Scorpio (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

Capricorn Saturn will do wonders for your sign. It’s the time to dig deeper and find the meaning of all that you do. You’ll be thinking of ways to expand, and this is a time where you’ll make decisions that benefit not just yourself, but your family as well. Possession will be at an all-time high. This can pertain to possessing people, achievements, or just accumulating things with more depth and meaning.

Sagittarius (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

Modern meets tradition when Sagittarius and Capricorn have a meetup. Both usually choose to go their separate ways. However, in this instance, Sagittarius will benefit more from Capricorn so it’s time to accept and adopt a different perspective altogether. Independence is more obtainable if you follow the rules and discipline your passions. Routine is boring for this sign, but adapting will help you survive.

Capricorn (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

It’s your time to shine bright like a diamond. Seriously, this is the time for accelerated success, but you’ll also experience the most pressure. Like a prince/princess stepping up to be king/queen, everyone will be looking at you for guidance. This is also a time where going back to basics and tradition is a requirement. You’ll be focused on family, finances, and independence. All three will compete to be your number one priority.

Aquarius (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

Capricorn Saturn will have you questioning your entire existence, lol. This is a time where you’ll follow more tradition, wanting and yearning to have something to call your own. You won’t understand why, even try to fight it, but you’ll want to accumulate things that give you or symbolize independence. You’re also going to question your career choices, swaying back and forth between passion or money.

Pisces (Sun, Saturn, or Rising Sign)

Capricorn Saturn will be kind to you, giving you structure, stability and dreams of the future. You’ll find yourself wanting to settle, give back to the community, and to reach higher in your career. Swimming up will be easier for you, but the dive down will be harder to accept. You’ll experience both. Like the little mermaid, you’re going to trade your flippers for legs, becoming more realistic and grounded in love and life.

Saturn Tarot Cards

Capricorn Saturn by Joan Zodianz

The Devil is associated with Capricorn, next to it sits The World, which is associated with Saturn. Three cards sit above, on top, and below. These symbol mind, heart and soul: Queen of Chalices (Gemini/Cancer), 7 of Wands (Leo), and 10 of Swords (Gemini).

In our minds (Queen of Chalices), we will be focused on progression, innovation, and more depth in our lives. We will nurture our inner desires considering both mind and heart, which will be at odds with one another. Most of us will feel more in control than others, but the decision lies in the future and not in the present – so seek what really matters to you. Do you want to focus on logic or passion? The Queen is a complex individual whose hands seek truth in both thought and feeling. This will be your challenge during Capricorn Saturn.

In our hearts sit the 7 of Wands (Leo). We will be challenged, provoked and not everyone will overcome the fight ahead. Under the heat of our own passions, we may fail to control our emotions and be defeated by it. It is strongly advised and encouraged to prepare yourself, taking appropriate steps to educate oneself before taking on any new responsibilities/projects/careers.

In our souls sit the 10 of Swords (Gemini). Though this is the card of ruin and destruction, it also symbolizes a defeat or death in an old habit or lifestyle that is or has taken too much focus in your life. It’s time to get rid of ideas that no longer work or benefit you. It also means, letting go of something you invested so much time in and we all know letting go is hard to do. If your thoughts don’t kill you first, you’ll find yourself stronger than ever. You must make the choice to sever the negativity before it infects your life any further.

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