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Who is an Earth Guide?

An Earth Guide is a spiritual practitioner that fully embraces their spiritual gifts and are helping to empower, enlighten and educate people who seek it.

The Earth Guide Opportunity

A wise person once told me, “When you work for an employer, they tell you how much you’re worth.  When you work for yourself, you tell yourself how much you’re worth.”
- Joan Zodianz

To start and own a business is challenging, one must apply a lot of energy and knowledge into operational work to make it run like a well-oiled machine.  It’s not as easy or glamorous as others make it seem. In fact, most people fail because they do not understand this.

In the spiritual industry: there are so many hats you wear to build a sustainable business, and then you have to add the energy you need to maintain your light and to provide spiritual guidance.  So, instead of focusing on the tedious, you as a healer should be focusing on building clientele and recharging your energy. 

We are now offering others the opportunity to get on this well-oiled machine with us.  Under Zodianz, you will have a company that will be your tech support, client support, part-time accountant, marketing strategist, as well as business and entrepreneur mentors. 

You have the opportunity to build your network without exhausting your energy on time consuming operations. The only thing you have to worry about are sales, marketing, personal taxes and recharging your energy. 

What makes this opportunity different?

There are limited spots unlike psychic hotlines that are open to everyone.  There are only 10 available spots on our team.  

The company does not take a percentage of your sales. You keep what you make minus any PayPal fees and the monthly automated subscription fee. 

Everything you pay is an investment towards your business and a write-off for annual taxes. You will be an independent contractor, 1099. Meaning, you are considered your own business and are therefore in charge of your personal taxes, schedule and prices for all online healing services offered through Zodianz LLC. 

The cost to do business and invest in your small business with Zodianz is $333/monthly + any PayPal fees.  All expenses are considered tax write offs, which you will need for annual taxes.

Why do I have pay PayPal fees?

Due to PayPal fees, Zodianz LLC. is required to obtain PayPal fees from every session, as they will vary depending on how much you want to charge a client.  PayPal transaction fees are higher than the house fees (2.9% + .30). 

For more information on PayPal fees, click here:

What you invest in...


Business and Entrepreneur Mentorship with Joan Zodianz and Coco Alexa.

Booking Page

Your own booking/sales page on

Online Support

Client and tech support for your booking page, plus monthly maintenance and secure payment handling, including PayPal.


One on one help with marketing, branding and business strategies.


Monthly financial sheets and direct deposits with Quickbooks.


1099 self-employed: your work on your time, all expenses are write-offs and can be applied towards your annual taxes.

Private Staff Page

Access to staff page: manage your own schedule, and change your services and prices.

Empowerment Meetings

Monthly empowerment meetings with founder, CEO and/or team meetings, so you never feel alone.

Online Workshops

Be a part of any paid online workshops.  We can help you set it up, and you can go solo or with the team.

Average Cost Statistics

This chart provides you with average hiring prices and average prices to build an E-commerce business under the same qualifications listed above versus the cost to do business with Zodianz.

Your Investments for E-Commerce

(varies per month, annually, or project)

This is an estimated amount of what you'd pay on your own.

Graphic/Web Design E-commerce: $1,000+ one time

Tech Support/Web Maintenance: $250+ monthly

Client Support (optional): $250+ monthly

Accountant (optional): $500+ monthly

Web Content Writer: $100+ varies per project

Marketing Strategist: $800+ hourly

Business Strategist/Analyst/Coaching: $800+ Hourly

E-Commerce web hosting, utilities, security: $1,500+ annual

Accounting Software: $756+ Annual

Zodianz Earth Guide Investment

$333+ PayPal Fees

This is the amount you would pay under Zodianz.

Graphic/Web Design E-commerce: included

Tech Support/Web Maintenance: included

Client Support: included

Accountant: included

Web Content Writer: Included

Marketing Strategist: included

Business Strategist/Analyst/Coaching: included

E-Commerce web hosting, utilities, security: included

Accounting Software: Included

zodianz earth guide

About Zodianz

We are a woman owned business, and we welcome all minority groups to apply including POC and LGBTQ.  Our missions is to empower, enlighten, and educate those who need spiritual guidance and healing.

Zodianz has been in business since April 15, 2016

Total website traffic = est. 300k+ annually

Total social pages total followers = est. 116k

Earth Guides make up to $2k+/monthly (depends on you)

You can cancel your contract/subscription anytime.

We do not guarantee leads, this is a commission based opportunity. 





Joan Zodianz is a psychic medium with over 17 years of developed divination gifts in tarot reading and astrology.  She created Zodianz after establishing a successful career in marketing, design and PR management.  She teaches marketing and business practices, as well as divination such as tarot and astrology.




Coco Alexa is an intuitive spiritual healer who connects with Spirit, ancestors and loved ones through tarot and hoodoo.  She has embarked on her spiritual journey for over 15 years, and has thrived in multiple entrepreneurial endeavors.  She teaches entrepreneurship, self-worth, and tarot.

Applications for potential Earth Guides

We are not looking for people who only serve their own good.  We are genuinely looking for people that have a good heart, people that just need a push in the right direction, and people that just need the chance to show the world their beautiful gifts.

     Accepting applications from:

  1. Tarot and Oracle Readers
  2. Animal Mediums
  3. Energy Workers and Meditation Guides
  4. Mediums, Psychics and/or Psychic Mediums
  5. Spiritual Counselors, Life Coaches
  6. Astrologers and Numerologists

     What you need to have:

  1. Spiritual practitioners that are genuinely gifted and want to help others
  2. Serious spiritual practitioners that want to evolve and expand their online business
  3. Spiritual practitioners that need help with online operations
  4. Spiritual practitioners that need business mentors
  5. Spiritual practitioners that have 1 year professional experience
  6. Spiritual practitioners with a starting client base for maximum success
  7. Individuals who are motivated, driven and professional

Earth Guide Application

We will contact you if we are interested in taking it further. Requests may take up to 2 weeks for a response. Thank you for understanding 🙂
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