Quality: Cardinal
Element: Fire
Symbol: Ram
Planet: Mars
Motto: "I Am"

Aries Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Aries is a fiery, aggressive, playful, and straight-up fearless sign. Their symbol is the Ram, so you can bet your ass they’ll ram you out of the way if you get in the way. They are natural born leaders and innovators. They take initiative when courage calls for it and they're full of vitality, positivity, and high energy.  They know who they are and they are the type of people who take charge and act on their desires and passions. They are not the type to ask permission in order to live their dreams, they have natural confidence and possess the talent, stamina, and skill to overcome any obstacle.

On the deep end, they can be impatient, impulsive, and even a little spoiled (okay a lot lol). But for the most part, this is one sign that lives to create positive energy: in themselves and in others. They seize life by the neck and encourage others to do the same. Don't mistaken their good intentions as weakness. They are playful, jovial, and a kid at heart, but they embrace their warrior-like spirit as well. Don’t provoke it to come out. Like wild fire, they’ll burn you alive. However, they are not the type to bully others, and it’s common for them to stand up for people and lend them their inner strengths. Watch the leader come out, especially when it comes to standing up for their very strong beliefs and values.

This sign is one friend you can count on to have your back always. They’re very loyal, but you’re going to have to put up with their sporadic and even sometimes controlling nature (though this can be rare). As mentioned earlier, it's just natural for them to take the lead and gain control over any situation. They live life in the fast lane, especially in their younger years. They don’t like wasting time and aren’t keen to slowing down for others. To them, if you can’t keep up, then you're too weak - for this, they'll teach you how to be stronger. They have the mentality of not leaving their comrades (friends and family) behind. However, remember this: they would rather teach you how to fish and not catch fish for you for too long.

Their motto is “I am.” They tell you who they are, not the other way around. They’ll also tell you what they want, who they want, where they’re going, where you’re going, and who you want lol I kid. Seriously though, as the first zodiac sign of the astrological calendar they step into the role of first born and they are prone to wanting to be first in anything they do. I have a friend that I've known since we were teenagers and she is so competitive, but in a friendly way. For the most part, they enjoy life and are lighthearted, funny, and free-spirited. They've got the heart of a warrior, are true friends from the start, and won't back down from any challenge. This is the awesome spirit of an Aries. One that can only be admired.


When you date an Aries, you will find their company refreshing, wild, and highly passionate. Well, that’s if you’re into that. They can be quite shy if they like you, at first, but eventually they’ll take initiative and approach you – not wanting to waste any more time. This might not be for everyone, but like I said earlier, they seize life by the neck. They can do this for you too if you asked lol.

They have a knack for making others smile, always providing positive energy their way. It’s always fun with this sign, just make sure you don’t cross the line too soon. As aggressive as this sign is, they are also very picky about who they want to date. They need someone who can handle their fiery spirit, someone who will calm them when they’re angry, someone who will play with them, fight beside them, and overall love them with passion and affection matching their own.

They require a lot of excitement, so will grow bored quickly. They need a lot of physical stimulation, so the more dates you go on the better. This is also the type of sign that doesn’t mind splitting the bill. This is, after all, a very independent sign. But if you want to spoil them, then they won’t say no – not ever. They’ll give as much appreciation as you give them, which brings me to the next section: love.

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How do I know if they love me?

You’ll know if an Aries loves you if they just can’t stand to be without your company. Plus, they’ll tell you. They don’t hide shit lol. They’re an aggressive lover, so they’ll want to give you all their attention and want the same in return. They’ll consume you with passionate fire and pray you don’t burn out lol. They’re highly generous, so they’ll constantly give you gifts that’ll fulfill your deepest desires and dreams. They’re highly romantic and provide that innocent, teenager-like love. It’s like a roller coaster ride you won’t want to stop riding.

They'll revolve their world around you, planning their entire future with you, and every day will be brand new. Sure, there’ll be slow times when they’re regenerating their energy, but this is one sign that wants to constantly try new things. If they can’t afford to do it, they’ll problem solve and figure out something that will keep the flames of love burning. They’re a tiger in the bedroom.

But beware. This is a fire sign. A wild card.

It’s also very common for them to fight for your love, no matter what, no matter who. They can be very overprotective and sharing you is a never. Nobody will touch you, love you, or even look at you the way that they do. At least in their head. Might be a little paranoid, some say controlling lol.

Once they get their emotions involved, it can be very difficult for them to control it. They’ll love you fiercely, but at the same time they can be very sensitive. With their emotion’s high, they’re prone to yelling and throwing tantrums just as fiercely as they love you. It’s also not uncommon for this sign to become violent if you fail to understand their point of view. When they’re in the heat of the moment, they’ll see red.

But just as easy as it to make them angry, it’s just as easy to make up with them and get them happy again. They can’t hold a grudge for very long. It’s a waste of energy for them. However, if you keep provoking them into violence or jealousy, then you’ll get to the next section.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

Simple: they’ll throw you the fuck out. Like I said, they don’t like to waste any time. They’ll ram you out the door if you’re in the way. If you’re a stubborn individual, they’ll replace you. If that’s not a big enough hint, then I don’t know what to tell you. Once their love for you is spent, they can be very self-centered and that fiery spirit will turn against you. They won’t care about how you feel, especially if you’re the one that messed up.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with an Aries if you want pure passionate excitement on a regular basis; if you want a teenager-like romance; if you want someone that’ll do the most for you, fight for you, love you fiercely, and play with you constantly (in a good way). If you’re the type who can keep up and won’t burn out too soon, then embrace their flames like a dragon.

Be ready to fight, but at the same time ready to calm their spirit when they lose control. If your spirit is stronger and calmer, then you might just be their perfect match.


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