June 21 – July 22

Quality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Symbol: Crab
Planet: Moon
Motto: “I feel”

Cancer Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Cancer is the 4th zodiac sign of the astrological calendar. They are undoubtedly the zodiac sign with the most heart: heart throb, heartfelt, and even heartache. They feel everything because they are one with their inner senses, but they can also withhold a lot of those feelings back and submerge themselves in total emotional darkness. They aren’t ones to be completely vulnerable, in fact they love to be the stronghold for their loved ones. If they need to lend their inner strengths, they’ll do it and they’ll do it with precision. They aren’t called The Crab for nothing.

They’ll find ways to show their appreciation and family is number one for this sign. But don’t mistaken it as only blood related. They consider only loyal people as their kin, meaning you aren’t going around telling their business or judging their business. They need to know that they are “one” with you. And if you happen to mess up that relationship, then don’t be too prideful to say you’re sorry. As much as they share their emotions, they too want to see it in others. It lets them know that you guys can be truly open with one another.

And their hearts spill into everything that they do. They must “feel” a certain way in order to do something. They won’t half ass anything. As a cardinal sign, this just goes against their entire belief system. They live to provide with full hearts in mind. It’s primarily the reason why you’ll find many of them dealing in arts: music, painting, drawing, writing, etc. Also, they use these methods as a way to not only express their own emotions but to bring others’ emotions out. They’re masters at that.

When they don’t invest their heart well, they will find themselves on the depressive side of the Moon – their ruling planet. Like the Moon, they have two sides of themselves. They love to show their loving, caring, and nurturing side to people; but they also can recede into the dark side of the Moon, diving deep into their inner thoughts and emotions. It’s a place that no one truly understands unless you are a Cancer, or if you have a Cancer Moon.

As the Crab, they harden themselves most times. They don’t easily allow people in without knowing your intentions first. As a water sign, it can be tough to crack their shell. But once you do, you’ll be invited into paradise. Their motto is, “I feel,” so be prepared to know what emotions are really like – good or bad lol. And don’t sit there and lie either, you guys (Cancers) know what I’m talking about lol. Moody af, this sign can go 0-100 in a few seconds. Don’t test it. They can whip out their claws and hammer down on you. And they might even feel bad and cry right after.

You ready to take them on? Keep reading.


If you’re dating a Cancer, keep in mind that their emotions are NOT to be played with. They are very observant, so be careful with what you say and what you do – they’ll read into it. They also have high intuition, so they’ll know if something’s just not right. How they reciprocate is another dilemma. They can be really cold if they can’t trust you. They don’t even have to be nice about it. They don’t waste the energies of their heart on nobody, so just make sure you’re in it for the right reasons – or else you’ll get cut off from the meatiest part of this Crab.

So if you’re still in the beginning stages of getting to know them, chances are they really like you if they’re getting romantic. This sign is the epitome of romance. They know exactly what to say, how to touch you, and how to get to your heart the best. You may find yourself soaring on cloud 9 if you let yourself succumb to their charms, which isn’t bad if you’re looking for a storybook romance. When you’re dating this sign, always make sure that you go at a steady pace. If you go too fast then you’ll scare them, and they’ll think you harbor ulterior motives. If you move too slow then you’re not into them. Just go with the flow – their flow.

Not sure if they want to date you? When they are interested in someone, this sign will definitely let you know. They can be very shy at first, but they like to take things slow – especially if they REALLY like someone. Keep in mind, this is a Cardinal sign, meaning they don’t give up easily. If they really, REALLY like you, then they just have to have you. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of their attachments and clinginess, but that’s usually for when they are already in love with you. Which brings me to the next section.

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How do I know if they love me?

Oh, believe me, you will know. All those emotions they’ve been holding back will come out tenfold. They want to dive deep with their lover, so they’ll indulge all your senses: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. They’ll give up everything for their loved one, wanting to willingly show how much they care for you. Material things just seem to fade away, but don’t get me wrong, they have full understanding that money is the number one reason why you can continue loving each other. As in, you need it to have a home and you need it to build a family. It’s a progression for them, and not so much as their number one priority. Love gives them reason to keep going. It can be even be for self-love if they don’t have anybody to share it with. It’s for the “someday” my dreams will come true – like Cinderella lol.

Also, carry some buckets because this sign will make you cry and for good reasons: happiness and laughter. Or, unfortunately for some, not so good reasons. There are times they withhold all their negative feelings that they cave in and unleash it all at once, which can be unbelievably overwhelming to others. It’s like a tidal wave crushing everything that stands it its way. So just get those buckets or make a boat… a navy boat lol.

They’re known for harboring their negative emotions, so they’ll walk off and hide in their shell for a while. Don’t pry unless it’s absolutely necessary. They’ll come out when they’ve cooled down. And when they do, don’t push them away. Open up and share your inner emotions with one another. Nine times of ten, they’re just looking to connect. This is one zodiac sign that requires emotional security, so give it to them if you love them – it’s the least you can do.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

If they stop loving you, they’ll crush you – the end lol. Just kidding, well unless you’re the one who messed up. If you messed up then you’ll find yourself under attack permanently. If they don’t trust someone, you’ll be sure to receive daily reminders of why you hurt them. If you’re not being understanding to their emotions, then you might even get run up on lol. Be true to your word and be true to your heart. Now as far as letting you go, well… once they love someone it can be very difficult for this sign to say no. That’s why it’s sad to see so many get take advantage of. They have so much heart to give, so if you are playing with them, all I have to say is STOP and let them go so they can heal.

Now if they’re the ones who messed up, and they still love you, then get ready to defend yourself. As much as they are the Crab, you have to be too. Take a lesson from this sign, harden your heart and get ready for a wave of pleading, begging, and not wanting to detach themselves from you. Beating them off won’t do any good, just give it time and let them vent it out. Eventually, they’ll understand that you’re not going to cave in and then they’ll be whisked away by the ocean lol.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with a Cancer if you want a storybook romance, a future family, can put up with mood swings and want to be truly loved and appreciated. If you know how to make them laugh, want to laugh with someone, and want to be in tune with someone on a more mental, emotional, and spiritual type of way then date away.


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