May 21 – June 20

Quality: Mutable
Element: Air
Symbol: The Twins
Planet: Mercury
Motto: “I Think”

Gemini Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. They are witty, playful, sweet, sour, genius and insane individuals who like to solve complex issues. There are two of them (twins): one good and one bad. The good one is a positive intellectual thinker, whereas the bad one is mischievous and gossipy. Both are prone to high energies of the mind, meaning this sign is an overthinker to the extreme! This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you want to look at it.

Gemini’s are ruled by the planet Mercury (communication and intellect). They love to talk and debate, are deep and heavy thinkers, and you can even find them thinking out loud for everyone to hear. They are curious by nature, wanting to know how other people mentally operate and how they’ll respond. It’s not uncommon for this sign to ask outright embarrassing questions just to see if you’ll answer it, then observe your body signals. I swear they are born psychiatrists! Lol. If the bad twin pops up, you can bet those mental tendencies will turn evil. They are good at twisting things and very quickly. It’s as if they have an answer for everything and anything, again this can be a good or bad thing.

This sign is the type that wants to be free mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Like air, they don’t want to be suffocated or controlled. They do as they please when they please. However, unlike their air siblings (Libra and Aquarius), they are emotionally complex and require a lot of internal maintenance from their partners. Meaning, they need a lot of reassurance because they are prone to being really hard on themselves mentally and openly so. This is why you’ll find a lot of them constantly on the move, trying to rid themselves of negativity and wanting to fill the void with lots of fun social activities. Which brings me to the next part.

Gemini’s love to be social. They might not like every interaction they have, but that goes for everyone. However, this is a mutable sign and they are much more adept at getting social interactions right. They love to have friends, but they have a very small circle of close friends they cling to – the ones that accept both twins. This sign requires a lot of mental stimulation, they’ll always think of ways to keep their brain moving. They hate mental boredom. It does absolutely nothing for them. And on top of that, they hate ideas that aren’t progressive or creative. They don’t care if it’s unrealistic. If it’s weird and original, they’ll accept it. They’re the masters of open-minded thinking and rightfully so.

Their motto is, “I think.” And I think I’ve already covered why they think so damn much lol. This sign will outthink and outwit you; and if they’re unable to do that, then they’ll confuse the hell out of you to keep you off their tracks.

So you ready to take on the twins?


When you date a Gemini, get ready for a tornado of fun and laughter. They are exciting to be with and they are funny AF. They like to enjoy life and take soak in life like the passing of clouds – casual and light hearted. They experience high energies, and their moods are either up or down or sideways lol. They’ve got the sideways look down. They are the type to be rather unpredictable and like to keep people on their toes, so just make sure you’re prepared to deal with that. Fortunately, majority of the time they are in a very positive and friendly mood.

This sign is also very good with their words and are prone to telling people what they think they want to hear or what they need to hear (depending on which twin chooses to talk to you lol). Make sure you hear the real message behind their words. If you’re smart enough to catch it or even offer ideas that they didn’t think of first, then you’ll earn points for being so damn intelligent. Lucky you.

When they are interested in someone, Gemini’s will find creative ways to show it. They can be rather shy, so don’t expect an explosion of romance. They’re more of the type to befriend you first then move in when the time is right. It’ll come out of nowhere. For example, I met a Gemini in college. He sent me anonymous notes on my car and his words were very sweet. It was weird because it wasn’t signed, but I won’t lie and say it didn’t impress me. They’re amazing at doing things to make sure you remember them and keep them in your thoughts.

When you go on dates, they’ll do their best to impress you intellectually but also apply their high energies in making sure you’re having the best time of your life. It’s definitely fun to date a Gemini no matter what sign you are.

So how do you know if they’re serious? Move to the next section.

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How do I know if they love me?

It may take a while to know if a Gemini loves you; but even if they say it, they still might not be 100% sure. Their minds are always playing tricks on them, and they think way too much for their own good. They are usually very distant with their emotions and being vulnerable is very difficult for them, but when they’re in love they won’t hold it back. They’ll pour it on you like hail. Take it or leave it.

And this is when it can start to get really complicated. Once they put themselves out there, there’s no going back. It’ll be full force and if you love them, you’ll adapt to it. It’s not to say that they are overbearing, no. It’s to say that they will love you unconditionally and will expect the same in return. Whatever weather they’re in, they’ll test it to see if you’ll still be there.

You’ll have to be adaptable, flexible, and accepting. In return, you will have a partner dedicated to pleasing you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They are very loyal to their loved ones. They’ll offer you space if they can trust you, though they might wonder what’s taking you so damn long at the store. It won’t necessarily get rid of the thoughts in their heads, but at least you’ll know that they are constantly thinking of just you.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

This really just depends on which twin is more upset. First thing to ask is what the hell did you do? Second thing to ask yourself, what did they do? It will be hard to break up with this sign because there will be a constant back and forth of ideas. Can it work? Can it be fixed? Should we break up? I think I’ll break up with her/him. No, I can’t. And on and on and on.

However, when they are finally over and done with someone, they’ll slowly erase everything about you in their mind until the memory of you is destroyed.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with a Gemini if like being with an exciting, creative, and playful partner. Also, be with this sign if you are the type who doesn’t mind going with the flow, likes spontaneity, is flexible and adaptable, and someone who doesn’t want the fun times to ever end.

If you’re the type to hold their love down, offer consistent reassurance and stability (something a Gemini needs often) then by all means, keep your Gemini lover and make sure to provide constant mental stimulation. It’ll keep the air of love alive for both of you.


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