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July 23 – August 22

Quality: Fixed
Element: Fire
Symbol: Lion
Planet: Sun
Motto: “I Will”

Leo Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac and one ruled by the Sun, and rightfully so. This sign shines bright and builds itself on pride and confidence. They strut around with their heads held high with what seems like rays of sunlight projecting from their essence/aura. It’s easy to bask in the warmth of their company, they love to make others feel good about themselves and are natural at empowering others and lending their confidence. As the Lion of the zodiac, they prowl their territory with the means to protect it at whatever cost. This can be their home, their career, their family, and their loved ones. Some call it possessive, I call it dominance and control (territorial). But that is only a small part of their personality. They have so much more to offer others.

Their motto is, “I will.” They do as they will because they understand that life is short, so in the meantime they will strut the catwalk like a model and drink in all they can – all of life’s luxuries (big or small). It’s not uncommon for this sign to want more than they can chew, but nine times out of ten they get what they want. Why? Because they are stubborn and determined individuals. If they want something nothing can or will stop them. Their dreams are as big as the Sun itself, so go ahead and try stopping the sun from shining – I’ll wait lol.

As a fixed fire sign, Leos are all about following their deepest desires and unleashing their passions out into the world. They are known as attention lovers, but they don’t ask for it – they just accept that at your best people will love you for it. Do you see where I’m getting at? There are a lot of Leos in the entertainment industry and there’s a reason for it: they exude skill and are unafraid of the spotlight. They hunt down their dreams and kill it in whatever they do (in a good way). They can be bigtime divas if they don’t get their way, but what Queen/King doesn’t want recognition for all of their efforts – plus whatever perks they can get is good for anybody? Remember, Leos are also highly private people – meaning they know what to show people for entertainment value and what to hide away for people who actually know them. This doesn’t mean they’re fake, just means they separate work and pleasure.

This sign doesn’t just love to receive, they are also highly generous and will love just as fiercely as you love them. They will either claw into your hearts or rip it out lol – just depends how much you love them, really.

You ready to take the heat of the Sun? Keep reading.


If you’re dating a Leo, chances are you want the Sun all to yourself. Understand this, the Sun cannot be controlled and neither will a Leo. They’ll play it coy at first, just to see what you’re all about, but don’t try to pull any dominance here – they won’t allow you to continue if you do. This sign is naturally independent and dominant, so just go with whatever they want during this phase. They won’t go around stomping on your needs, but they will let it be known what they like and what they don’t like. They’re very vocal, but during this phase they’ll put out little by little to see how strong you are: mentally and emotionally.

They want to see your best foot forward, so make sure you dress up for dates and always make sure you smell good. Like a Lion out in the wild, they need their senses to fulfill their hungry desires – this includes the sense of smell. They want to make sure you can take care of yourself, so it’s okay to tell them what you do and how you do it. Just don’t go on a bragging session, keep everything in good taste. They might even have a mental list to checkoff as they get to know you, but just know they don’t like to waste time on people. If they see potential in your romance, then they’ll stick around.

During your dates, you’ll find that they like the finer things in life. If they don’t have the funds to do it, then they’ll get creative and do something special for you – this is only reserved for the people they really like. If they just want to get in your pants then they won’t bother wasting a dime. Time and money is very precious to this sign, they waste it for nobody.

Should you for any reason want to stop dating them, then just do the right thing and tell them in person! If there’s anything they hate the most it’s weakness. Meaning, they’ll think you’re too weak to tell them face to face, and for this they’ll berate you for it. This sign can hold a grudge, though they won’t think about you every day. They’ll just never forget it and leave you in the “weak people” category for the rest of your life until you prove yourself worthy.

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How do I know if they love me?

Oh … Leos love to love. They are highly affectionate lovers, so if they can’t seem to get their hands off you then you know you’re the one. As a fire sign, they are passionate and physical. They want to show and tell. They’re also very generous when it comes to their love, so if they’re buying things for you then consider yourself lucky. It’s hard to rip even a penny from them lol. They’ll shower you with endless love and appreciation in public and in private. They want everyone to know you are loved and you love them. They won’t go on tangents and brag about it, but they do want to mark their territory. Just let it happen lol. Also, this is a fixed sign so respect their privacy.

As much as this sign loves recognition, they also don’t want everyone to know EVERYTHING they do. They can’t reveal it all unless it’s beneficial to them in some way. Like an entertainer, one face is for show and the other is for home – the one that loves you and the one you love. Sure, praise them for their show skills but also love them for when they’re in pajamas – cooking, cleaning, and taking care of your like you’re their entire world. Just don’t forget their needs too. As much as they’ll bend over backwards for you, they want to make sure you’ll do the same.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

You must not be meeting their needs if this happens. As mentioned earlier, if you don’t give as much as they give then you’ll find yourself in a world of pain. If you messed this up, expect an all-out fight. But don’t worry, Leos are quick to make any final decisions. Once their mind is made up, they just won’t waste any time. However, they are also known to get fired up for selfish reason only to be quelled by reason and logic (could be you).

However, if they feel that you’re not catering to them, they won’t allow it to continue. They’ll give you fair warning, but should you find yourself ignoring them then best of luck to all of the things you own lol. You’ll find them out on the street – the castle is theirs if it’s in their name.

If they’re the ones who messed up, then expect roundabout excuses. They don’t like to think that they are the problem. They’ll try to justify everything and anything, making sure that you don’t make them feel any less of their egotistical self. They might cave in and say they’re wrong and apologize, but don’t expect them to get down on their knees for you. In their mind, begging is reserved for peasants.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with a Leo if you don’t mind revolving around the Sun, want high affection and praise, want to give high affection and praise, want to be with someone who exudes confidence, and doesn’t mind giving up the spotlight in public. If you are strong enough to be with a Leo, meaning you are independent and won’t get intimidated by someone else’s strengths, then by all means be with this sign.

Leo by Joan Zodianz

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