September 23 – October 22

Quality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Symbol: Scales
Planet: Venus
Motto: “I Balance”

Libra Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Libras are the tightrope walkers of the zodiac. That’s what I like to call them, lol. They are known for balancing all aspects of their life, thus the reason they are the Scales. Most times they do this effortlessly, other times they just can’t seem to decide what to do – they’re known to be highly indecisive. They’re also commonly referred to as the sign of love, and rightfully so. They have a love for life and positivity, thus attracting so many people to their blissful and harmonious aura. They are exhilarating, charming, intellectual, friendly, and just outright smooth – a smooth operator, lol.

This sign often stands on the side of justice, and they’re prone to fighting and advocating for the rights of others. They find injustice highly distasteful and abhor any type of negativity. They would prefer that everyone keep an open and fair mindset, but alas the world is not as perfect (something we all know very well). If they aren’t the advocate type, then they are on the side of rebellion – though usually still fighting for a rightful cause. Meaning, they may take non-traditional, even violent, ways to fight for what they believe is right. Keep in mind, a Libra is a cardinal sign – they are natural leaders in their approach. They are best suited for influencing the masses, something they happen to be very good at if they ever get the chance.

If they aren’t on the front-lines of justice, you can find them chilling out in places where there are lots of people – usually the hot spots of the city. They like meeting new people, they like to be seen, and they like creating new memories. As an air sign, it’s important for them to receive a ton of mental stimulation. A lot of them are very talkative – and when I say talkative, I mean jabba jaws haha (I kid). They are the types of people that can go into any topic and debate about it, or argue about it until they turn blue in the face. This also makes them a very proactive judge. Meaning, they like to play mediator for big blowouts between friends or family, even strangers. They’re the best at talking their way out of any situation.

Their motto is, “I balance.” They sure do a lot of that. They are highly ambitious and as a cardinal air sign, they only want to go up. They’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means taking on more responsibilities. Sure, they like to relax and live it up. They can party all night, but they also know how to work all day too. If you meet a lazy Libra (especially in their career), you’ll find that they do other things more excessively such as talking. Lots and lots of talking, lol.

With Venus creating a more beautiful vision for their lives, Libras will soak in the beauty of life and enjoy the best the world can offer. Magically it seems this sign is just gifted with material wealth, financial gain and possession. The great thing is that they aren’t the type to brag about it. They know what they like, they get it, and they enjoy it. Enough said.

You ready to relax with a Libra? Read on.


If you’re dating a Libra just know that they will want to know everything about you. They require a lot of mental stimulation, so if you’re not up for it then leave them be. They like romance as much as the next person, but this sign is also highly flirty and are prone to misleading others. It’s not that they intend to hurt anybody, it’s more just treating everyone as if they’re just friends. Friends can do things for each other and not have to be in a romantic relationship.

Basically, if you’re dating they want to see how much of a friend you really are. And that’s how their relationships usually start off: friendship. Commitment is something they value and cherish more than any other zodiac sign. They can fall in and out of love with people, so they understand that friendship is the only way to create an everlasting bond.

However, not all Libras are equal. There are plenty of them who know the powers of their charming ways, so they’ll take advantage of whoever falls for it. This is known and it is common. You have to stay on your toes because just like their air siblings, they are flighty and unpredictable. Just when you think you’re onto them, they do the Heisman on you, lol.

So how do you know if they like you? You’ll know if they’re into you if they want to be around you all the time. Time and friendship go hand in hand with this sign. If you’re providing them the mental stimulation they require, if you understand the need for establishing a friendship first then you’ll find a very in-like Libra wanting to follow you around like a puppy (puppy love lol).

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How do I know if they love me?

When a Libra is in love, they will shout it across the mountains and promote it as if they just won the jackpot. If they make a commitment to someone, it’s usually a forever thing with them. They’ll hold onto love for as long as it can go, especially if the friendship was good from the start. They’ll find creative ways to show you how much they care, usually surprising you with gifts and special dates.

As much as they love to talk, they also love to listen. It might not seem like it at first, but they do. If they love you, they’ll want to hear every word you say and do everything you like to do. They can be very considerate and tend to their lovers with great care. They’re very thoughtful and will back up their words by showing you, and the world, how much you mean to them. They’ll fight for you, defend you from people, and support you through all phases of your life.

Their words are very powerful, so they’ll use it often. Always uplifting you, rarely knocking you down. They’re known to profess their love for someone whenever they get a chance, so expect cute messages of their feelings for you throughout the day. You’ll live in their thoughts, their heart, and through their words. You’ll see why they are nicknamed the Sign of Love.

This is one sign, when in love, will be a completely different person than when you first met them. They will be the greatest best friend and lover you ever have, or the very worst enemy you’ve ever met. It’s all about finding a balance, which way the scales tip… well… skip to the next part.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

You will know if they stop loving you because things will just get hectic. And when I mean hectic, I mean downright ugly. If they’re off balance mentally then everything else will follow. They don’t like intensity, so they’ll want to resolve it as soon as it starts. So prepare yourself for an argument, lol. Remember, they can get violent when fighting for justice, so make sure you’re at a safe distance. If you’re not listening to them, they’ll find a way to make you listen – even if that means you’re unconscious. Of course, this isn’t all of them.

At first, they’ll want to be sure they’re making a sound decision. Because their symbol is the Scale, they’ll go back and forth with themselves: should they leave or stay? This can cause a Libra to prolong leaving a relationship, even if they know they should. While they’re thinking, they might even go astray for a while to figure out their thoughts. This can be messed up on their part, but most will just want to talk it out and resolve it asap. If it can’t be resolved then they’ll just tip the scale in their favor and leave your ass.

If they’re the ones who messed up, you’ll find them sobbing for your love. They’re not afraid to cry, lol. They’ll beg, plead, scream, and kick. They can’t imagine losing a best friend, it’s too devastating to them. However, know that once you leave that door they won’t cry anymore. As a very positive and independent sign, they’ll just pick themselves off the floor and press delete. They’re fast thinkers, so if you pack up and leave then they’ll go ahead and start planning a new life. They might give in and send you messages here and there, but most just see take the loss.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with a Libra if you want to build a friendship first and relationship last, if you’re a patient lover, if you like having a best friend and lover (split these days), and if you want someone who will always support you with words and send you surprises. Also, if you’re the type who can do this back for them, provide them the necessary mental stimulation, and appreciate them no matter what happens, then go and be with this sign.

Libra by Joan Zodianz

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