February 19 – March 20

Quality: Mutable
Element: Water
Symbol: Two Fishes
Planet: Neptune and Jupiter
Motto: “I Believe”

Pisces Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Pisceans are highly intuitive and spiritual individuals who swim in both evil and good. I like to describe the two fishes as shark and koi. They are sensitive, but don’t mistaken it as weakness. It’s common for them to swim away from conflict, but if you chase them they can be very unpredictable. You’ll either see the shark attacking you or the fish swimming further away, never to be seen again. They flow easily with energy and are receptive to other people’s emotions. Whatever energy you give them, they’ll throw it right back.

As a mutable sign, they are very social and adaptable. They don’t like to be alone, so you’ll find them swimming with a school of other fishies. And it doesn’t take much for others to like them. They are alluring and mysterious, but they are also friendly and compassionate. As a water sign, they’ll attach themselves to people they can trust. However, in love, it can be very difficult for them to trust – mostly trusting their own emotions. They don’t like to be vulnerable because controlling their emotions can be challenging for them. Their planets are Neptune (spirituality and illusions) and Jupiter (luck and expansion). For this sign to dive into both, they need to be one with their deepest emotional desires. Fortunately, they are blessed with high intuition to sense what is right and wrong for their life. They can be sensitive when it comes to what they want, but any dream worth dreaming is also worth living (to them).

Their motto is “I Believe”. They love to daydream and imagine a world full of depth and soul. They have the unique ability to paint a picture that is both dark and heavenly. They take both sides of life in, and at times it can drag them down into the abyss of depression. But you may never know how they’re truly feeling because they don’t easily express themselves publicly. It’s also not uncommon for a Pisces to self-medicate. But when a Pisces is in touch with their soul, they’ll express themselves creatively through art or music (this is something they are naturally very good at).

You ready to dive deep with a Pisces? Read on.


When you date a Pisces, there’s one thing you need to get used to: MIA. Yes, they like to go missing. They just require space to think and feel. Sure, you’re probably very attracted to them, most people are. But just because they flirt with you doesn’t mean they like you. They invite positive energy and they’re probably just giving it back. This is sign is elusive by nature, so trying to land a Pisces will be a challenge. You’re going to have to do something incredible to get their attention, but at the same time have a lot of depth if you’re going to keep it.

They’re not easily impressed by the physical, and even less impressed by what you can provide financially. They’re looking for a soul mate, and they’ll make decisions by how they feel. Love at first sight is something they go by, so if they’re not feeling it then best believe you’ll just be on their hit list. If over time they feel you have no depth or soul, then again, you’ll just be another fish to them. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s sad, isn’t it?

It’s also very difficult to tell if they really like you or not. Time, to them, can be wasted. If there’s fun involved, then they’ll be there. So if you really want to know if they like you, all you can do is ask. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be truthful. They don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. But if you’ve really got them in their feelings, then move onto the next paragraph.

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How do I know if they love me?

Oh, you’ll know. Once they’re in love and get over their shyness, they'll get up in their feelings and drown you with passionate love. They dive deep, so make sure you’ve got your scuba gear. It’ll be difficult for them to let you go once those three words leave their lips. They’ll shower you with affection and constant emotional security, but will expect that you do the same. Pisces is the type to make sure their lover is always appreciated, and they’ll do that by being submissive (in a good way) and loyal.

They’re daydreamers, big time. So they’ll imagine their entire life with you. It may sound a little crazy, but that’s just how they are. It’s also not uncommon for this sign to become a jealous lover, wanting you all to themselves. This, of course, depends on their Venus and Moon sign. Depending on the other signs, it can heighten their need of emotional security. You may have to take the role of realism because these dreamers aren’t focused on money. Everything will be founded on how they feel. Think of a pool. You’re the ground, they’re the water. Thus the reason why they get along better with earth signs.

A Pisces won’t bring you around people important to them if they don’t love you, so if you’re around their friends and family then you’re good to go. Be careful though, if you don’t make a good impression then they’ll have second thoughts. They want to make sure that you’re just as adaptable and likeable: a friend to their loved ones, but a great lover to them in private. And when I mean great lover, I mean it’s whatever they imagined you will be when they first met you. High expectations? Yes.

It’s not uncommon for this sign to fall in love and then fall quickly out of love if that person just isn’t living up to their dream man/woman. It’s hard for them to detach themselves, so they might slowly remove themselves from your life. Which brings me to the next part…

How do I know if they stop loving me?

Pisceans will sway back in forth as they figure out if loving you is worth it. This is the part where they’ll start going MIA on you, just like when you were dating lol. They don’t want to hurt your feelings, so will make sure to slowly ween you off them. Perhaps even giving you a reason to break it off so that they don’t have to. It’s not uncommon for this sign to just completely disappear, but then make a reappearance once they start missing you.

If they really stopped loving you, and you’re not letting go, then they’ll wait until their feelings are completely exhausted before saying it. Again, hurting your feelings just isn’t the goal. It’s most likely easier to know if you don’t love them anymore. Once they break up with someone, it’ll be a forever thing. They don’t like leftovers, so they’ll eat you up and spit you back out into the sea where they found you. Is there any chance of a reunion? Well it depends. Were you dating the shark or were you dating the koi? The koi has a better chance. But like I said, they’ll only leave once all of their emotions for someone has completely vanished.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with a Pisces if you want someone who is compassionate, alluring, soulful and full of depth and imagination. If you’re the type who isn’t afraid to express themselves and be emotional (in private), the type to help build a strong foundation, and the type who won’t judge them when they’re vulnerable, then by all means dive deep with your Pisces lover.

Be ready and willing to put in the work to ensure your loyalty and love, and provide them constant emotional security. Once you’re ready to be a submissive partner, you’ll find that they’ll return the favor.


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