What are the planets?

Planets in astrology help us understand our inner energies, providing us more depth and insights in the type of person we are. It's a great way of understanding and accepting yourself and/or others.

However, understanding your birth/natal chart can be confusing. And tbh, it takes a skilled and talented person to read it completely. You must also note that everyone’s interpretation is a little different, but the foundation remains the same.

That doesn’t mean you can’t learn about astrology. It just means it will take a lot of practice and in-depth understanding of astrology basics such as: planets, houses, zodiac signs, elements, and aspects. And don’t ever forget to follow your INTUITION. Can’t stress that enough.

Another good note to follow: planets, like astrology, can also be used in tarot. I like to utilize both when working a session, but it depends on your own senses. I prefer to be knowledgeable about everything, that way you can provide more in-depth sessions with yourself or with another person.

Long story short, here is my interpretation of planets in both tarot and astrology; and how they work to influence our inner energies.

Sun Planet Glyph by Joan Zodianz


The Sun is the most important planet in your natal chart. It dictates your true self and the side you like to show people. It’s the base and the molding of everything. All the other planets revolve around it and give your sun sign different energies - either heightening, adding, or lessening traits in your Sun sign.

Think of it this way: the sun is the pot and the broth, and the other planets are ingredients. They are adding to the recipe of you. ? Like I always say, “You are more than just your Sun Sign.”

In tarot, the Sun is one of the major arcana’s, and it is associated directly with the astrological planet. It dictates individuality, vitality, and can point to situations in your life where it concerns your inner and outer self. Depending on where the cards fall and what cards are next to it, it could mean you’re either not being yourself, being too egotistical or selfish, or you’ve found yourself.

Associated with zodiac sign: Leo
Associated with tarot card: The Sun

Moon Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


The Moon is the second most important planet in your natal chart. It dictates your emotions, inner habits and desires, and influences your motives and emotional intentions. It’s how you see yourself, and it’s the side that people will see when they get to really know you. With that said, it also can reveal your very dark side and depending on how compatible it is with your Sun, it can either cause a lot of inner turmoil or inner happiness.

In tarot, The Moon card is a major arcana. It’s associated with the astrological sign Pisces, but the actual Moon planet is associated with another major arcana called The High Priestess. It dictates hidden aspects in our life, hidden or ulterior motives, situations that need to come to light, or the need for isolation and privacy. It can also hint at possessing high intuition and spiritual gifts, the need to listen to one’s intuition, or just overall being hyper sensitive (good or bad) in a situation.

Associated with zodiac sign: Cancer
Associated with tarot card: The Moon and High Priestess

Mercury Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


Mercury is one of my favorite planets. It influences and dictates how we communicate and engage with others, how we like to educate ourselves, and our overall intellect and higher thought process. The energy of our Mercury sign works closely with our Moon and Sun sign. Meaning, this is the 3rd most important planet to know because it guides our logic and/or senses.

In tarot, Mercury is associated with The Magician. The Magician in tarot points out our inner energy to create, and it can predict if you are ready to create and/or if you have the resources to create. Now when we think of creation, it can be for anything or anybody. It really depends on which cards are next to, underneath or on top of this card. It’s also a major arcana, so when it shows up it’s usually because there’s an important message attached to it.

Associated with zodiac sign: Gemini and Virgo
Associated with tarot card: The Magician

Mars Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


Mars influences our physical energy, aggression and physical stamina. This even relates to sexy time, lol. However, I like to see Mars as an insight to our auras. Your Mars sign can tell you how you like to use your energy, how you project your energy, and where you like to invest your energy. It doesn’t play the biggest role, but it’s important to the overall aura of your soul.

In tarot, Mars is associated with The Tower. A lot of people see this major arcana and feel like their whole world is shattering, which is true for the most part. However, the positive sign is that the universe is telling you that something needs to be demolished in order to rebuild. It’s a chance to accept defeat, temporarily, and just move past the “oh shit” phase. The sooner you can accept it, the faster you can start new.

Associated with zodiac sign: Aries and Scorpio
Associated with tarot card: The Tower

Venus Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


Venus is the third most important planet in astrology. It influences and dictates how we like to love, how we want to love, how we deal in relationships, and what we want in a relationship. Our Venus sign can give us insights on which zodiac sign we best relate to when it comes to all different types of relationships. These relationships can be platonic, professional, or romantic.

In tarot, Venus is associated with The Empress. This major arcana expresses our need to nurture and grow with patience, love and compassion in our hearts. It can relate to our direct environment or our emotional needs. It can mean that you need to chill the fuck out and stop being so impulsive, or it can mean you need to start loving yourself and taking better care of yourself. It really just depends what other cards are on the table.

Associated with zodiac sign: Taurus and Libra
Associated with tarot card: The Empress

Jupiter Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


Jupiter is a big planet and it impacts your chart in the same manner. This planet influences our luck, expansion, fortune and blessings. It gives us insight to how we see and how we receive our blessings. It’s also known as the Greater Fortune (Venus being the lesser fortune). Meaning, it can tell us where we will be the luckiest and most successful in – almost as important as our Midheaven.

In tarot, Jupiter is associated with the Wheel of Fortune. This card is also related to our luck: change of luck, good or bad, and where our luck lies in. Again, it depends on where the card lands and with what cards. By itself it just states that our luck is changing. If it’s in reversed, it’s for the worst, but if it’s upright then our luck is changing for the better.

Associated with zodiac sign: Sagittarius and Pisces
Associated with tarot card: Wheel of Fortune

Saturn Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


Saturn is the power house in astrology, especially when it comes to the way we work and how we like to work. This planet influences our self-discipline and our limitations. It also goes hand in hand with our career sector and personal success. It can also give us insight into our personal boundaries, and what responsibilities we’re willing to put up with.

In tarot, Saturn is associated with The World. When you pull this card, it means to tell you that you have everything you need, or you are feeling complete and connected with yourself and your surroundings. It can also mean that it may be time to start a new chapter in your life. It’s a great card to see if you’re looking for validation in life.

Associated with zodiac sign: Capricorn and Aquarius
Associated with tarot card: The World

Uranus Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


Uranus influences change and originality in our lives. This planet can give us insight into how we like to change internally and externally, how well we follow the rules of society, and if a person is traditional, rebellious, gullible or innovative. Pretty much if we are sheep or a wolf, lol. Not a lot of people like to view this planet as such, but it hasn’t been wrong for any of my readings.

In tarot, Uranus is associated with The Fool. This card likes to show up with someone is dealing with an either-or situation. Or it can show up when a person is asking if the risk is worth it. If the card is in reverse, it means a person needs to wait for more clarity. If upright, it means a person should take the leap of faith. It can also mean that a person needs to build more confidence or instill more faith in themselves.

Associated with zodiac sign: Aquarius
Associated with tarot card: The Fool

Neptune Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


Neptune influences our spirituality, imagination, and can play games with our illusions, lol. A lot of people who are into astrology and tarot have Scorpio in either Neptune or Pluto (see planet below). Coincidence? I think not. This planet can tell us what a person believes in, has faith in, or if they’re spiritual or not. It can tell us if a person is delusional, realistic, or just simply in tune with themselves and their surroundings.

In tarot, Neptune is associated with The Hanged ManThis card tells us how to look at a situation. Meaning, it’s all about perspective. Depending on the other cards, it can tell us that we’re too narrowminded or that we need to see it from a different view before making an important decision. Rarely has it showed up to say that we are making the right choice. It always points to multiple sides.

Associated with zodiac sign: Pisces
Associated with tarot card: The Hanged Man

Pluto Glyph Planet by Joan Zodianz


Pluto influences and dictates transformation in our life. It tells us how we live and die in situations, good or bad. It’s how we handle major life situations - if a person likes to be spiritual about it or if they want to get crazy about it. It can give us insight into how our entire life will be handled as a whole. It can give us special insight into the journey of our life, and for some, the meaning of it.

In tarot, Pluto is associated with Judgement. This card tells us that we either have to follow our higher calling, whether we listen to the higher calling or not, or just to simply tell us to make an actual judgement in a situation. It can also tell you if you need to follow your intuition instead of listening to the gossip around you.

Associated with zodiac sign: Scorpio
Associated with tarot card: Judgement


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