Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Quality: Mutable
Element: Fire
Symbol: Centaur
Planet: Jupiter
Motto: “I see”

Sagittarius Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Sagittarius is a wild, happy-go-lucky, free-spirited untamed horse. Because they are ruled by the planet Jupiter, they have an expansive mindset that is driven on high intellect, big dreams, and an even bigger imagination. They’re known for their archer mentality, and they’ll launch their arrows into the sky with strong faith that one out of a million will land on a pot of gold. And with Jupiter guiding their hand, they’re more than likely to strike a few. Whether they choose to be realistic about their goals is really up to them. Once they get their hands on something they like, they’ll run with it and master everything needed to level themselves upward and out.

Sagittarius is also a fire sign, meaning they share a lot of the same traits as their fire siblings: they’re impulsive, dominant, independent, aggressive, passionate, and hot-tempered. Unlike their siblings, they are born as a dual sign: half horse, half man. They are more logical and strategic, and will try to talk their way out of a fight before they engage in one. However, it won’t be too long of an argument. They have a short fuse and certain things such as dishonesty or accusations will have them bucking you in the face. They also have a strong mouthpiece on them and are apt to using it – at times recklessly. Most times, though, they use their mouthpiece for jokes and for advocating. They love to tell jokes and they love to advocate for justice. They take everything lighthearted, so you can joke with them back – there’s not much that can offend them. Unless, of course, you just straight-out disrespect them. Then get ready to get stabbed in the heart with one of their arrows. They know words can make people happy, but also hurt just as much.

As a mutable sign, they are prone to procrastinating and being non-committed in almost everything they do. It scares them to know that they’ll have to be tied down, they hate to conform and their spirit must roam wild and free. However, because they are a very independent sign, they’ll shoot their arrows of dreams high into the sky and go chasing after them. They love the idea of being fully free and independent, so they’ll find opportunities that will allow them to do as they please (usually in the entertainment industry or self-employment). If they choose a job opportunity, they will choose one that allows them some control over how they spend their time. They have to love what they do, otherwise they’ll just job hop. Even though it may seem like they’re irresponsible, this isn’t really the case. They just understand that life isn’t always about work. To enjoy life to the fullest, one must also partake in social activities with other horsies, lol.

Their motto is, “I see.” This pertains primarily to their mindset. They are known as the philosophers of the zodiac, and rightfully so. They possess high intellect and even though they are a centaur, I prefer to see them as part Pegasus. Their minds soar as high as their arrows and they always tend to see things from another worldly perspective. It’s as if they just know and can see through anything. They may not focus on all the smaller details, but they see the bigger picture. Sagittarius also obtains and maintains a highly positive perspective, even if they’re surrounded by negativity. No matter what they end up doing, they are amazing at researching and learning everything that is needed to expand their mental horizons.

You ready to go on a date with the Joker of the zodiac? Keep reading.


If you date a Sagittarius, just know that they will always want to be one step ahead of you. Their minds run at high speeds, so learn to keep up. During this phase, they’ll want to be around you quite a lot. They just want to see what you’re like very quickly, so they can make a decision very quickly. They tend to put people in categories, so you’re either a friend (common), a bestie, a quickie, a lover, or marriage material (very rare). They even put people’s intellect in different categories: smart, really smart, stupid, or really dumb.

Think of it like test driving, it’s best if both parties do it this way, lol. They can come off aggressively in the beginning, mostly the guys. The girls won’t waste too much time telling you which category you belong in. This is the reason why people stamp Sagittarians with the words wild, loose, or just outright savage. They are just straightforward when dealing with people, so expect them to keep it real. If you ask them questions, be prepared to get the full truth. Which brings me to my next point: don’t ever lie. They hate that. Dishonest people are the worst. They aren’t the type to lie to your face, so make sure you don’t do it. Also keep in mind, whatever you do to them, they will take that as permission to do it back to you. Petty? Yeah, but to them it’s well-deserved. A lesson well-taught.

This isn’t to say that you’ll get “lucky” with every Sagi you meet. No, they like to be in control of the situation. They might act bubbly and carefree, but they know what to do next (one step ahead). So lay and wait, or go with the flow. Eventually, you’ll be captured and placed into a category (can’t stop saying that). They’re also not the most patient types of people, but when it’s huntin’ season (when they’re single) they can be very patient and strategic. So what happens when they fall in love? Read on, my friend. Read on.

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How do I know if they love me?

Oh man, it is difficult to pin this sign down. If they’re 100% committed to you then congratulations! Love is much more complex when it comes to this sign. It seems they are always swaying back and forth with wanting to be in a relationship. However, if they say they love you, then you have done everything you possibly could to show them you love them first. That’s the only way you can get them to settle down.

If you couldn’t be the rider to their horse parts, then guess what? You won’t hear a peep from them. Those three words hold too much power to be let out loosely. If you hear them utter it, even once, then they really do mean it. And they’re not the type to just depend on words alone, they’ll go above and beyond to show someone they love them. They’ll show you how much you’ve tamed their heart, so treat them with respect and give them credit when they do it.

Once they’re in love, they are truly caring, affectionate, and fun partners. They don’t really change too much after being in a relationship, so expect them to stay the same as when you first met them. They’re also fair types of partners, meaning everything can be 50/50. Whatever you put in, they’ll put in the same amount of effort. As a mutable sign, they’re good at adapting. So if you need them to make a change and it makes logical sense to do it, then they will. Nothing really pushes them over the edge, unless you push them there. Which brings me to the next section.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

If you pushed them over the edge, got too controlling, or just can’t be trusted then consider this relationship doomed. As a fire sign they can get violent, but won’t put hands on you unless you provoke them or trap them in a room with no escape. So don’t pin them into a corner because fists will start flying.

If you respect their boundaries, then they’ll start the process of letting go. If you’ve frustrated them and they’re not ready to leave yet, they’ll use their famous mouthpiece to provoke or belittle you whenever they get a chance. In the meantime, they’ll layout an escape plan. Once that’s setup, they’ll reason with you. If things get too intense, they’ll just leave and not look back.

If they’re the ones who messed up, expect them to apologize and possibly not really meaning it. If they just don’t love you, they just don’t. Take it as that. If they go out and have affairs, it just means they aren’t ready to stop galloping the world for the right lover.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with a Sagittarius if you like being equal with your partner, if you like joking around often, if you like being with an independent individual, and if you want to be with someone who is free-spirited. If you’re the type who isn’t too controlling, doesn’t mind intellectual conversations, and doesn’t mind being hunted in the beginning, then by all means get with this sign.

Sagittarius by Joan Zodianz

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