Written Personal Birth/Natal Chart


Get a written birth/natal chart by Joan Zodianz.

I do not auto-generate my reports. In fact, I write a mini novel (6 to 10 pages long).

Learn and understand the powers from within, as told by the stars. See description below to see what you’ll receive.

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Written Personal Birth/Natal Chart

Get a written personal chart by Joan Zodianz.

Humans are curious by nature. We are always yearning to learn more about ourselves and of others.
Not everyone fully understands their own unique powers, strengths, and weaknesses.
It's up to you to own your energies and reach your full potential, but how? If you're here, it's fate. 

Get a written report by a professional astrologer and get the following:

  • Get a unique and intuitive report of your inner and outer energies.
  • Find out your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn how to improve your energy and own your inner powers.
  • Detailed description of your planets and houses.
  • Learn about your personality, love, and career.

Watch this quick video.

More Information (please read)

This is a first come first serve basis. To learn more about chart readings, please visit here.

Please have the following ready for an accurate reading: (i will personally email you after your purchase to ask for the information below and to give you an estimated time)

  1. Your Name (real name, it's always best to be honest)
  2. Birthday (month, day, year)
  3. Time of birth (need this for a more accurate reading and to see your houses)
  4. Location of birth (need this for a more accurate reading)


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