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Block remover
Reiki (energy healing)
Psychic medium
“Why fit in when you were born to stand out”

-Dr. Seuss

About me

Soul whispering healer

Psychic medium, Healer, Certified Life Coach , Reiki practioner and block remover.

Hello, My name is Cynthia, I am an empath and a psychic medium. I specialize in block removal services identifying where are you are stuck and what is keeping you stuck. When we are in a lower vibration it’s difficult to see what is blocking us and that’s where I come in. In order to create the life we want we need to know what’s holding us back and stop playing peekaboo with our trauma and the dark. You must be Friend and embrace the dark parts of you in order to get to the light. My sessions are a combination of intuitive insight, spiritual guidance, self love, and healing. I enjoy intuitively helping people get to the core issue of what is blocking their evolution and empowering them to move past this block. My spiritual awakening happen about 4 years ago. My health was declining I was on almost 13 medications at some point diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had three neck surgeries. My divorce began and my youngest child was in physical therapy and having seizures. In order to save my life and my children we had to move to back to New York so we could get the proper health care we needed. Everything in my life was falling apart there were several deaths in my family as well as death to the old life as I knew it. That’s when I also began to realize that death was an opportunity to be reborn.When I began my new life with just me and my children I felt helpless and lost I also felt extremely lonely. What I realized is the loneliness brings you to the depths of you and your trauma so that you can give Yourself a love that no one else is capable of giving you. When I began my journey of healing and self love through my spiritual awakening a lot started coming up from sexual abuse from my childhood and a lot of verbal abuse as well. When I began to acknowledge these things and got to know myself it was dark and horrific at times. It was worth it. I was searching for answers and love in so many people but I couldn’t find it. Everything we need and want we are capable of giving ourselves.

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