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    5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Spiritual Awakening? Aw sheiiiit, I hope your guy are on your day off. lol. Please, grab a seat and a drink. Ill try my best to condense and communicate during this Merc Retrograde. (No promises)

    So! For me, it was sort of, “Calm before the Storm”… It was around 2008-2009 when I started pickin up on the Universe’s signs and subtleties. Some might call it Synchronicities… It 1st came in the form of seeing repeating numbers on clocks
    [11:11, 2:22, 3:33, so on…] and EVERYWHERE else like license plates, paperwork, ect… Id see it ALL the fkin time… Like Clockwork. (Pun Intended) And this happened for a many years before my dumbass was like “Ok wtf is goin on here”. But those were still just subtle signs to then that were just merely stronger “Coincidences”.

    “The Build up” (2010- 2011)
    The next interesting piece to me that happened one night I was alone in my apartment. It was sooo quite which had a sense of tranquility in the air. Then i had this sudden feeling to go to Barnes and Nobles. No reason, or hesitation, i just felt like i had to go. So i drove down and went straight to the Self Improvement section which I usually go to if not the Astrology/ New Age section nearby. But as i was passing calmly through the isle, without any rush to find something i was drawn to pick up this book I Never heard of or seen in my life. It was “The Power Of Now” by Echart Tolles… Honestly, its a book i normally would pass up because it looked kinda basic and boring. But without even reading much of the synopsis, i just bought it cuz i felt it was something [my intuition] knew I needed…So I went home and read a few pages. Funny thing was, i didnt get to read past a few pages before my A.D.D ass put it down to do something else. In fact it sat on my living room table for so Long i practically forgot about it and even Lost the book when I moved out of my apartment. LOL

    “The Start of the Storm”
    >>>Fast forward about 1-2 Years>>> (April – May 2013)

    After a year or so passed I got my Real Estate License, I remember out the blue looking for that Book, wondering where the hell it went… I asked my brothers and mom, who i knew helped me move but no one knew.

    It was around this time I specifically remembered having a conversation with my older brother one day ‘randomly’ talking about how I was drawn to [buddhist] monks because they seem to have such a keen sense and awareness and that one day id like to learn how to develop a strong mind & spirit which even at that time I knew we all had the capacity to tap into that energy. Mind you, I didnt really know much about buddhism, I was born into a catholic family but i always revered the culture for their calm and peaceful demeanor and ways of life.

    Fast forward a bit, I was in the passenger seat with my mom driving, on our way to her apartment. As we were getting out the car i noticed something in the side pocket of the passenger door. It was THE BOOK. I was shocked because i thought it was gone for good but also wondered, How The FK it ended up in the side pocket of the car, let alone My Moms car cuz I knew She Dont read No books!!! 😂😂😂

    So I went home and immediate told my brother that i found the book ive been lookin for and hes like, “Ooo I heard about Echart Tolle”…. “Some guy i follow on youtube recommended him.” So i go on YouTube and looked him up and watched as much videos as i could. Then, That led me to seeing the related videos which alot of them had buddhist monks and buddhism in general, it was then I realized then that what he was teaching had strong ties to Buddhism in terms of Stillness and awarness of the present moment, ect… Thats what sparked my interest to dive deeper down the rabbit hole of spirituality and the metaphysics. That then led me to a deeper hole/ obsession to Crystals and Orgonite which is a whole Story in itself]. Going down deeper led me to Vibrations & Frequencies, Cymatics, Etheogenic & substances, AstroProjection & Oneirogens, and the world of metaphysics and mystism as a whole. I literally spent days weeks months diving so HARD into it NON stop… The more i went deeper, the wider my eyes opened and Connections were made left and right and synchronicities hadnt stopped. I became completely Consumed by it, that At the time i realized i didnt want to practice Real Estate anymore and for about 3 years i dedicated my energy into making unqiue Orgonites pieces which i sold around the world through etsy, showcased in some artist shows and even had some pieces sold in a small shop in new jersey. Far Less money than Real Estate, but Far more fulfilling.

    Mind you, Im coming from a predominantly filipino background so we have a rich history of superstitions and shamanism growing up so as a small child the spiritual realm was nothing “New”. My mom had tarot cards, healing crystals and even had her Aura Photographed since i can remember. Ive also had a fair share of spiritual encounters and experiences even before and after the ‘awakening’. But thats for another time! Lol

    All in All, I guess you can say this was a more of a Spiritual Rebirth/Renaissance/Rediscovery for me. It was just interesting that i came full circle and learned that these things had a name to it that i can make more sense of it all now that im older in this modern day culture. No matter what happend in my life, I seem to always get thrown right back to the magikal realms… But this story is JUST the summary of the begining of my Hardcore Journey 6 years ago. A lot has happened since then and even before that… Just alot deeper and wiser now but with the same level as Excitement! LoL Hopefully i didnt lose anyone! I only spent many hrs and many bathroom breaks to type this up for yall. Its almost 3am so its way passed my bed time… LoL. Cheers for now!

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    • Oh after all that! I still forgot to mention other parts of it! LOL.

      So, during this time i was rediscovering deeper aspects of Spirituality ‘logically’, connections were made that started making sense as to how it led up to this point and why i was experiencing all these things. I just unlocked what was laying dorment all along. Its like all my life i was being prepared to experience all this. It was Without a doubt Divine timing. i was always open minded and eccentric. but my mind just finally lit up and ‘clicked’ during this spiritual rediscovery.

      The Floodgates was just Officially Open for Business.
      I started noticing EVERYTHING around me inside and out Deeply. From Auras, Energies, and even societie’s systems that were set in place from higher power that were meant to keep us asleep. Unplugging completely out of the matrix. i felt a sense of liberation i never felt. My dreams became vivid and even more symbolic and prophetic than before. Empathy improved, and I could read people with an uncanny ability and accuracy. I realized I was naturally Clairvoyant, and especially Claircognizant. The interesting thing was that All these things weren’t technically ‘Learned’, only read about. But it was more Realized and developed naturally. If anything Meditation and prayers was a tool that helped with it all. Ok i realize theres alot more. LOL. but ill really end it here. Peace!

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