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Road opener
Santa Muerte love spell
Tarot reading
Protection and return to sender


Santa Muerte petition

La Santa Muerte is known for working miracles, she can open roads, cleanse, protect. bring money or bring peace into your life. This service is for petition La santa Muerte. A ritual will be perform for any petition given to her.

Santa Muerte Love spell

As a devotee of La Santa Muerte she has always come through for me. A love spell through her can bring an ex lover or a new love to you. Consultation will be done before doing this work to make sure this work can be performed. Permission from Santa muerte is important but with her permission, she can work miracles for you.

Spiritual Protection

Spiritual attacks are real and can be dangerous depending how strong the attack is, protection is necessary from fending off evil spirits and negative vibes. This service will allow you to breath a little easier knowing the spirits have your back and are protecting you.


An Uncrossing is a great remove spiritual blockage, bad luck or clouded mind that you may be having. This service is for people who feel stuck, feel like they have been cursed or jinxed and want all those negative forces removed from you.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

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About me

Miguel Franco

Spell Caster-Tarot reader-Healer

Casting spells has always been a part of my life, energy can be altered to ones desires or need. My spiritual journey lead me to be a Santa Muetre devotee and being initiated into Palo Mayombe. I’ve been a spell caster for about three years now, Aside from spell casting, i also practice Tarot and pendulum readings. I hope to heal, connect and grow as much as i can in journey.


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