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I leave a MARK that cannot be ERASED!!


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Love, life, and healing

I am healer, mother, and friend.

Learning over the last year that all my life I’ve had a calling on my life what I didn’t know until NOW!! With the help of Joann Zodianz and my angel Fee, it has been what I’ve always felt as a HEALER.
I am a believer in God. He sits high; He sent Himself in flesh to be an example for me to see how it’s done. I believe it’s not by mistake that God and or your Angel sent you here. There is a healing that needs to take place.

There are some requirements that I ask before you and I can part take in a healing session.

1. You must keep an open mind
2. Listen to your inner spirit
3. Know that the session is just a prediction

Let me touch on #3. God has given us all free will to do what we want. If I explain something to you in a session and you change your intent; know that prediction will change. In the session, I’m reading for that moment with intent you will be moving or walk in the direction you already walking.

Know that when I speak, I speak in love. If you feel offended one its a choice and you choose to be offended and two it is not my intent to offend you. I have already prayed and what you say to me will have no effect on me.

Thank you for taking the time to allow me to impart into your life of love and healing.

I leave a mark that CAN NOT be erased!!

The Go-between Spirit and Human

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