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  • So my abilities have existed since I was small but only since I’ve come to Korea did I start to recognize them and try to build them. TBH I’m not sure if I’m a medium, but I think this is the closest group that matches atm.

    I’ve always been sensitive around people, especially my dad. I could sometimes tell what they were going to do next and I…Read More

    • Hey Katie, first, I’m sorry about your father. It is always hard to lose someone you love. Handling your abilities takes a lot of discipline and practice. You have to be devoted to controlling the craft. If you start to notice that you’re just helping everyone anywhere then you are not in control of your gift yet. You have to start by giving…Read More

      • @jolonansagi Yes that is something I need to work on. Mine is mostly chatting/sharing with the people I connect with and that does tire me out after while. The healing part I can manage well. I’m usually on my own here especially when I travel so I chat with them to pass the time/not feel so alone. I’ll keep working on being present and grounding.…Read More

      • @support Hello I can’t like any of the posts for some reason. I’m using Chrome on an Android phone.

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