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Spiritual Awakenings

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  • Share your story: what was your spiritual awakening like? 🙂 Or maybe you’re going through it right now or have questions about it. Go awf, lol
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    • Peace and Love!
      My spiritual awakening begain years ago with realizing that the food we are sold is full of chemicals which cause disease. I tied this to the financial benefits gained by the medical and pharmaceutical industry. I was disgisted. That led me to my eyes being opened to the dogma of religion and i eventually left it. Instead of my…Read More

  • Spiritual Awakening? Aw sheiiiit, I hope your guy are on your day off. lol. Please, grab a seat and a drink. Ill try my best to condense and communicate during this Merc Retrograde. (No promises)

    So! For me, it was sort of, “Calm before the Storm”… It was around 2008-2009 when I started pickin up on the Universe’s signs and subtleties.…Read More

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    • Oh after all that! I still forgot to mention other parts of it! LOL.

      So, during this time i was rediscovering deeper aspects of Spirituality ‘logically’, connections were made that started making sense as to how it led up to this point and why i was experiencing all these things. I just unlocked what was laying dorment all along. Its like all my…Read More

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