You are here by fate.

There is a question in your heart that seeks an answer, and I am here to assist and guide you in the right direction.

My name is Joan Zodianz,

I am a spiritual adviser of nearly 16 years. 

I'm a natural clairsentient, clairaudient, astrologist, energy and tarot reader. I offer spiritual guidance (clarity, confirmation, and closure).

I communicate only with higher spirits: God, Archangels, Angels, and Spirit Guides. Sometimes this includes deceased loved ones.

I offer spiritual guidance (clarity, confirmation, and closure).

Angel and spirit guides' messages can be complex, so to better interpret them I use either one or a combination of energy reading, tarot cards, angel oracle cards, and/or astrology.

You are not required to follow any spiritual guidance or advice given to you. I abide by the universal laws of free will, as do all angels and spirit guides.

Ultimately, you are in charge of your destiny.



Most times people are looking for clarity of a situation. It’s my duty to help provide clearness for the mind, heart, and soul. As the angels guide my hand, I’ll do my best to clear away any negative energies within you, releasing any fogginess and providing you access to higher messages from God, your angels and spirit guides. To help with this, I use a combination of tarot cards, astrology, and energy reading.

Be prepared to speak about the situation after I provide you with the messages. I am apt to giving a ton of detailed information, but I don’t expect you to sit there quietly either. Think of this as a therapeutic session for the mind, heart, and soul. I mean, if you’re going to be sitting there for an hour, you might as well say something lol.





I will speak with the higher spirits (yours and mine), and I will pull tarot cards to help interpret the messages given. I generally use tarot as a guide to see what energies surround you in the present and future. However, I'm best when I speak directly to the spirits.

However, I'm best when I speak directly to the spirits.


Expect a full-on conversation for the time allotted, then pictures and highlights of our reading afterwards.

*Best used: for people who are comfortable establishing a connection face to face or voice to voice, or if you are international (Skype) and want to do a live session.

30 Minute Phone or Skype: $40
60 Minute Phone or Skype: $80

**I work from 10 AM - 6PM (PST)** 


I will ask three things from you:

  1. Your first name (to have something to call you by)
  2. A picture of you (to tune into your soul)
  3. Question(s): to call the right angels
Why do you need a picture?

A lot of psychics ask for certain things, I ask for a picture of you. It helps me tune into your energies and look deep within your soul. One hour before our session, I'll email or text you to send the picture.

Our reading is strictly confidential, I will not sell or use any images you send me for advertising or marketing purposes, or sell your information to anybody or any business.

Why do you need a question or questions?
Are you psychic?
So will you tell my future?



Expect a full-on conversation for the time allotted.

I will use both ASTROLOGY + Tarot cards to interpret the energies surrounding you (internally and externally).  

I will help you with the following:

  1. (Self-Awareness) Inner energies, strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Learn how to improve your energy and own your inner powers.
  3. Tarot reading - ask your higher spirits for spiritual guidance.
  4. Ask whatever questions you want, but make sure it's a question your heart and soul want answered.

You will be able to record the session on your end. You can also take notes. I will email you highlights of our reading session afterwards. 

60 Minute Phone or Skype: $111

**I work from 10 AM - 6PM (PST)** 


Ready to receive spiritual guidance? 

That’s great. Just a few things to consider.

If you are international: 

I recommend getting either Skype (live) or the email service.

Time Differences (PST): 

I only work during the hours of 10 am - 6 pm (PST - United States), Monday - Friday.

***I fixed the booking plug-in. You should be able to book sessions in the correct time zone. If you are unable to book an appointment, please contact me at readings@zodianz.com **


I accept all major credit cards or you can with PayPal.

Check your Spam Box:

All initial contact will be through the email address (readings@zodianz.com).

**Please be sure to check your spam folder for booking information, just in case.**

If you are having trouble booking an appointment, please feel free to contact me via email: readings@zodianz.com. Or you can call me at (657) 549-2618, and I can book it over the phone for you with your consent (please leave a VM or text me if I am unable to answer).

Book an Appointment.

Talk to you soon.


Client Testimonials

5 Star Review - 5/26/2017 

To be honest, I was skeptical but curioused on how my reading would go. I have to say she was on point and hearing from my parents was the best thing that has happened in a long time. Joan was very personal and patient and I wanted to thank you whole heartedly. I would definitely recommend getting a reading from her. You are a God send!

-Matherine G


5 Star Review - 5/29/2017

I was honestly left speechless on the accuracy of this reading. I wasn't too sure what to expect at first but the reader guided me through the steps and made it extremely easy on my end, being that I was also hesitant to know about my life on a spiritual level. It hit more than home and I'm so glad I went with the reading. It helped shine light on the things I need to change and fix to be better off in life as a whole. I highly recommend people to get a reading from Zodianz. Very professional and kind. Good vibes!

-Iveth H.

5 Star Review - 6/21/2017

Zodianz is an amazing site. Very professional, and educational. The zodiac part of the site is accurate and informative, can give you an insite about who you are and why you are how you are. A better understanding of one self is very enriching. Then you have the more in depth side, the actual readings of ones inner self. So insanely accurate, things other people wouldn't know. And to add to it, the reaching out to a dear friend of mine, passing on a message I needed to hear. A lot of soul connection for me. I'd highly recommend this to anyone for any reason. If you ever have a question, she is more than happy to respond and make sure you understand the answer. Truly blessed to be connected to such an amazing person.

-Brenda P.

5 Star Review - 07/01/17

I've known Joan since we we're teenagers and I honestly didn't know she had this gift!! I first started following her because well she's a friend lol and then I realized how passionate she is about her work. First it was about the horoscopes she's always on point with my Virgo personality. Especially because when I described myself I say ( I analyze everything) yes I read your profile on us �Then I started seeing that she did tarot readings and much more. It always caught my attention because I never knew this side of her. I decided to book with her but before I did she reached out to me about my sister she ended up giving both of us a reading. Both readings where amazing you gave my sister the spiritual help she needed spirit came through for her through you thank you so much!!! As for me I was at a WOW!!!! You gave me reassurance in the path that I'm walking in life. And you telling me not to worry about my son was what got me!! No way you would have ever known my feelings towards him. You made this mamma feel at ease. You are truly blessed little lady. Much love and respect.

-Belinda R.

5 Star Review - 07/02/2017

Had my reading done by this beautiful young lady, which I was skeptical about at first, but she really touched base on things that no one would really know unless I've expressed it to you. Which was kind of a lot to take in and intimidating lol. Joan gives off a friendly and welcoming vibe and very easy to talk to, as well as patient. She is someone that takes pride in her work and wants to make sure you you receive closure and that you understand the messages that she delivers to you. You're good at what you do and I wish you nothing but the best on your journey. Thank you again and I'm sure you will hear from me again soon ??

-Shiniqua B.

5 Star Review - 7/6/2017

I could not be any more thankful for her, she gave me the peace in my heart that I needed. We were able to connect with my father and the messages he gave me were very powerful to me, and this experience changed my perspective about my life and my faith that I lost a long time ago. I definitely recommend her to y'all she is 100% real. To me she was sent in my path way for a reason and now I can move forward. Thank you so, so much you are an Angel. Zodianz is such a kind hearted person, genuine, and makes you feel comfortable in your reading. 🙂

-Yesenia C.

5 Star Review - 6/30/2017

It's really true that I came across this interesting, and beautiful profile by fate. I'd like to say thank you to Miss Joan for the wonderful, and positive session of enlightenment, spiritual guidance, and insights. Most of all, thank you for the pieces of advice about love, career, friends and everything in between. This will surely help me in my quest to develop, and improve more.
She's very positive, warm, and comfortable to talk to. I hope to see you again soon when I'll ask again for your talent. She's also very very responsive to messages. God bless you, and I hope you'll be able to help more people with your gifts. �

-Karen R.

Testimonial - 6/24/2017

Dear Joan,

Thank you so much for your very heartfelt and accurate charts.  The girls are absolutely thrilled with the charts and Cancer book.  It is fabulous and exciting to read.

Thank you again.  You are such pure of spirit and heart.  I'm excited beyond words.


Testimonial - 7/17/2017

Thank you Joan! What a wonderful, caring, insightful, helping reading I received from you. Your energy, time, light, and thoughtful grace is all shown thru my reading. Can't thank you enough for putting me at ease. Your advise on top is very appreciated. Thank you and look forward to staying in touch.

-(Universe713 - Instagram Review)

Testimonial - 8/18/2017

She gave me so much understanding on my situation in my life. Gave me hope and courage to know what I felt was right. �

-Diana K.

Testimonial - 9/01/2017

I had a reading and space clearing session with Joan. She was absolutely fabulous. She was in tune with my questions and gave me some very honest and insightful answers. There was funky energy in my old house. The place feels like new now!! Sage and clearing worked wonders. Thanks J!! We will for sure do this again!! Love ya!!

-Pat S.


Testimonial - 9/02/2017

On point! Gave me a sense of ease on personal things that I haven't expressed to anyone but my husband. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

-Hazel P.


Testimonial - 10/11/2017

For those of you who have ever wondered about spiritual readings, I can tell you....DO IT!! I had a reading done by Zodianz and I am now a believer!

-Grace S.



Here are my boundaries (please respect them):

  • We will have an amazing session and connection, at the end take the negative messages as warnings and utilize the positive messages as confirmations.
  • I work from 10AM – 6PM (PST) – Monday through Friday.
  • After your reading, the connections will be cut. I will no longer be available for questions after the cards and energies are cleared away.
  • For emails, you can respond back with one email for clarity after I’ve sent it. It is what it is. Once the cards are out of my face, the connection will be cut.
  • I tell it like it is and I refuse to tell you what you want to hear (if you just want to hear positive things, then this isn’t a reading for you).
  • You can ask anything you want, but make sure that it’s something your soul wants answered and not just your head.
  • I require a lot of silence and energy to do readings, so I’ll prep ahead of time for your phone reading or email.
  • If you booked a phone reading, I will call you and it will be timed. There will be one or two reminders during the session to remind us of the remaining time we have left.
  • Understand that my angels and spirit guides will tell me what you need to hear. I won’t have the answer to everything, but I will let you know what is needed to make things happen.
  • Yes, I do hear and feel spirits. But no, I do not specialize in seances. I specialize in guiding the living and will pass over messages - should your angels and spirit guides want me to.
  • You are in charge of what you do with the information I give to you.
  • I will not and do not have to prove my own psychic medium abilities to you.


Want to learn more?

All my cards are dedicated to Jesus Christ, our lord and savior; and guided by the Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Haniel, and/or Archangel Ariel . You do not have to have to possess the same beliefs as I do to get a reading.

You do not have to have to possess the same beliefs as I do to get a reading.

Let’s just say this: The sessions will get weird lol. I hear a lot of messages, so I’ll deliver what I hear from angels and spirit guides. It can get noisy in my space, so I ask that you try and clear any negativity or skepticism before our sessions, whether it be by email or phone.

I will not try and prove anything to you about my own psychic powers. If the angels or spirit guides want to tell me about you, they will and they will make it very clear. If you’re just calling or emailing to berate me or harass me in any way, then I’ll just refund it, block you, and move on with my life. I’ll ask you to do the same.

Before a reading, I’ll prepare my space and clear any negative energies on my end. I’ll call upon the angels and spirit guides: yours and mine. I’ll let them know that you need answers and they’ll give me what is needed.

Keep in mind: they will pass messages that you should know, not what you want to hear.

If you’re super sensitive, I urge you to chill out if you see any negative messages. It’s your angels’ way of letting you know that something needs to be fixed or if you need to be warned about something. So chill out and ask questions, be open to them, and receive the messages. You don’t have to accept them if you don’t want to, just respect what is being told.

Type of spreads: I’ll create whatever spread is necessary to answer the question. Sometimes I’ll create multiple spreads. Whatever I do, I’ll take pictures of them and send them to you, then write a summary that highlights the most important messages to remember.

Why does it cost so much?

Girlll… do you know how much energy goes into reading your energy? Lol. Think of it like this: you’re working your butt off at work. At the end of your shift, your boss turns to you and asks you, “Why should I pay you?” In your head, you’ll say you have the skills, experience, talent and you’re worth every dime you get. I’ll be saying the same thing in my head if you ask this question again lol.

My prices are very reasonable. I made sure to ask my spiritual guides to lend me their help in offering quality at fair prices. So complain to God if you must lol, he’s my manager.