April 20 – May 20

Quality: Fixed
Element: Earth
Symbol: Bull
Planet: Venus
Motto: “I Have”

Taurus Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Their energy is earthy (grounded), sensual, patient, and fixed. They’re too stubborn to show off their sensitive side, but inside they’re brewing with raw emotion. However, they’re the type that knows how to deal with their emotions in the privacy of their own home. And there’s no way in hell they’re going to embarrass themselves in public. It’s just not logical for them, and that will be the foundation of which they live upon: logic and common sense.

They perceive the world from a very realistic standpoint. They come off insensitive towards worldly topics, but they are just judging it without emotions in play. And you’ll notice they play judge and jury often, though most people wish they wouldn’t lol. You’ve gotta admit, though, they are very good at it. Their brutal truth is simply truth, and there’s nothing you can do or say to change it. It’ll take someone more intelligent with a humorous persona to persuade them otherwise.

Taureans have a great sense of humor and it’ll take a lot to offend them. They’ve got the hide of the bull: thick and durable. If you want to hit em’ where it hurts, you’ll have to know them inside and out. Which will be hard to do because they don’t just let anybody wander into their lives without first testing their character. Warning, if you use something against them that they told you in secrecy, you’ll regret it. It’s not uncommon for this sign to be blow a fuse and charge at people with full force. You’ll get hit with a surge of great energy that will leave you dazed and in the hospital, lol.

Their motto is “I Have”, which means they are possessive by nature: people, material gain, and wealth. They’re an earth sign that is dedicated to building their field of dreams and to nurture those who plan on living in their field. Keyword: theirs. They are a dominant sign and you’ll often hear them say, “It’s mine.” Or just simply, “mine.” Don’t get me wrong, they are very generous. But if they’ve saved enough money to reward themselves later, they’ll place their “mine” stamp on it and won’t share lol. Their belief is to work hard, reward yourself, and have your own comfortable field, house, kingdom, empire. They’re always upgrading, never downgrading.


When you date a Taurus, you’ll have to move at a steady pace. They’re not really ones to take initiative unless they know they’ll miss the opportunity. When you are dating them, they’ll treat you with dignity and respect, unless you’re just a booty call. If you’re just a booty call, then you’ll be categorized as just that. They’re straightforward people, so it shouldn’t take long for you to know where your place is. Again, this is a sign that won’t express their feelings right away. They’ll take their time getting to know you and testing your intentions, testing your character, or testing your resistance.

They’re ruled by Venus, so they’ll want the most ideal person for them. And as a fixed sign, they’ll have some pretty high standards. They truly believe that to be with them, you’ll have to be the Goddess/God of Love. They’ll have a list of traits to check off for every person they date, but if you get an 80%/100% then you’ll be good enough lol. They’ll teach you the other 20%. Seems intimidating, right? It’s really not what it seems, it is achievable. Stand your ground, they’ll respect you for not conforming. Again, just one of their many tests to pass. You’ll start to notice it the longer you kick it with them.

Another thing to note, a Taurus won’t take you on a date unless you’re someone that has potential to be long-term. And when I talk about a date, I mean a REAL Taurus date: romantic, fancy, and fit for a queen. If you’re trying to date a Taurus female, then you better take her on a REAL Taurus date lol. The males will want to impress you with what they can offer, and the females want you to impress them with what you can offer. And this isn’t to say that it’s all about money, but logically speaking it is. They want to show you that they can provide, it’s one of their best traits: both male and female. That’s why females will test if you can provide just the same.

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How do I know if they love me?

It may take a long time to know if a Taurus loves you. If they want to be around you all the time, buy you things from the heart, or (big ticket item) they introduce you to their friends and family then they could be hinting to you that you’re “the one”. That’s huge for a Taurus. They’re hoarders by nature, so if they start sharing their life with you and want you in it then they most likely love you.

Also, you’ll start to see their sensitive side shine bright. They can be narrow-minded and too realistic for their own good, but when in love they’ll start to glow and romance you physically, financially, and soulfully. They make great husbands and wives because they’re both realistic and practical. There won’t be a time where they say no, unless they just can’t afford to say yes. They’ll still be stubborn af because they’re ideals and beliefs will always belong to them, but they’ll consider your advice. Again, a huge deal for a stubborn Taurus.

If they really, really love you then you’re most likely living with them already. They’ll want to keep you close with everything else they love. They’ll want to provide and build a foundation with you, always thinking long-term. This is one zodiac sign that will say, “I love you,” and mean it. Because they know once those words leave their mouth, there’s no taking it back. They’ve thought about it long and hard, and they’ll be very certain.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

Taureans don’t like change. They love comfort and are content with things staying routine. So, it may take them some time to contemplate what to do next if they stop loving you. When they’re 100% sure, they’ll throw you out and never look back. They might keep it cordial and respectful afterwards because their emotions will be long gone.

However, if you’re the one that messed up, then they’ll hold a grudge forever. They might not show it to your face, but you’re on their most hated list for life. They’ll never forget it, and lord knows when they’ll forgive it.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with a Taurus if you like comfort, routine, stability, gifts and being possessed. If you want someone who’ll take it slow, respect you, give you logical advice, and be reliable partner then a Taurus is a must-have. To some, they can be boring partners, but to many they’re husband or wife material. So if you’re ready for long-term then go for it.

Be ready to put up with their stubbornness. It’ll take a long time for them to fully open up and become vulnerable, only a rare person can give them the comfort and trust needed to truly be themselves.


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