August 23 – September 22

Quality: Mutable
Element: Earth
Symbol: Virgin
Planet: Mercury
Motto: “I Analyze”

Virgo Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Virgos are the most detailed sign of the zodiac. Their motto is, “I analyze.” They want to know the who, what, where, and why’s of everything and everyone. They’ve got eyes like a hawk, so there’s really nothing that escapes them. They want to ensure that everything is in order, but this is mostly mental decisions. They’re like a walking, living, breathing daily planner lol. It’s truly magical how they’ve come to manage the art of organization and time management.

This sign is highly diplomatic, logical, and reasonable. With Mercury heightening their mental abilities, they are always opting to take the higher road of life. Most Virgos are resistant to physical fights with people. If it can’t be reasoned out in a civilized manner then they’ll just walk away from it. It just doesn’t exist in their life anymore once they do. Words are powerful enough, but they have the respect not to put hands on people. Just don’t test it. If it gets too intense and they aren’t allowed to walk away, then best believe they’ll take matters into their own hands and remove any physical barriers. And just remember that: words. Words are the makeup of a Virgo. Be careful how you use them. They’ll analyze that shit, lol.

As I’m writing this, I’m making sure everything is grammatically correct, lol.

For the most part, Virgos can be very shy and thoughtful. They are always thinking of ways that benefit everyone they care for. This is the reason why they like to express themselves in projects that carry more problems than solutions – they are amazing at problem-solving and giving people sound advice. They also love to take really good care of themselves – inner and outer. They are known as the perfectionist sign, and that is a positive in their books. They work hard on themselves every day. They believe in mastering and overcoming themselves before anything else. It’s in this way, they’re able to achieve so much over time. They are true masters of achieving a checklist of goals.

Their symbol is the Virgin, but don’t think they’re saints. They just do what is right and fair for everyone, including themselves. They don’t go around wanting to cause harm to others, it’s just not in their nature. Sure, they can be really critical, but it’s really reserved for people they care for. They want others to reach their full potential, so they’re prone to pointing things out and making sure you’re aware of it. They don’t have the intention of hurting your feelings. And if it makes you feel better, they do it to themselves day and night but much harsher than they would for you.

Yes, they can be very hard on themselves. Achieving their definition of perfection is very difficult. And yes, they know perfect isn’t real, but they’ll get as close to it as possible. I have a Virgo Moon, and it helps me create so many detailed memes and blog posts for everyone who cares to read, lol.

You ready to get analyzed? Keep reading.


If you’re dating a Virgo, just know that everything will be analyzed – from your shoes to your hair. Everything. After the physical checklist, they’ll whip out a checklist for the inner you. They’ll want to know the things that make you guys compatible. It’s also during the dating phase, they can be very quiet. They are just observing and most likely just very shy. They don’t like rejection or sharing things that will make them vulnerable. It’s also very difficult for them to get emotional with people they just met, so take your time and don’t rush the Virgo process. They surely won’t.

If you’re wondering if they like you or not (common questions I get), then just know that they like you if they are constantly trying to establish a line of communication with you. See how I phrased that? Lol. They may be slow to start, so they’ll test ways to talk to you and see which one is most comfortable for the two of you. They are also known to not take any initiative because they are terrified of rejection. So if you’re moving really slow or if they aren’t showing any emotion whatsoever, then just wait a bit and keep trying to establish a connection. And even when you do, just go at a steady pace. They’ll move when it’s time, especially if you reveal your emotions first.

So if you’re still really unsure and you’re feeling like you just can’t wait for them, then just ask them. This isn’t the type of sign to lie to your face, especially when confronted. If they aren’t feeling you, they’ll tell you. If they are feeling you, you’ll be very surprised at how relieved they are that you said it first. If you’re at the stage where dating is close to love, then read the next section.

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How do I know if they love me?

When a Virgo is in love, they will still question the relationship. This is very common, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Just keep in mind, this is a very analytical sign. They are always striving for perfection in themselves and in others, this means your relationship. However, if you managed to calm their nerves and show them that you’re capable of taking care of yourself, they’ll throw away that checklist for good.

They are responsible types of lovers, so don’t expect them to publicly shower you with affection. They’ll do all of that in privacy. Sure, they’ll hold your hand and kiss you if need be. But this is a very independent, very private, and very human sign, so any sexual gestures remain private. In privacy, they are one of the best lovers to have. They know how to take care of you and will unleash all their loving emotions just for you. They are one of the most supportive partners to have, always pushing you to fulfill what you love and looking out for your best interests.

They’ll make sure that nobody messes with you by pulling them aside like the mafia, lol. And they won’t even tell you. They don’t expect your praises, but they expect and need your respect. Underneath it all, they can be very insecure. So even though they shy away from praise, be sure to show them and tell them how important they are in the world. Remember, their role in this world is to help others. They are a very human sign, so a connection with the world is important. They want to rule as much as the next person, they’re just more reserved about their ambitions.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

You will know if they stop loving you if they cut you off emotionally. This can be a very cold sign, which makes for a very hard pill to swallow once they stop caring for you. Just know that it’s the beginning of the end if suddenly they stop talking altogether. If they cut the cords of connection with you, consider it over. They’re stuck in thinking mode. Mentally they are erasing every bit of information that made them love you in the first place. Once they’re at 100%, they’ll just ask you to leave. They won’t be the biggest assholes about it, but they’ll let you know it’s over.

But what if they were the ones who messed up? They won’t acknowledge it, lol. For every right there is a wrong, and vice versa. In their heads, they know they messed up. And they know that you know they messed up. To say it out loud would hurt too much. Why continue the cycle of misery? End it or don’t. It would all result in the same ending: distrust and heartache.

I know that it seems too cold to say it in that way, but it’s true. Most Virgos will only do you wrong if the situation is just wrong, period. Sounds messed up? It is, but it happens a lot. And they’re human too, we all make mistakes. The difference with them is that they just are more realistic, not so much emotional.

Be with this sign if you like…

Be with a Virgo if you want to have a very supportive and responsible partner, like talking about all the details of every topic under the sun, like connecting more mentally than emotionally, like having someone that is more private and undeniably adorable and shy.

Also be with this sign if you’re the type who will also pull their own weight. This isn’t a sign that was designed to take on all the duties, they are equal share for most things.

Virgo by Joan Zodianz

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