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December 22 – January 19

Quality: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Symbol: Sea Goat
Planet: Saturn
Motto: “I Use”

Capricorn Overview

By Joan Zodianz | copyright 2017

Capricorns are highly disciplined, patient, and responsible individuals. They build their lives based on respect for themselves and achieving high status, which they believe is earned through hard work and material possessions. They are family oriented and will take on major tasks in becoming a dependable provider, which seems effortless on their part.

They strive to reach the top of their mountain, creating long-term goals that benefit not only themselves but for the people they care for the most. Time is of the essence for this sign and they don’t intend on wasting it. They will plan their future with more discipline and focus than any other zodiac sign. They make sure that everything is done for a reason, so it’s not uncommon for this sign to schedule time for selfish pleasures. They like to reward themselves and anything that has a price attached can be bought, so long as they have the funds to back it.

It's important for this sign to reach a high status in life, and as an earth sign, they tend to be materialistic. However, it doesn't make them completely removed from their emotions. They are the type to keep their emotions to themselves and internalize a lot of hurt and burden. They find vulnerability a weakness, as their fellow earth siblings do. Self-control is important to this sign. They don't want people to see them sweat, even if and when the pain is too great. If you do see them cry, consider yourself a true friend in their circle. Even then, they are the type to cry and criticize themselves at the same time.

Their motto is “I use”, meaning they are resourceful and use whatever it takes to become the person they've always envisioned since they were little. They are also cautious individuals and will steadily plot out their goals, ensuring financial security and stability for their future selves (family, beloved pet, and white picket fence included, lol).


When they like someone, they aren’t afraid to show it. But as a cautious sign, they’ll wait for the right opportunity to announce it. Respect is everything to this sign, so if you’re courting one then you need to remember that Capricorn women want to be treated as a lady, and men want to be treated as a gentleman. And more importantly, have respect for yourself. Don’t be too easy, sleezy, or aggressive. Take things in stride.

Capricorn men want to make all the moves and they’ll test you to see if you’re someone they can invest their time in, or if you’re someone they’ll have “fun” with short-term. Whereas, Capricorn women want to make sure you’re not going to treat them like every other girl, and will test to see if you’re a strong and dependable man. The men don’t want to feel like you’re more of a man than them. And Capricorn women don’t ever want to feel like you’re dominating over them. This is, after all a very independent and dominant sign by nature.

If you’re not sure if they like you, then that will be your first hint. Capricorn’s will tell you if they like you because time can’t be wasted. They might not be too vocal or emotionally expressive, more stiff and straight to the point, but if they like you then your dates will be scheduled ahead of time and always on time.

Men can be very romantic, taking you to places you’ve never been before and always wanting to explore new adventures with you. They’ll share their dreams and achievements with you (they do this with everyone though lol). A lot of times, they do this to impress you. Over time, this will dissipate. Women, on the other hand, want to be taken to places they’ve never been before and will want you to take the lead in impressing them. They’ll want to make sure you have realistic dreams, and they’ll want you to ask about theirs (they won’t be the ones to share it first).

Don’t be afraid to show them that you like them, but always make sure it’s at the right time. You never want to embarrass them publicly, they’ll resent you for it later. However, lovely surprises or gifts of gratitude never hurt anyone. Just make sure it’s something they can actually use. Remember their motto: I use. Which brings me to the next part.

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How do I know if they love me?

When this sign is in love, they’ll shower you with gifts. This sign is very generous and will find it hard to say no to someone they deeply care for, especially when in love. They’ll treat you as if you’re made of diamonds, and show you off to everyone they know. They’ll make you their number one achievement, though you might start to feel more like a trophy wife/hubby later. Hey, if that’s what you want then go for it.

Capricorns are the type of lover that will make sure you’re a priority in their life, but don’t mistaken this: they won’t allow you to deter them from their long-term goals. If you’re part of their long-term goals, then appreciate them when they tell you that they’re going to work longer hours. Never, ever make them feel less of a man or a woman, they’ll hate you for it. Always make them feel like they are your number one priority.

After time, it might get a little routine, but with them you’ll never have to worry if their love will wither away. They are a cardinal earth sign and with that comes long-term stability and security. But get in the way of what they want to achieve, become a burden to them, or stop taking care of yourself or them then you’ll find your stuff packed outside of their house. Got that? Their house.

Everything they do, they’ll make sure to always protect themselves first. Their independent nature makes it very easy to separate themselves emotionally if it suits them. Don’t let this be you. Or do, if it suits you.

How do I know if they stop loving me?

Easy. They’ll tell you. It won’t be hard for them to let you go, because again they don’t like to waste time. So this may be a hard pill to swallow, but Capricorns never like to think that it’s them that ruined it. They like to think that it was you.

It’s not uncommon for this sign to use people for their own benefit or some other selfish need. It’s also not uncommon for this sign to be as cold as ice after a while. Especially if you’ve become less of a trophy when you first met. They’ll have a hard time wondering why you’re not keeping up with yourself. I mean, to them they’re doing most of the work right? You should at least be doing your part. Though that may be wrong, it’s certainly not what they see.

If this sign stops loving you then it may be time for you to start loving yourself again. Once you gain back that respect for yourself, then will you honestly need someone who is so stuck up and stiff anyways? It’s always good to have the best of the best, but do you need someone who will make you feel bad if you’re not on the same level as them? Perhaps this sign isn’t meant for you.

Be with this sign if you like…

If you like someone who is generous, hardworking, and likes to show you how much they care through actions and not words then this sign is for you. But please make sure you step your game up and keep a level of standards and respect for yourself and others. This sign can be very judgmental of others, so make sure that you stay on your best behavior.

If it’s effortless for you to keep up with yourself, have a sense of duty and obligation, are family oriented, and will cater to your man/woman whenever they schedule you (which will be good for you because you’ll be working on your own goals), then by all means get with a Capricorn.

Capricorn by Joan Zodianz

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