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Coco Alexa is an intuitive spiritual healer who uses Tarot to connect with Spirit, ancestors, and loved ones. Although receiving her first deck in her adolescence, it wasn’t until she embarked on her own spiritual journey in 2017 that she understood what her true gift is.

...being grounded is important, so staying connected to my body to help heal others was an important life lesson.

About Me

As an adolescent my mother would seek out tarot readers and get readings, and then she bought her first tarot card deck. I soon followed suit and recognized their power very early on.

I became a massage therapist in 2012 and, through my practice, learned more about energy exchange, healing, and spiritual connection with others.  I also learned that being grounded is important, so staying connected to my body to help heal others was an important life lesson.

Spiritually, I use tarot to help me through my own personal and spiritual growth. For others, I have been able to navigate clients through difficult times within their relationships, building businesses, exploring their life’s purpose, spiritual healing and finding their soulmates.



My tarot readings allow you to receive guidance from Spirit, your spirit guides, ancestors, and/or deceased loved ones.  I intuitively interpret the cards to give you divine guidance with love, light, and the greater good for all that are involved.

Choose Spiritual Guidance:

30 Minute Session - $75
This session allows you to ask up to three questions to get guidance on love, relationships, career paths, and general messages from Spirit and spirit guides.

60 Minute Session - $130 with session highlights
An extensive tarot reading to get insight and guidance on love, relationships, career paths, and general messages from Spirit.

Email Tarot Session - $60
If you do not have the availability for a reading over the phone, you can get just as much insight via email (Yes, it’s just that dynamic!). Please be sure to include ONE question into your appointment notes.  Max is two.

For email readings, I only offer voice recordings.  You will have 24 hours to download it after I email the link.  Please make sure to check your spam!



I ask that you come to your session with an open heart and open mind, so that you can receive your divine guidance. I also ask that you do not interrupt me as I am giving you your reading, unless asked a question.

We have the right to refuse service, especially if you are harassing us.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Every time I do a one on one with Courtney, she is right on point. I give little details in my question, and she comes back with the detail back story about my question along with the answer. I also enjoy her openness to also allow time just to chat in general outside of the reading. Thank you!"

- Tunesha M. | 01.10.2019

"Extremely personable and great energy!"

- Brittany M. | 12.13.2018

"I was so amazed at how spot on CoCo was with my reading. Just listening to her be so aligned with my life, I got confirmation, clarity and insight. I can't wait to return for another appointment but more than anything I can't wait to see the great things she talked about coming to fruition. "

- Amiyah D. | 11.18.2018

"Coco is amazing. She somehow is able to give you the truth no matter how difficult it is without lacking compassion. Definitely, give her a call!"

- Kim W. | 10.13.2018

"CoCo is very, very gifted. Do yourself a favor & book a tarot reading. You will be enlightened & inspired to move in a positive direction. With love and light, Tamika"

- Tamika O. | 09.30.2018

"She was so pleasant and definitely spot on with everything she told me about my love life I will be returning for more readings."

- Mary . | 09.5.2018

"Coco is amazing. She was so accurate with everything and was so helpful. She really helped to confirm some things that I was unsure about. I felt like I was talking to one of my girlfriends. She was so easy to talk to and made my experience memorable. As soon as we were finished I called my friend and told her to book an appointment with Coco ASAP!!! "

- Kelly M. | 08.27.2018

"Going into this experience I didn’t know what to expect as I had never had a service like this done. But I went into this open minded and excited. I will say Coco did not disappoint at all. She was spot of with things that I was currently experiencing and I will say I can’t wait to see if the things she saw for me come to fruition! "

- Geneva W. | 08.21.2018

"This was my very first reading. I jotted down things I wanted to discuss prior to the reading and Courtney brought them up without me mentioning what they were. This reading gave me the “validation” I needed at this stage in my life. Thank you so much!!"

- Orlett T. | 06.24.2018

"CoCo has an amazing gift and I am so thankful she is willing to share it with others. I have been going to CoCo regularly for tarot readings and every time her accuracy is on point. Sometimes she able to articulate feelings I didn’t understand how to put into words. Book an hour (not 15mins... I promise you’ll want more time) with her you won’t regret it. "

- Zarah C. | 03.23.2018

"Courtney has a very rare gift along with a purity that I haven't come across before. She's connected to something bigger than the cards. She seems to pull information from the ethers and transform it into healing words. Those words open up a space that transforms your world into a magical journey of peaceful discovery. Carrying a tradition of female wisdom into our confusing and sometimes painful world, her exceptional abilities are a much needed gift to the planet. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She's one in a million, and anyone lucky enough to cross her path is blessed. "

- Alison . | 03.12.2018

"My reading was wit Coco and she was Amazing she gave me great insight on my concerns and read me like a book in ways. She was right on with the things going on. I will definitely be applying her reading to my life . I look forward to meeting with her again. She has great positive, real energy. Much more thanI expected. I would highly recommended her."

-LaToyiah M. (5 Star Review - Yelp) 02/27/2019

"Where do I begin! Coco Alex is so on point! I get so excited whenever I have a reading from is so eye opening and an accurate. I started off with her when my life was crazy and now it’s amazing! I love her energy and how she does not sugarcoat things. Definitely will be getting another reading soon..."

-Leza P. - 5 Star Review | 03/15/2019

CoCo Alexa's guidance has been invaluable. I highly recommend her readings. Such an incredible tool to have access to. Her insight has helped me stay present, let go of things holding me back, take risks to move forward, and trust generally in what I need to do and where I'm being guided to. It's incredible to see how things play out after talking through them with CoCo Alexa. I'm super grateful for her readings. I highly recommend booking a session. There is so much magic to be found in the curiosity about how life is unfolding, and CoCo Alexa has definitely helped me stay connected to that.
- Liz S. | 5 Star Google Review | 4/27/2019

Cancellations (24 hours before appointment):

Click cancel next to your appointment date. An email should be sent to you asap.Please allow up to 3-5 days (depending on your bank) after cancellation for refund to be sent back to your account.

Please note: If you book a same day reading, you will not be eligible for a refund.  Please keep that in mind when booking a session with one of us.

**If you cancel sessions more than twice in a month, your account will automatically be timed out for 30 days.**

Rescheduling (2 hours before appointment):

Do not cancel and book another session, as this will create unnecessary reversal fees.  Please contact us at to reschedule your session.

Booking a Session

If you are international: 

I recommend getting either Skype (live) or the email service.

Time Differences (PST): 

You should be able to book sessions YOUR time zone. If you are unable to book an appointment, please contact 


I accept all major credit cards or you can with PayPal.

Check your Spam Box:

All initial contact will be through the email address (

**Please be sure to check your spam folder for booking information, just in case.**

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