My name is Shard’e,

I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Claircognizant. I have been gifted with these spiritual abilities to offer guidance and assistance to others towards their spiritual journey and own spiritual understanding. The tools I use to offer these services are Tarot, Mediumship, and spiritual guidance.

I have a deep connection with Angels, Archangels, and Ascended masters.

Through meditation and prayer, I have gained the ability to see angels/ Higher beings and communicate with them daily. The angels offer me guidance every day through Numbers (Numerology), visions, thoughts, dreams, and other spiritual signs and synchronicities.

My Beliefs

We all have a team of angels, a spirit guide assigned to us from birth, and we all have a Higher self. We all hold spiritual gifts, and the ability to grow them. We all have a divine path, purpose and soul mission assigned uniquely for ourselves. Every person is unique and gifted, the angels want us to know this and they are very encouraging to help us be willing to do the inner work required to meet our highest potential.

My Duty

To spread as much information, guidance and assistance to others about these higher beings so they can grow their unique connection with them, connect to their own higher selves and reach their full spiritual potential by tuning into the guidance they receive and acting on it. We have free will, so it’s truly up to us to take the leap. The angels offer encouragement, support, and assistance.

The angels offer encouragement, support, and assistance.

We are required to surrender our worries, fears, and goals/desires to them for healing and transmutation. As we grow closer to them, we are more in tune with our own higher vibration/self  and we become more receptive and aligned to receive miracles and blessings that are well deserved. But still it is truly up to us to take the steps. We all have a divine powerful potential within that can be awakened. It’s never too late to align with your higher path and purpose, and it’s never too late to grow a stronger connection with Angels and guides.

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What is Angelic Mediumship?

It's relaying any messages and information from your Guardian Angel and what he/she/they would like you to know at this time.  These messages can be solutions, clarity, intuitive insight, guidance, encouragement, and/or confirmation.  These messages are very encouraging, uplifting, honest and empowering.

This session is not like a tarot or spiritual reading where I only channel your energy.  This session is different because I channel messages from higher spirits (Angels, yours and mine) and from God.

Let's check to see if you're on the right path with your guardian angel today!

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60 Minutes $100



There are several ways we receive guidance from tarot, spirit guides and angels, but this guidance isn’t always a strict YES or NO, and it may not have a answer for every question you may have. The purpose of guidance isn’t to give us the easy road and all of the answers we desire, but to give us the information we need within this very moment and guide us to our own higher wisdom, leading us to the higher potential within.

  • Please allow 30 days before you return for a session.  If you've had a session with another healer/reader, then please do not book a session with me until their initial predictions have passed, usually 30 days.
  • Specific questions cannot always be answered. When you come into a session looking for specific answers, you can miss out on valuable information spirit has for you because focusing on “one” thing will create a blockage.  Be OPEN & RECEPTIVE & FREE OF EXPECTATIONS. 
  • During your session, it’s recommended for you to be in a quiet space, free of distractions, extra company and noise. This way we can fully connect and get in tune together, you don’t want anything to interfere with the energy. Teamwork ! 
  • During readings, some things don’t always immediately resonate, refrain from frustration or disappointment because if not at the moment of your reading, you will soon understand in the coming weeks/month. 
  • Whether you speak it or think it, negative energy will create a blockage and you won’t get the most out of your reading. Remain calm, and grounded during your session. 
  • If spirit doesn’t give you a specific time or date for coming cycles/events/opportunities , it’s best not to ask. It’s not always necessary to know every detail, the information you receive is all you need to be aware and prepared. Looking for specific things will create frustration. 
  • Please don’t inquire about other people, their lives and what they have going on, or planned. Your reading is your reading, and it’s not appropriate nor necessary to gain information on others and snoop into their lives.
  • I don’t call on, invoke, or deal with negative entities or spirits. No negativity allowed, high vibrations only. (Love and light)

We have the right to refuse service, especially if you are harassing us.

Reviews and Testimonials

I received my first tarot reading from Sharde, and I was highly motivated and impressed. Before she began the reading she made me feel beyond comfortable and built up a rapport that exuded everything positive. Being my first time I was appreciative of the time that she took to explain the process, what was expected and how it should or shouldn’t be interpreted. She was able to tell me things that I needed to know and since my reading I have used those said things to modify my energy and daily thought processes. I cannot wait to go back to her for my next reading, she is truly gifted!


My reading was amazing it really helped me bring things to the surface and put deep intentions into perspective.

- Phil

After receiving a review from Sharde I felt full of light. Since I’m not to familiar with readings she talked to me before the cards and during. She ensured me that my reading will be of nothing evil but positive and enlightening. I immediately felt comfortable. My reading blew me out of the water!!! Though I’m sure she’s used to dramatic reactions BUT WAS SHE READY FOR MINE THOUGH!??? With each card she read through my soul!! She hit every point I was almost near tears because of the clarification I received during my reading. & to sharde I would like to thank you for your gentleness, knowledge, & most importantly your patience! Will be returning for another reading.


I did a reading with Sharde via video chat and it was spot on. She touched every base I had any type of issue with. Lots of clarity.  She was very friendly which made it easy to open up and actually talk! Thank you Sharde!!

5 Star Review (Yelp) Andria H. - 02/11/2019

I wanted come say this...this team of woman have a gift that is  extraordinary. I've had the  pleasure of having two reading from Joann and Sharde.  

Joann, I've been rocking with for about two years in my two years she guided me to where I  am today. She helped though some  crises in my life at the time.. I look back now had to happen to get where I am in life.  I can truly say I'm happy. Very happy in where I am in my life. 

Sharde came last week and I was so amazed with her. After Joann being the only one and my go too I wasn't sure.. But I made a intent..."Sharde was a BEAST.. she was ready and had information that I didn't think she knew... but she was confirmation as to where I am.. and she has prepared me for what my next journey is in life is about..

Be comfortable that U have come to the right place and listen to ur spirit when they direct you to whom will b giving u ur reading and listen with an open ear!!

Remember it was FATE THAT DREW YOU HERE!!

-Anissa B. | 5 star review Yelp | 03/08/2018

Self Love Reading with Sharde, the High Priestess. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Sharde. She is an excellent teacher and insightful reader. I acquire a lot of my knowledge through researching on Google and Youtube, but I would never find the complete answer to what I was looking for. That's because most of the answers are meant to be general guidance. Sharde gave me the tools and advice I had been searching for several years (especially the last two months). A session with her is invaluable. She first read my chakras and told me which ones to work on and how. Then she gave me angel, self love, and (I think) life path/oracle guidance. Each one brought new awareness and understanding to my current situation and she also told me that my dad is happily in heaven. I didn't even ask about him, but her and my spirits knew I had been worried about how he is doing for a while. It was such a relief. I highly recommend her services. If you're on the fence about contacting her, just do it. You won't regret it.

-Kate (5 Star Google Review)

Booking a Session

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