My name is Alejandra,

Quick Biography

Alejandra is an intuitive energy healer, psychic, tarot reader, medium,  dream interpreter, pendulum reader, witch, body trauma consultant, a spiritual animal shapeshifter (dragon and jaguar), and demonologist (she can see the dark entities that possess people).

Her spiritual practice is a combination of mexican curanderismo (healing), clairvoyance abilities, and is a spiritual warrior and protector.

Mini Biografia
About Me

I am a South Texas native from the Borderlands.  I grew up influenced by northern Mexican healers, and spiritual practitioners.  I learned a lot of what I know by observing these wonderful practitioners as a child. Curanderismo (healing), spiritual gifts, and spiritual dimensions are heavily embedded in my culture, and my mother herself is a healer in disguise, who has now inspired me to actively do this work.

I experienced many unique spiritual healing abilities, and obtained spiritual gifts as a child.  I specialize in spiritual realms, mental health, and bodily trauma issues. Now I like to empower others to explore their true potentials, healing capabilities, and spiritual gifts.

I am a trauma informed Spiritual Healer, and have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Mental Health Aid Training Certificate, and a  National Domestic Violence Training Certificate. I have traveled and lived around the world, and respect all beliefs. I am culturally, spiritually, religiously,  emotionally, and mentally aware of different backgrounds, and like to meet clients where they are at. I open and welcome you to share your background, and what you feel safe in.

Sobre Mi

Check my rates, services, and schedule.

Service Descriptions | Descripciones de Servicio

General Psychic Reading

Reason: The general psychic reading is for clients seeking to connect with spirit guides for guidance and healing in any particular situation. This allows for clients to seek higher knowledge from spiritual realms, over certain situations and truths they are seeking.

Book this session to heal any past wounds and get rid of any inner demons holding you back from living your best life.

Lectura Psíquica General

Razón: La lectura psíquica general es para clientes que buscan conectarse con guías espirituales para dirección  y curación en cualquier situación particular. Esto permite que los clientes busquen un mayor conocimiento de los dimensiones  espirituales, sobre ciertas situaciones y verdades que están buscando.

Reserva una lectura para sanar tus hierdas del pasado y eliminar tus demonios que te están bloqueando en vivir tu mejor vida.

Tarot Reading

Reason: Tarot readings are for clients looking to discover root energetic issues through symbolism of the cards. They guide clients through questions they may have.Tarot readings also  help reveal emotional, physical, and spiritual traumas that must be addressed. It also allows clients to discover their true skills that they can own and tap into.

For email readings, I offer voice recordings or video recordings.  You'll have the option to choose through the booking system.  You will have 24 hours to download it after I email the link.  Please make sure to check your spam!

Lecturas del Tarot

Razón: Las lecturas de tarot son para clientes que buscan descubrir problemas energéticos de raíz a través del simbolismo de las tarjetas. Guían a los clientes a través de las preguntas que puedan tener. Las lecturas de tarot también ayudan a revelar traumas emocionales, físicos y espirituales que deben eliminar. También permite a los clientes descubrir sus verdaderas habilidades que pueden obtener.

Para las lecturas de correo electrónico, ofrezco grabaciones de voz o grabaciones de video. Tendrás la opción de elegir a través del sistema de reservas. Tendrás 24 horas para descargarlo despues de que te envíe por correo electrónico el enlace de internet . Por favor, asegúrese de revisar su correo basura!

Choose Spiritual Guidance | Consejo espiritual 

Price/Precio: $45
Duration/Duración: 30 min.

Price/Precio: $88
Duration/Duración: 60 min.

3 Question Email: $60

Service Boundaries | Límites de Servicio

My boundaries (please respect them):

  • I work from Monday- Wednesday - Friday 10AM – 3PM (PST)  / Tuesday - Thursday 12PM - 6PM (PST)
  • After your reading. I will no longer be available for questions after the spirits and energies are closed.
  • For emails, you can respond back with one email for clarity after I’ve sent it.  Once the readings is done the energetic connection is done.
  • I am straightforward, and I communicate directly with what needs to be addressed
  • You can ask anything you want, but make sure that it’s something from your heart space, and not your mind/ego.
  • I require a lot of energy to do readings, so I’ll prep ahead of time for your phone reading or email.
  • If you booked a phone reading, I will call you and it will be timed. There will be one or two reminders during the session to remind us of the remaining time we have left.
  • Understand that my spirit guides will tell me what you need to hear. I won’t have the answer to everything, but I will let you know what is needed to make things happen.
  • You are in charge of what you do with the information I give to you.
  • I will not and do not have to prove my own spiritual abilities to you.
  • We will have an amazing session and connection, at the end take the negative messages as warnings and utilize the positive messages as confirmations!

Mis límites (por favor respétalos):

  • Trabajo de Lunes a Miércoles de Viernes a las 10 a.m. a 3 p.m. (PST) / Martes a Jueves de 12 a.m. a 6 p.m. (PST)
  • Después de su lectura. Ya no estaré disponible para preguntas después de que los espíritus y las energías están cerrados.
  • Para los correos electrónicos, puedes responder con un correo electrónico para mayor claridad después de que lo haya enviado. Una vez realizadas las lecturas, se realiza la conexión energética.
  • Soy directo y me niego a decirte lo que quieres escuchar
  • Puedes pedir lo que quieras, pero asegúrate de que sea algo del espacio de tu corazón y no de tu mente / ego.
  • Necesito mucho energía para hacer las lecturas, así que me prepararé con anticipación para la lectura de su teléfono o correo electrónico.
  • Si reservó una lectura de teléfono, lo llamaré y será cronometrado. Habrá uno o dos recordatorios durante la sesión para recordarnos el tiempo restante que nos queda.
  • Entiende que mis guías espirituales me dirán lo que necesitas escuchar. No tendré la respuesta a todo, pero le haré saber lo que se necesita para que las cosas sucedan.
  • Usted está a cargo de lo que hace con la información que le doy.
    No lo haré y no tengo que demostrarte mis propias habilidades espirituales.
  • ¡Tendremos una sesión y conexión increíbles, al final tomaremos los mensajes negativos como advertencias y utilizaremos los mensajes positivos como confirmaciones!

Reviews and Testimonials

Mollie Gerber: 5 stars - Guide and Friend  

"Alejandra has been an invaluable guide for me on my journey. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I recommend  her to anyone like looking for guidance on their spiritual journey. She shows you the tools you need to heal and transform your life. She's changing lives!"

Trinica Sampson: 5 stars

Thoughtful, Talented Spiritual Guide “I have been working with Alejandra for the past year and am blown away each time, I get to take part in or witness her spiritual practice. She is thoughtful and considerate of her client's feelings and all the trauma/experiences they are bringing to a reading while remaining honest and tactful with her guidance. Her psychic readings, dream interpretations, energy work, and tarot readings have all been invaluable to me and led me to taking steps to improving my physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Alejandra  is a true healer who is able to guide clients on a variety of paths. She will work with you to discover the best way to help. Highly recommend her for anyone looking to grow and heal!

Alex Catherine- 5 stars - Truly Powerful 

“First, Alejandra is a wonderful, kind, powerful, and intelligent woman. She has the ability to look at a situation, hear you and your needs, and help guide you to healing and solutions through spirituality. I was on the verge of an anxiety attack when Alejandra did a reading for me, and gave me concrete steps to prevent my anxiety from getting the best of me. After following her advice, I was calm, hopeful, and ready to move forward with my day. I can’t wait to have another reading with Alejandra and get more in touch with my personal spirituality.”

Jennie Scheerer-5 stars- 10/10

“Alejandra is an a amazing spiritual guide. She meets you wherever you are in your journey and helps you find hope and possibilities in your life as well as guides your towards realizing your own potentials. In my healing work with Alejandra I’ve learned tools to help me manage my anxiety and panic attacks, dig deep into myself to realize my inner truths, and understand my past traumas when they resurface in current situations. She also provides relevant and useful resources to look at throughout the healing process. I highly recommend working with Alejandra!

Kassandra Sanchez- 5 stars -Amazing guidance to discover  your true self/purpose

“Alejandra has amazing spiritual abilities that can help you tremendously on your journey to healing. She is powerful, genuine, honest, and very intuitive in her tarot readings, which resulted in answers and guidance that i very much needed. I’ve also had a limpia/cleanse performed by her after i went through a pretty traumatic experience she made me feel so grounded and a lot of the anxiety and stress from the situation was lifted off me. She’s also given me countless of dream interpretations that i could have never deciphered on my own. She can intuitively tell you where it’s coming from and why you’ve ddream it. I am so grateful Alejandra for being in my life and bringing light and positivity to my soul to help guide mt to my true purpose.”

Alyssa Navarrette-5 stars- Natural Power

“Alejandra was recommended to me by friends, and because of this I went to her for my first reading. I felt very comfortable, and safe in her hands throughout the experience. She was able to talk me through some  of the the process and through working with her I was able to get exactly what i needed out of the experience. It was powerful and meaningful, and has left an impression on me that will likely last as i continue to grow and heal.”

Charlie Heidecker- 5 stars- Incredible!

”Alejandra is an incredible healer, she has provided readings fro me that not only immediately connected and resonated with me, but helped me identify steps i need to go forward. Her reading have helped me tap into my own spirituality and  gave me the courage to continue challenging myself. She’s no only has shown many different approaches to her reading, but included me in rituals with deep insight and comfort. There’s a not a spiritual or magical moment i’ve experienced with Alejandra that I haven't found some deep relatability and comfort. She has helped me heal tremendously.”

Cesar Gutierrez-5 stars- La Bruja Mejor

”La Bruja Feminista helped me so much in healing generational trauma. I needed to start healing in m own ways. She tells you what you need to hear in order to heal. This may not be what you may want to hear or what you need to hear at the moment. After a session, she was able to guide me in order to start healing.”

Joshua Garcia-5 stars - Powerful-Talented- Honest

“Alejandra Walked me through the reading process and made the experience very welcoming and approachable. Her reading gave me insight into events throughout my life and how to better understand them. She helped me get rid of negative energy and how to move forward in a positive and proactive way. Overall an amazing experience that helped me reflect and grow.”

Itzel Guadalupe Garcia -5 stars- A source of light

“Alejandra is truly an extraordinary being, she’s more than a bruja, a mystica, and a healer, but encompasses these identities beautifully. Her good will is a source of light for those she influences. She’s helped me reconnect with my Shadow self, maintain a more disciplined and balanced body and mind. Alejandra’s presence and advice has helped me cut off addictions that i never thought i could leave behind. Her work has made my  healing journey easier and more empowered. She’s truly powerful, magical, and unique, i recommend her from the depth of my soul.”

Amanda Vera-5 stars-Trustworthy and Powerful Bruja

“I was introduced to Alejandra through a mutual friend. My first reading with her was very powerful to say the least. She has always been very patient and understand when working with me. She is honest, transparent, and confident which makes it a very easy to trust her. She works well with her clients to help reach an understanding together and guide us to find our unique answers. I feel so fortunate that my introduction into magic and spiritual work has happened with Alejandra.”

Meya Mongkuo-5 stars-THIS GODDESS

“Alejandra’s advice and downloads are truly helpful and detailed.  She has been an amazing guide to understanding yourself. She has helped ease my transition into the metaphysical world and has made me feel that I’m not alone in this world. Alejandra is so specific and on it that I cannot deny her words and advice.  I HIGHLY recommend her as a life coach, spirit guide, and BRUJA! Love her readings!

Zak Schwartz - 5 Stars - Remarkably Gifted

“As someone who is still grappling with a lot of toxicity from my upbringing, I have found that Alejandra knows how to call me out on self-defeating thought patterns and behavior in a way that is non-confrontational, nurturing, and digestible. She has helped me reach conclusions that no therapist I’ve seen has ever come close to uncovering. Each session with Alejandra results in a giant leap of maturity. She has changed my life for the better, and I couldn’t ask for a more valuable healer to guide me on my path.”

Marissa M.: 5 Stars

My session was with Alejandra. She is so insightful, extremely passionate about her craft and helpful. Alejandra is the best. I totally recommend her. She is real and honest.

Siobhan F.: 5 Stars

My son, niece and I had an Animal Guide Reading and Pendulum Reading by Alejandra...and bitch is amazing!!!!!! She was amazing with my son and now he freaking loves her. My niece is new to all of this stuff, but she made her feel really empowered. And with me...damn she got me back on track to motivation and self awareness.

Thanks Alejandra we will book again soon!!

You guys really should check her out

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